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GUIDANCE We combine some concepts today that you don’t usually find together. The ideas are: being on the inner planes spiritually and psychically; having an overview so that you know the future; keeping quietly to yourself; and managing money – in particular investing. Stay long on cash, and hold the gold – some interesting investing advice. A wise and ladylike woman is our star character relative to these concepts.



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Two of Wands – High Priestess – Ace of Pentacles



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Tarot Readings: Two of Wands and High Priestess

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She will be the passenger on the road trip.

She is keeping rightly quiet about her plan.

All by herself she is secure financially.

Her bank account has a good amount of money in it.

Knowing for sure is invaluable.

Stay long on cash.

Hold gold for the future.


Tarot Readings: Two of Wands and Ace of Pentacles

.. ….

Paid what you are worth if you stay put.

A perfect future with the other woman.

The lady always pays.

The best investment is to stay in cash.

Spiritual living pays off in the long run.

Financial planning is done behind the scenes.

An expert like her is paid good money.

She has the money for the real estate.


Tarot Readings: High Priestess and Ace of Pentacles

. ….. n

Going to be the perfect lady.

She is the right woman for me for sure.

A perfect lady is in your future.

She has money because she knows how to budget.

Will give her the ring without her saying a word.

A psychic is right about the future.

She knows she will succeed for sure.

It’s her money to invest.

The spiritual path is a long-term view.


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Two of Wands – High Priestess – Ace of Pentacles




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High Priestess has great insight and also means psychic; Two of Wands refers to the future, so together the psychic foretells or knows the future. Too, High Priestess means ‘she knows’ and ‘she who knows’ (as Queen of Cups does), and Two of Wands is ‘for sure.’ So