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GUIDANCE      Ideas about … when there’s some damage, some injury, some hurt. A person has a right to be mad, and that’s fine, but there’s also getting ideas about how to fix it, how to have normalcy in spite of it … and/or how to get even. Divorce and lawsuits fit into the scene we are looking at. This is a reminder to think about it all, consider what happened, how you feel, and ponder what you are doing, and are going to do. We have stories, scenarios, here.


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Queen of Cups – Justice – Three of Swords



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Headings [So you can choose which belongs to you]

Tarot Readings: Feel I Deserve, Am Entitled, Have a Right (Queen of Cups and Justice)

Tarot Readings: The Lady Just Hates These Things (Queen of Cups and Three of Swords)

Tarot Readings: Litigation, Legal Divorce or Split-up (Justice and Three of Swords)

Tarot Readings: Rectifying the Damage Justice and Three of Swords)


Tarot Readings: Feel I Deserve, Am Entitled, Have a Right (Queen of Cups and Justice)

Feeling she deserves to be abused.

After the hurt she has been through, she is entitled.

She knows he feels entitled to hurt people.

You know when you have a right to be mad.

You know when you are entitled to get even.

She is thinking she should get even.

She ponders a lawsuit for damages.

You’re mad with her for being right.

.. …….…… …..

Tarot Readings: The Lady Just Hates These Things (Queen of Cups and Three of Swords)

She hates the legal system.

She hates police.

She is ready to fire her lawyer.

She’s mad with you for being right.

A sane female as an enemy.

She is right to be mad.

I hate it when I’m right about something like that.

.. …….…… …..

Tarot Readings: Litigation, Legal Divorce or Split-up (Justice and Three of Swords)

She is thinking of splitting up for good reason.

She sees a legal divorce, here.

After this hostile split-up, she is entitled to the right man.

She was the loyal wife and is now legally divorced.

Nice lady is legally divorced already.

She is so levelheaded about the divorce.

A legal secretary is fired.

A female litigation attorney.

.. …….…… …..

Tarot Readings:  Rectifying the Damage Justice and Three of Swords)

The damage is done; consider ways to rectify it (to straighten it out).

She knows how to make him okay with his heart trouble.

She knows his pain and is making life normal.


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Queen of Cups – Justice – Three of Swords





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.. …….…… ….. ………, Queen of Cups is the good woman/nice girl, and she also stands for thinking, feeling and opinion. Justice is straightening it out, making it normal, or getting even, as well as doing the right thing. Three of Swords is hurt, damage, heartache and revenge. Quite a few novels here.

Queen of Cups and Justice say the lady is right; she thinks he is right; she makes life normal, or her life is normal; she knows the law or is a lawyer; legal secretary; know you are entitled; feel something is deserved; the loyal wife who does right; she is levelheaded; consider straightening it out; she is okay with that. Those are easy.

Queen of Cups and Three of Swords has her with hurt feelings or in pain; has her knowing he is in pain or heartbroken; has her thinking of getting even; has her pondering the damage; and someone is mad with her, or she with them; she is the enemy, or has an enemy; she is thinking of splitting up, or divorce; she is a divorcee; she has heart trouble, or knows about it.

Justice and Three of Swords say legal divorce because Three of Swords is one of two divorce cards (Tower is the other). After the hurt I’ve been through, Three of Swords, I’m entitled (Justice) … or I’m entitled to hurt people! – or to get even. You have a right (Justice) to be mad (Three of Swords). A lawsuit (Justice) for damages (Three of Swords). Mad (Three of Swords) because someone or something is right. I hate it (Three of Swords) when I’m right (Justice). A litigation (Three of Swords) attorney (Justice). Straighten out or rectify (Justice) the damage. Is okay Justice) with the heart trouble. A normal life (Justice) in pain (Three of Swords)





Queen of Cups      One profile of Queen of Cups is the good woman, nice lady, sweet gal (Gloria in All in the Family, played by Sally Struthers) who is well-meaning and naïve. This is the loyal wife, the girl who ‘understands her man’ and admires him too. She is a believer.

Another version of Queen of Cups is the woo-woo gal, the dreamer who stares at that vase-thing while a flood snakes around where she sits. She is blond, of course.

The third version is the woman who thinks and feels and either is figuring it out or has figured it out: She is in the know, and probably quiet about it. Like High Priestess. Both Queen of Cups and High Priestess are feminine cards that often translate ‘she,’ and ‘her,’ and both of these Tarot cards can be secretaries or other mental workers.

