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GUIDANCE        Getting ahead by fair means, foul means, or either way we can; and getting the job done the ordinary way, the creative way, or even the daring way: This is what we are about today. Some jobs require strategy, craftiness or even cunning. It’s one thing to be the manager who can pull the project off within the budget, and quite another to steal credit for another’s idea or effort on that job. So, if you cheat, cheat for the brand, not against it.


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Chariot – Seven of Swords – Six of Pentacles


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Tarot Readings: Getting Ahead Any Way You Can (Chariot and Seven of Swords)

Tarot Readings: Getting Ahead Fair and Square (Chariot and Six of Pentacles)

Tarot Readings: Crimes that Pay (Seven of Swords and Six of Pentacles)


Tarot Readings: Getting Ahead Any Way You Can (Chariot and Seven of Swords)

Getting ahead by fair means or foul.

He’s the manager who can pull it off on that budget.

He gets ahead by stealing credit.

When you know what you are doing, taking a chance pays off.

Strategy to make a high-risk gamble pay off.

A tip on how to get ahead through the back door.

A driver who delivers the goods despite any hazard.

His skill is collecting money from deadbeats.

.. …….…… …..

Tarot Readings: Getting Ahead Fair and Square (Chariot and Six of Pentacles)

Take charge of your risk-to-benefit ratio.

You have the ability; you have the nerve; you get the reward.

Decide to take a chance on getting paid.

Include sabotage and waste in the cost of your project.

You are given the task because you have the willpower to pull it off.

It’s a long shot, but you get credit for the success.

It takes guts to succeed financially.

.. …….…… …..

Tarot Readings: Crimes that Pay (Seven of Swords and Six of Pentacles)

Crime pays when you succeed at it.

Being crafty accomplishes your purpose of just paying the bills.

It’s not legal but you get ahead financially.

Buys a vehicle with the illegal income.

Got screwed over purchasing that car.

In court about larceny of auto.

Thief decides to return what he stole.

Getting even is only doing what’s fair.

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Chariot – Seven of Swords – Six of Pentacles




                LEARN TAROT BY PICTURES..

.. …….…… …..           Chariot gets ahead and is a successful man (or person). Chariot is the project manager who delivers the project on time and within budget by using even the hazards in the project to best advantage. Chariot is a strategist and a ‘no excuses’ leader.

Seven of Swords is the ‘by any means possible’ approach. Seven of Swords is both the postman who delivers regardless of hazards, and the laborer who makes off with the equipment and supplies. Although Seven of Swords can be any daring and risky activity, the illustration shows sneaking into enemy camp and stealing its weapons, so it is especially appropriate for stealing. He is sneaking away, so ‘sneaky’ is a major term for Seven of Swords.

Chariot and Seven of Swords are both daring strategists who risk much to get the job done. That gives them much in common. When these two Rider Waite Tarot cards appear in separate sentences in your Celtic Cross spread, they can easily refer to the same person.

So it makes sense that Six of Swords, which means both ‘payoff’ and ‘payback’ completes our layout.

Here’s the difference – some of them anyway. Chariot is a leader, is respectable, and is in charge of an endeavor or project. You say ‘sir’ to Chariot. Chariot is famous for willpower, for decision, and for planning. Seven of Swords is an individual, probably a spur-of-the-moment maverick, and has no plan but is reckless. Note that he is doing the weapons heist in daylight, and is carrying the heavy sharp swords by their blades. Seven of Swords in Rider Waite owns the words reckless, dare, adventure, dangerous, hazardous, hotfoot. He is the main card for crime and criminal. He also is sneaking around, in your romantic inquiries!

Watch for Seven of Swords to appear where trust is violated, where there’s betrayal and double-cross … even though stealing the enemy’s weapons isn’t either of those things. Especially watch for Seven of Swords to apply to violating one’s defenses, since that is what he is doing in the illustration.

So how appropriate that Six of Swords is getting what you deserve, whether that’s payoff or payback.





Chariot           Chariot is the man with the plan, the decision maker, the go-to person, the field marshal, the chief. But don’t color him a desk job; he is where the action is. This is the commander of the battalion. This is the project manager who will be blamed or praised at the outcome.

Charioteers were all of that in their day. Special ops, war heroes. This chariot was the ultimate weapon, the tank of its day. The formations charioteers made, the strategies they used, determined win or loss of the conflict most of the time.

His steeds are magic creatures, sphinxes. He has them hitched in such a way the willful creatures must do his bidding, and he controls them with magic wands.

Seven of Swords           Seven of Swords This is one card you hate to see coming. Its good-news meanings are few (and not that good). The best things it has to say are: adventure, daring, guts, outfox or outsmart, pull it off, get away with it, special ops. It often means danger, hazard, reckless, self-destructive, thief, criminal, stolen property, and crime. Seven of Swords and Six of Swords, for example, say ‘Crime pays.’

Remember this is a ‘yes, he or she is fooling around’ in romantic questions.

Six of Pentacles           Six of Pentacles is getting what you deserve (in either sense – and we use them both and use the distinction today). It is ‘fair and square’ treatment, a fair exchange, a fair price, and such things as that. It is treating someone fairly, or being treated fairly, and giving or getting attention – paying attention. It is getting credit for what you have done. It’s the payoff, the paycheck, and, with Seven of Swords, payback.





How much of a chance to take? – what is the risk to benefit ratio of, say, sticking my neck out or giving them what they deserve? Sometimes we are in an adventuresome mood, and we take a dare – maybe for no good reason. Sometimes we are doing something illegal, risque or risky, just to get the rent and bills paid; sometimes we gamble with the rent money. Ambition can lead to some slippery slopes, and some slippery slopes pay off handsomely. We ponder what our payoff is today.




Six of

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  1. Linda

    Thank you for a great website.Will call you for guidance.

  2. Tina Gagnon

    Getting ahead section would relate to me since it refers to my gumption to ‘playfully’ ask my friend to take me out. He had a smirk on his face like he liked what I said but gave me a ‘hard time’ to seriously answer me.
    Risk to benefit ratio and having the nerve would be me. Now I’ll have to see how this will play out,hopefully to my advantage

  3. Lori

    None of these are me today, but I know they will resonate with somebody 🙂

    • Tarot gave you the day off. BUT this is very general. Although it says ‘job’ because Chariot is the leader, the manager, it could say ‘task’ because this refers to anything – like ‘how far am I willing to go to make this happen? – How much trouble is it worth to me.

      • Lori

        You have the ability; you have the nerve; you get the reward

        That could apply to a couple areas of my life, I have been doing the persevering as of late.

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