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GUIDANCE       Enjoy the cold cruel world just the way it is (maybe with a cold brew). There’s enough joy and enough misery for all to share, and it’s going to even out anyhow.


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Three of Cups – Hierophant – Ten of Pentacles


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Tarot Readings: Sharing is What It’s All About (Three of Cups and Hierophant)

Tarot Readings: We Are Upbeat in Down Times (Three of Cps and Ten of Pentacles)

Tarot Readings: The Neurotic Normals (Hierophant and Ten of Pentacles)


Tarot Readings: Sharing is What It’s All About (Three of Cups and Hierophant)

It’s good to share with buddies … even if it’s our troubles.

Have friends at church to share your troubles with.

In my circle of friends are straights and miscreants.

Good times average out with bad times.

There’s a productive real world, and a zombie real world.

Entitled to share your success are those deadbeat relatives.

I behave myself until my dysfunctional friends get me on their wavelength.

.. …….….  .. …..

Tarot Readings: We Are Upbeat in Down Times (Three of Cups and Ten of Pentacles)

Friends who are upbeat when things are downbeat are my mainstays.

My friends are all here in a safe part of a rundown neighborhood.

Gratefulness for the ordinary in troubled times.

The religious life is fun after the trouble I’ve seen.

Making people okay with their troubles, you make money.

Enjoy the cold cruel world just the way it is.

The usual crowd is here to have a good time.

People in the ghetto are entitled to be happy.

Enjoy the little pleasures when life gets complicated.

Let’s band together to clean up the neighborhood.

When you make a profit in bad times, you are doing something right.

.. …….……   …..

Tarot Readings: The Neurotic Normals (Hierophant and Ten of Pentacles)

We have so much in common we don’t get along.

We are happy with the status quo, warts and all.

Have just the troubles everyone else has? – You’re a happy camper.

Happy to be the good apple in the rotten barrel.

As one of those maladjusted people, my sober moments make me happy.

Maladjusted within normal limits, I can enjoy life.

We lowlifes are happy just being average.

A cold brew makes the cold cruel world okay with me.

Color me happy to be one of the neurotic normals.

Rehab makes me happy to be sober.

Politicians party like respectable people.

Straight friends are good to have when I’m in trouble.



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Three of Cups – Hierophant – Ten of Pentacles




                LEARN TAROT BY PICTURES..

.. …….…… ….. ………, Three of Cups is happy people celebrating together. Hierophant is normal times. Ten of Pentacles is trouble and problems. Three of Cups are splitting the proceeds of a profit they have made; Ten of Pentacles can be impoverished people. Although there is scant action here (sharing?), we develop stores, even drama, with these three Rider Waite Tarot cards.

.. …….                   Three of Cups and Hierophant are having a good time in their usual way, which could be a party. They are in a place of safety – Hierophant means that, means anything that is normal, usual, routine and okay. So Three of Cups and Hierophant are the normal people, the normal productive people. Your straight (Hierophant) friends (Three of Cups).

Hierophant is church too (the pope), so Three of Cups and Hierophant are friends at church, having a good time at church, getting together at church, and church people.

Three of Cups are productive people: They got together, organized who would do the labor and who would front the money, and what the split of the profit would be, and now they are still friends as they split the profit.

They are celebrating with a toast. That brings the partying meanings to the Three of Cups story. They are enjoying life, and Hierophant is ‘the way it is,’ so they are enjoying the normal routine small pleasures, enjoying the status quo warts and all.

.. …….           Three of Cups and Ten of Pentacles contrast happy productive teamwork people with cranky maladjusted miscreants. The winners and the zombies. This is what makes the witty pithy slogans in our one-sentence readings, things like ‘We have so much in common [Three of Cups of course] we don’t get along.’ These are the cards that talk about the deadbeat relatives sharing your success. But they also talk about ‘friends (Three of Cups) when I am in trouble (Ten of Pentacles).

So Three of Cups and Ten of Pentacles spell out the difference between transacting with like-minded people and transacting with people who clash: serendipity versus miasma. Three of Cups could be you and your buddies; Ten of Pentacles could be you and the relatives. (You can choose your friends ….)

This pair of cards describes enjoying life troubles and all: That is their main message. Three of Cups and Ten of Pentacles speak of friends who are (happy) in a rundown neighborhood or of people who are upbeat when circumstances are downbeat. Being grateful for small things in troubled times. These two say ‘is fun after the trouble I’ve seen.’

Hierophant means average, and it’s a stretch to say ‘averages out’ with it, but we did that with ‘Good times average out with bad times.’

Since Three of Cups are sharing the moment, they are on one another’s wavelength, so ‘my dysfunctional friends get me on their wavelength.’ Come to think of it: My dysfunctional (Ten of Pentacles) friends (Three of Cups). And they say misery (Ten of Pentacles) loves company (Three of Cups).

