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GUIDANCE      I am reminding myself of times I can get something accomplished by doing nothing. Not responding gets things moving in a better direction sometimes, and it’s not something I think about. So right now I am adding ‘Delay’ to my check list, along with ‘to do’ and ‘cross it off.’


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Six of Swords – Two of Wands – Four of Swords


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Tarot Readings: Heading in the Other Direction (Six of Swords and Two of Wands)

Tarot Readings: Just Wait for it to Go Away (Six of Swords and Four of Swords)

Tarot Readings: The Outlook Isn’t Rosy (Two of Wands and Four of Swords)


Tarot Readings: Heading in the Other Direction (Six of Swords and Two of Wands)

I will get over his death.

Plan to avoid inaction.

Retirement plans are put off.

They will go away if you disengage.

Nothing’s doing; time has passed me by.

There’s not going to be any way out of this.

No exit plan.

.. …….….  .. …..

Tarot Readings: Just Wait for it to Go Away (Six of Swords and Four of Swords)

You will get over it if you don’t do anything.

Lie down and be quiet, and it will blow over.

I am not going to leave.

Putting one thing behind, the other is ahead: Time to rest.

Get out of the investments you are holding.

Don’t do anything, and it won’t be as bad as it was.

I plan to get over it … but I haven’t.

Leaving or staying, you have financial security.

Have a plan for if things don’t get any better.

.. …….……   …..

Tarot Readings: The Outlook Isn’t Rosy (Two of Wands and Four of Swords)

Not getting involved pays off as the gulf widens.

Now that it’s finally over, I plan to sleep.

Not having a plan, you drift from one to another.

The worst is over but the outlook isn’t rosy.

The worst is over but the prognosis is unchanged.

Leave: There’s no financial security here.

Real estate isn’t profitable anymore.


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Six of Swords – Two of Wands – Four of Swords



                LEARN TAROT BY PICTURES..

.. …….…… ….. ……..., Six of Swords has several meanings that apply in different ways to its mates today. Four of Swords is out of the action, is not participating, is taking a rest, is not responding, most commonly. In their midst is Two of Wands, the future, a plan, and future tense.

Six of Swords is avoiding and Four of Swords isn’t participating. Six of Swords is going the other way, and Four of Swords is staying put.

The closest we come to action for a story is Two of Wands meaning financial security. ‘Leaving or staying, you have financial security’; ‘Get out of investment you are holding’; ‘Leave: There’s no financial security here.’

With two cards being about avoiding, and one about the future, obviously our message is on not doing, on withdrawing. Two of Wands’ ‘for sure in the future’ and its ‘good future ahead’ is occluded … dampered down … by its companion cards. Two of Wands says ‘projected’ and the other two say ‘not anymore.’





Six of Swords      Six of Swords today is narrowed by the message it is part of. Today Six of Swords is first about ‘get over it,’ and is about things get better or not as bad; about leaving; avoiding; putting off (delaying). This is a bare-bones Six of Swords.

We are leaving, headed away from something. Huddled in a shallow open vessel, mother and child are paddled away, by a friend, with just the clothes on their backs. Six of Swords often says things will be better because they could not get any worse.

Here are the words Six of Swords makes in today’s message: get over; avoid; put off; go away; passed me by; way out of this; exit; get over it; it blows over; leave; putting one thing behind; get out of; won’t be as bad as it was; get over it; leaving; things get better; as the gulf widens; now that it’s finally over; drift from one to another; the worst is over; leave; isn’t anymore.

Two of Wands      Two of Wands is blocked at almost every turn today by Four of Swords. Four of Swords, meaning not doing anything, can act as a negative modifier, what we call ‘a negator’ here.

Money and future are the two core meanings of Two of Wands … plan and finance. The meanings Two of Wands uses today are, as usual, the future and future tense (outlook; prognosis); a plan; financial (investments; it pays off). You see a well-dressed fellow surveying his property holdings below, planning more profit from them.

Here are the words Two of Wands gives us today: I will; plan to; plans; They will; time; There’s going to be; plan; you will; it will; I am going to; the other is ahead; the investments; it will be; I plan to; financial security; have a plan; pays off; I plan to; having a plan; outlook is rosy; prognosis; financial security; real estate is profitable.

Four of Swords      Four of Swords is an inert sort. Its prime meanings arise from its back-story. He lies on the burial box in the church to meditate on his life purpose as a knight – a required part of the ritual that makes him a knight. The bishop will have to approve his vision.

Quite often, as today, Four of Swords simply refers to not participating: being asleep, withdrawn, not responding, indifferent. It can mean the medical term ‘unresponsive,’ and once in a while it refers to a coma.

You can see how Four of Swords operates in the language it provides our one-sentence readings: his death; inaction; retirement; disengage; Nothing’s doing; not any way; no; if you don’t do anything; lie down and be quiet; I am not; Time to rest; you are holding; don’t do anything; but I haven’t; staying; things don’t; not getting involved; sleep; not having; isn’t; unchanged; there’s no _ here; isn’t anymore.






There’s going to be times nothing’s happening – downtimes, breathers, rest stops, periods in between phases, times you withdraw – times nothing’s doing. You gotta have some time out, no matter who you are. Some of these no-activity zones are voluntary and chosen, some are imposed, but whichever they are, make good use of them.



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  1. Ain’t that the truth.
    And sometimes they last a long time, and you feel like you’re in the ocean without a paddle to your rowboat.

  2. Lori

    Sometimes its the in between periods that lead to the next great chapter…

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