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GUIDANCE      “I regret nothing.” Edith Piaf said that in her very famous classic song. We are cutting our losses. We are not sorry for what we are about to do. I shall stop drinking. It’s coming; you haven’t missed it. Just don’t continue in a losing proposition, because losses never have to continue. Money comes in, and you’re not broke anymore. It’s not going to be as bad as you think, either. Just wait: You won’t be sorry. Look ahead to what’s coming because the past is canceled already.


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Five of Cups – Two of Swords – Three of Wands


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Tarot Readings: Won’t be sorry (Five of Cups and Two of Swords)

Tarot Readings: The Past and the Future (Five of Cups and Three of Wands)

Tarot Readings: Going to Be Sorry (Five of Cups and Three of Wands)

Tarot Readings: It’s Not Going to Be (Two of Swords and Three of Wands)


Tarot Readings: Won’t be sorry (Five of Cups and Two of Swords)

Never will I regret.

Not going to be melancholy.

You won’t be sorry.

I am not sorry for what I’m about to do.

Waste not, and you will want not.

.. …….….  .. …..

Tarot Readings: The Past and the Future (Five of Cups and Three of Wands)

It’s neither past nor future.

It’s coming; you haven’t missed it.

I don’t continue a losing proposition.

With ‘stop losses,’ you are making money.

Not looking ahead, just contemplating the past.

Looking ahead now, never mind what happened back there.

No more preoccupation with the tragedy: I am looking ahead.

The bad time is back there, not upcoming.

The future isn’t anything like what used to be.

It’s not what you don’t have, it’s what you will have.

.. …….……   …..

Tarot Readings: Going to Be Sorry (Five of Cups and Three of Wands)

There’s no future here … failure.

In the end he is going to be sorry.

I’m going to be sorry if I don’t.

.. …….….. .  …..

Tarot Readings: It’s Not Going to Be (Two of Swords and Three of Wands)

It’s not going to be so bad anymore, just you wait.

I’m going to cut my losses.

I shall stop drinking altogether.

It doesn’t hurt anymore.

Grief isn’t going to end.

Losses do not continue.

I am not going to mope around anymore (dammit).

It’s not going to be as bad as you think.

Money comes in, and you’re no longer broke.

The income is not a disappointment.

No more wasting money.

Depression doesn’t have to continue.

I am not about to make money in a way I am ashamed of.

You are not going to lose.


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Five of Cups – Two of Swords – Three of Wands





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.. …….…… ….. ………, Well, Five of Cups is past; Three of Wands is Future; and Two of Swords is never. That’s one way to look at it. Two of Swords is a negator: That’s pretty much its only day-job. So Two of Swords can make Five of Cups not sorry, not sick, and not drinking. And Two of Swords can make Three of Wands not going to be, not going to happen, and not going to continue.

Five of Cups regrets the past; Three of Wands looks forward to the future. Two of Swords applies the brakes somewhere. Two of Swords makes: It’s neither past nor future. I kinda like that thought, myself.





Five of Cups     Beneath a gray-all-over sky, a black-robed bent figure gazes at wasted wine on the ground, his back to the full glasses. More than anything, remember Five of Cups is a feeling, it’s emotional. Five of Cups is loss, and Five of Cups is haunted mourning the past. Spilled wine brings up drinking as well as giving up the alcohol. Hangover, too.

Common meanings for Five of Cups are losing and being the loser, failing and failure, being broke and losing money, the sad past or tragedy, bad scenes and downtimes, and regret … lots of regret and even being ashamed, repenting, wishing to God you had … or had not. The good thing about Five of Cups is: It is past.

Five of Cups is sometimes about illness, feeling sick. It is about depression and melancholy too.

Two of Swords      Two of Swords is the end, the end of the line. You feel what it means before you think it. I see an ‘X’ and I feel a railroad crossing sign: Do Not Enter sign. This card is a main negator card: no, never, not, can’t, won’t, don’t, impossible, end, roadblock, stop.

You see a woman in thin clothing, blindfolded, arms anchored crossed with heavy double-edged swords, sitting on a stone bench with her back to a lake, and a sliver of a moon near mid-sky. She is in a fix, and this card can mean just that.

Three of Wands      Today in its present Tarot company, Three of Wands is encouraging and reassuring in contrast to Five of Cups’ discouraging perspective. Three of Wands is good things ahead (and Five of Cups is bad things past). The good things aren’t just money but refer to a good outlook, good situations, good circumstances. ‘Ahead’ is the key word here: Three of Wands is future oriented. And not only future, but continuing, ongoing … even always.

Three of Wands is looking ahead with hope, well-founded hope. Its ‘good things coming’ arises from past efforts, because the merchant in the picture has made his investment, and put his goods on those ships, and now here comes his profit on those same ships. He knows his money is there.



It’s not going to be so bad anymore: Turn around. You are looking the wrong way, in the wrong places. Nothing comes from the south past. Look up the compass to the north future, because what’s coming always comes from the future, even if it’s the next ten minutes. Keep looking up the track; your cargo is on the next train.




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