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GUIDANCE       Here’s a story of how a fellow gets himself ahead, gets to be a leader, by getting people together in mutually profitable deals and relationships. Being fair to everyone, giving everyone their due, works for him. He can make everyone happy – or at least happy with him and his doings – when there’s something in it for them and for him too. Our hero successfully does business with everyone.



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Ten of Cups – Chariot – Six of Pentacles



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Tarot Readings: Ten of Cups and Chariot

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When all of us want something done, we all chip in.

He decides to have a family when he can afford that.

A man is responsible for the family bills.

Getting the money to drive home.

Make yourself happy; you deserve it.

You are a success when everybody gives you the credit.

Making house and car payments.


Tarot Readings: Ten of Cups and Six of Pentacles

.. ….

He sees to it that everyone gets the respect they are due.

Everyone pays the man who runs the show.

It’s their money so it’s their choice.

His strategy is to get everyone to like him.

He gets leadership by being fair to everyone.

He gets us all together in mutually profitable deals.

I’m a success when I can afford a house in a good neighborhood.

There’s something in the deal for everybody: He makes sure of that.


Tarot Readings: Chariot and Six of Pentacles

. ….. n

A car that’s affordable to everyone.

He gets it done for the amount the people can afford.

Aims to get everyone’s business.

His family paid for his success.

I shall see to it that those people get what they deserve.

Getting a paycheck is an accomplishment for people like me.

You are responsible to treat other people right.


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Ten of Cups – Chariot – Six of Pentacles




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Our story here today is about being Somebody to everyone by not only treating them as they deserve but getting them to do the same to one another in mutually