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GUIDANCE         The fewer people you know, the simpler your life can be, and we have two gals here who are out to demonstrate that. One doesn’t need nobody, and one doesn’t know nobody, and that’s fine with each of them. Detachment and independence – not to mention private lives – are where we are at today. We do acknowledge that having enough money is the way to pull this lifestyle off. though.



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Nine of Pentacles – World – Ace of Pentacles



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Tarot Readings: Nine of Pentacles and World

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I own my place and don’t have to say ‘sir’ to anybody.

She is content and has no problems of any kind: perfect.

A curvy woman who don’t-need-nobody is good enough for him.

At home, I am perfect, in a class all my own.

Staying home behind a fence with my plants and animals is right for me.

No one causes her trouble; she minds her own business to perfection.

It’s perfectly okay for you to be holed up at home with no contact with anyone.


Tarot Readings: Nine of Pentacles and Ace of Pentacles

.. ….

On the road alone in utter privacy.

You do well on your own turf keeping your distance from all of them.

Staying home where they can’t get to me is right for me.

On the cloistered path, she is content with things as they are.

She is content with what she has and the cloistered path she is on.

An independent woman pays the price of dancing to that different drummer.


Tarot Readings: World and Ace of Pentacles

. ….. n

On the spiritual path and being a sensible businesswoman too.

I’m perfect right where I am so ‘Do Not Disturb.’

Detached from financial success is me all over.

It’s what you’re not involved in that makes you independent.

I am in the right place for me and it doesn’t matter what’s out there.

I don’t owe anybody and my house is paid for.

Enough money, and you can do as you please and keep people out of your hair.


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Nine of Pentacles – World – Ace of Pentacles





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Ace of Pentacles means perfect, and World is some state of perfection. Ace of Pentacles is ‘on the right path’ and World has arrived as an adept, a person skilled in living free of interference from anything.

Nine of Pentacles and