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GUIDANCE      Sometimes crazy is out to get me, and gets into me too. By my side, at times like these, may I have someone who isn’t overwhelmed. One close friend, and no other, has been through everything with me. Together we heal the chaos that I attract. (It’s my turn, this time.) Advice to myself today is to close the door on crazy, and to communicate – because without communication, disorganization happens.


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Two of Swords – Seven of Cups – Temperance


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Tarot Readings: We Go Through Anything Together (Seven of Cups and Temperance

Tarot Readings: Things You Just Can’t Share (Two of Swords and Temperance)

Tarot Readings: This is a ‘No Togetherness’ Zone (Two of Swords and Temperance)

Tarot Readings: Saying ‘No’ to Crazy (Two of Swords and Seven of Cups)


Tarot Readings: We Go Through Anything Together (Seven of Cups and Temperance

We are close, and nothing messes that up.

I am not wild and crazy with anyone but you.

They can’t drive me crazy when we are together.

Behind closed doors, we heal the chaos.

One close friend, and no other, has been through everything with me.

We are together in this situation where anything and nothing could happen.

I am right here with you, you’re not losing control.

When I am irrational, my partner is not.

Don’t look now, but we are making a royal mess of things.

Togetherness is bursting out all over: Stand back!

.. …….…… …..

Tarot Readings: Things You Just Can’t Share (Two of Swords and Temperance)

Some things you just can’t share; they’re too unbelievable.

Do not share that wild and crazy side of myself.

Don’t get too familiar with what you cannot control or understand.

.. …….…… …..

Tarot Readings: This is a ‘No Togetherness’ Zone (Two of Swords and Temperance)

We were so close … and then we weren’t – What happened?

I don’t want this intimacy; it’s unnerving.

Just can’t handle one-on-one relationships.

I am not with anyone since my life went kerflooey.

I’m not with my partner anymore; it just fell apart.

We are anything and everything but intimate.

I don’t do any kind of close relationship at all.

That’s not a relationship I’m in … what is it anyway?

That relationship … or whatever you call it … is over.

Without communication, things are disorganized.

No way to get in touch with my partner – What the heck!

When we don’t get along, I’m a wreck.

.. …….…… …..

Tarot Readings: Saying ‘No’ to Crazy (Two of Swords and Seven of Cups)

‘No deal’ to the crazy deal.

We are not crazy.

Do not engage crazy people in conversations.

Stop when the relationship sends you over the edge.

Can’t deal with you; you’re a mess.

Shut out everything that distracts you from healing.

I don’t communicate with people who don’t make any sense.

.. …….…… …..


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Two of Swords – Seven of Cups – Temperance




                LEARN TAROT BY PICTURES..

.. …….…… …..           Seven of Cups is out of control. It’s that overwhelm, or that panic, you feel when the steering wheel on a situation isn’t working. Seven of Cups is: It gets to you. When you have one of those demon cards, you look around for a negator, for a negative modifier.

Right next to Seven of Cups, Yay!, is good old reliable Two of Swords. Two of Swords doesn’t let anything through; Two of Swords is impregnable. Two of Swords is ‘The buck stops here.’

So who’s on third? – Temperance. Temperance is communication, is dealing with, is ‘us’ together. Temperance represents who is with you, your partner.

So our main story is having a companion to deal with something that is overwhelming you, to put an end to it.

But these same cards also describe refusing to have a companion, describe not being able to deal with intimacy.

So the same spread talks about the panic of not being able to deal with another person, and another person dealing with something that panics (you). Note that Negators Do This! A negative modifier in Tarot can attach to, and cancel out, any of its neighbors. And I notice that often there’s a real correlation to this – that it’s not just random. Like here: If you can’t deal with relationship, you are more likely to be overwhelmed by circumstances. If you have a friend and partner, things are less likely to get to you.

I find this correlation fascinating.





Two of Swords           Two of Swords Nothing gets through. There’s no way. Roadblock. The End: The buck stops here. No, don’t, can’t, won’t …. And it’s a very odd illustration. The artwork looks like a ‘before’ shot to High Priestess. And Two of Swords has most of Four of Cups’ meanings.

The blindfolded woman holds two double-edged swords counterbalanced in such a way putting them down is problematical. This reflects situations in which solving one part messes up the other, or situations in which the balance of power keeps things from happening … like the U. S. and other congresses.

Seven of Cups           Seven of Cups is a breakdown of order. It illustrates the part in the story that things spun out of control, that something shocking happened. The illustration shows an apprentice magician who is overwhelmed by the forces he called up and let loose. And haven’t we all been in that place sometime or another?

Temperance           Temperance is ‘together.’ It can translate ‘we,’ ‘us,’ ‘them,’ they,’ ‘the couple,’ ‘the partners,’ and so on. Temperance is about communicating, dealing with, responding and reciprocating back and forth. It’s conversation or dialog. Intimacy.

The blending of liquids being poured back and forth brings these meanings. The ‘healing’ meanings come from the symbol on the angel’s chest regarding healing. Temperance’s definitions, based on its name, and the diluting of wine, should be very different.

Tarot Verbatim’s™ definitions are not just field-tested; they are field grown. Meanings are never assigned, are never taken from numbers or astrology or dogma. In Tarot Verbatim™, in its beginning, questions were asked whose answers were known, so that the cards’ meanings were the unknown. This was a ten-year project, and the whole deck was used for each question.



Friends we are comfortable with are friends who are similar to us. Today we ponder having a companion who counterbalances us so that when we go overboard in our tendency, that friend who doesn’t have our same leaning can go ‘Are you SURE?’ and give us a nudge out of an extreme. This, of course, is a mutual interaction. Together, you and such a friend keep one another from craziness that ISN’T voluntary, and stand by as a referee … which is a good thing, you think?


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  1. Jennifer

    Emily these are great! Still working on getting this system to work for Me. Its about finding the common elements in the pictures and connecting them as you have said before .. Still finding this challenging but I’m keeping at it as you encouraged. I really like how you explain how and where the elements are in each card if I could see more of that in your posts I think I might get it more .. Just a request. Keep up the great work emily! I trust ur system unlike any others I’ve worked with. Just powerful!!! Thank for these daily posts. 😊

    • That’s how it’s done.
      I am thinking of writing 78 books, one for each card, that specifically point out illustration-to-meaning links (adding in the meanings that have no part in the illustration, of course).
      Stick with it; this is the way to become a proficient Tarot reader.
      I write the blog with an eye to its part in my upcoming training program, so I already emphasize what is useful to you. Will increase that.
      You should know that the blog takes 5 to 15 hours to complete and post. Every day.

  2. Lori

    *We are anything and everything but intimate.
    *That’s not a relationship I’m in … what is it anyway?

    The sentences above perfectly sums up my on again/off again thing…

    I’m hoping the sentence below does not
    *That relationship … or whatever you call it … is over.

    • I dunno Lori.
      If the first batch resonates with you,
      seems to me you would be a tourist ….

      • Lori

        Tourist is a great way to describe it…

      • Lori

        *We were so close … and then we weren’t – What happened?
        *That relationship … or whatever you call it … is over

        Those are the actual sentences that fit. When you tell your “whatever he is” that you have missed him, and he replies that he is “extremely miss able”. I guess that is the answer!

        • I would have said ‘I missed you, but of course I wasn’t really aiming too carefully.’

          A client had a parrot who would look at certain people and say ‘What a pig.’

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