.. …….         Hierophant and Ten of Pentacles are saying (ever so clearly!) ‘Situation Normal, All Fucked Up,’ which really is, still, a military term used to describe the condition of equipment, or the situation with people. They make the point that the status quo (Hierophant) is dysfunctional (Ten of Pentacles) routinely (Hierophant). The cold cruel world (Ten of Pentacles) the way it is (Hierophant). Having the usual (Hierophant) troubles (Ten of Pentacles). But that’s not all, of course.

Hierophant is ‘entitled,’ so the poor folks, the people in the ghetto, are entitled … to be happy, when Three of Cups pipes up.

Ten of Pentacles is the crowd, so Hierophant and Ten of Pentacles are the usual crowd.

Ten of Pentacles is the neighborhood as well as the neighbors, and Hierophant means ‘clean’ and ‘straight,’ so cleaning up the neighborhood.





Three of Cups           Today Three of Cups is about productive people, because it contrasts with those unproductive ones in Ten of Pentacles. So today Three of Cups is mainly about sharing, making money and splitting the profit, getting together and enjoying one another’s company, celebrating, feeling good, enjoying life, partying, and friends who are companions. Three of Cups is about friendship and about business, the same as Three of Pentacles.

Gone are its women, fashionable women, dating, sisterhood, pooling of labor and resources, party girls, girls’ night out, and the money being theirs. (If you are looking for comprehensive meanings for this card, Google ‘Three of Cups Tarot Verbatim.’

Here are Three of Cups meanings in every sentence here today: share; have friends; my circle of friends; good times; productive real world; share your success; get me on their wavelength; friends who are upbeat; my friends; gratefulness; life is fun; you make money; enjoy; to have a good time; to be happy; the little pleasures; Let’s band together; When you make a profit; We have so much; we are happy; You’re a happy camper; happy to be; moments make me happy; I can enjoy life; feel good … loves company; are happy; a cold brew … okay with me; color me happy; happy; party; friends.

Hierophant         Hierophant’s central meaning is its straight, normal, usual, religious, ordinary, safe, okay, the way it is, the status quo ones. It is pinned … limited … to those, the way it is contrasting with the opposite circumstance in Ten of Pentacles here today. If you are looking for its whole lexicon, just put ‘Tarot Verbatim Hierophant’ into Google, and in less than a second you will have them.

Here’s every phrase Hierophant makes in today’s spreads: it’s good to; church; straights; average out; real world; entitled; behave; mainstays; safe part; ordinary; religious; making people okay with; just the way it is; the usual; entitled; the little pleasures; to clean up; doing something right; we have in common; status quo; have just what everyone else has; the good apple; my sober moments; within normal limits; just being average; okay with me; normals; be sober; respectable people; straight _ are good to have.

Ten of Pentacles           Ten of Pentacles is our ‘star card’ today: It influences the others. Ten of Pentacles is about people who are hurting because of other people. It’s about our difficulties, our ‘scenes.’ Pictured in the Rider Waite Tarot is a family ‘discussion.’ Grandpa on his throne, son not listening to or looking at his wife, and offspring clutching at mama, squalling. Mama’s pleas are futile. Ten of Pentacles today is saying: Relatives, coworkers, neighbors are complicating your day with their doings, their issues.

Of course, it could be you who is in trouble, or who is a problem to other people. ‘Straight friends are good to have when I’m in trouble’ and ‘As one of those maladjusted people, my sober moments make me happy.’

Those people. The unfriendlies. People who are problems and people who have problems: This is how to remember Ten of Pentacles in Tarot Verbatim™. This is not its meaning, at all, in other systems you may encounter.

Here are all the phrases from each sentence, in order, that Ten of Pentacles bequeaths us: our troubles; miscreants; bad times; zombie real world; deadbeat relatives; dysfunctional friends; when things are downbeat; rundown neighborhood; troubled times; the trouble I’ve seen; their troubles; cold cruel world; crowd; people in the ghetto; when life gets complicated; the neighborhood; in bad times; we don’t get along; warts and all; troubles everyone else has; in the rotten barrel; maladjusted people; maladjusted; lowlifes; cold cruel world; neurotic; rehab; politicians; when I’m in trouble.


Are you waiting for things to go right, to be right, to stay right … holding your breath and not letting yourself fully participate in the events you are part of? Not giving yourself permission to let go and enjoy some things because of their flaws? I used to be that way, and still tend to. It leaves you in a permanent state of dissatisfaction … but you’re also less likely to get involved in something you can’t get out of. The suggestion here is to monitor the involvement, and maybe go ahead and buy into ten percent of the miasma (mess).



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