What the versions have in common is: thinking, feeling, understanding, opinion. Of course, these three versions of Queen of Cups are not in separate bins never to blend: Queen of Cups can combine the parts to define an individual person.


Justice           You see the scales in his one hand and the blade, flat side facing you, and his crown, indicating justice enforced by the power of the powers-that-be. Justice is the card for any level and any kind of official law enforcement, from the regulating agencies to the dog pound to the highest courts, including undercover justice. Other cards cover karmic justice and street justice. However, Justice also stands for getting what is deserved (whatever that is) and stands for ‘what you are entitled to’ and the word ‘entitled,’ and its synonyms.

Besides its obvious application, Justice means ‘should’ a lot. It frequently means fair, to straighten out, to be straight, to have a right to, the right thing, to be right, to be entitled, and the word ‘entitled.’ Justice often means ‘normal’ and ‘sane’ as well.

Three of Swords      You see gray storm clouds with rain in the background, and a foreground of blades crisscrossing into a heart, piercing it. Three of Swords is obviously hurting, heartache, heart trouble. Three of Swords is also injury, suffering, trauma, bad weather or storm (Beware when Tower and/or Seven of Cups shows up with it, regarding weather.)

Three of Swords applies socially too. A hostile atmosphere, feud, hate, being against, schism, split-up, divorce and litigation belong to Three of Swords. (But it isn’t any kind of court action or proceeding in itself; it simply refers to litigation in some way, generally.)






Hmm, we are talking about how there’s a time for hate, a time to split or divorce. We are pointing out that it’s normal to have some hurt, some injury, some heartache in your life. There’s even a time for revenge, for getting even. We mainly point out to be thoughtful about these things, to think such things over sanely, understand them, get your balance … before you pull that trigger.




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  1. April

    Love your daily readings Emily. I check it faithfully. Keep up the excellent work.

  2. We mainly point out to be thoughtful about these things, to think such things over sanely, understand them, get your balance … before you pull that trigger.

    I JUST REALIZED that’s what ‘Don’t go off half-cocked’ is all about; it’s about SHOOTING straight.

  3. Will be happy when this retrograde passes, it’s been a feisty one – lots of laughs and hasty retreats required on my end. Just wanted to pop in for a gratitude interlude – as always appreciating your insight and education. The weekend reading makes me smile – fitting for the final edits of my novel, where Three of Swords comes into play in a similar combo. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, all! And Emily, Namaste! 🙏🙏🙏

    • Hey, I miss you! How can I entice you to encourage me more?
      Retrogrades don’t usually affect me. I have this theory, disputed by pro astrologers, that if you’re born with one in your chart, you have natural immunity.

      NOW my spare old computer cannot reach the internet at all, and it isn’t at the ISP end; it’s in the computer. Have a feeling Bill Gates finally killed it, because he has been accusing it of ‘not being legit.’ As if he were! I bought it almost three years ago refurbished for a low price. But it lasted long enough for me to get the weekend blog up.

      The other computer was schizoid, has now had Open Office un- and re- installed. And two very long remote virus scans and malware scans. Got all my fingers and toes crossed as I compose Tuesday’s blog today. Mercury retrograde got me, like the flu virus did, when I was soo immune before ….

      Gratitude interlude … delicious. I wish more of the literally thousands of people who use the archives as a data bank for their do-it-yourself readings would pause to say ‘thank you’ once in a while.

      • Tuesday’s blog (which goes up Monday around 1 p.m.) is done in Open Office and will be published tomorrow.

  4. Tina

    Three of Swords You see gray storm clouds with rain in the background, and a foreground of blades crisscrossing into a heart, piercing it. Three of Swords is obviously hurting, heartache, heart trouble.

    This is what I pulled from the spread today; exactly how I am feeling today…….hurting and heartache

    • Well, that is dished into each and every life, human and animal. Yours is now, but everything changes all the time.

  5. Open Office died, and I snuck into it through another word processing program. However, I could not smuggle the graphics, the pictures, out.
    So here is the text content without the pictures. Best I can do until the better tech calls me. It didn’t work when I called the techs late yesterday.
    And, once again, the program rebels when the reading talks about hostile atmosphere. Maybe I should just not post those? Hmmm.

    • Tina

      Mercury Retrograde is the culprit

      • Got a point there.
        Have been writing the techs, blow by blow as things happen, and they wrote back: So glad the problem is resolved. Huh???

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