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  GUIDANCE          A capable woman has some trusted friends she gets together with. With her input, and her resources, they turn things around and get things going for the good of all … again. When you have the money to enjoy life, go for it! Me, I’m heading over to be with people who take care of one another like that. A fun relationship with a gal who cares for me, too, is what I’m after.



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Queen of Pentacles – Knight of Swords – Three of Cups



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Tarot Readings: Queen of Pentacles and Knight of Swords

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You have the money to start up a joint project with friends.

The girl is back to making good money with good people.

When she is the hostess, we go out of our way to attend the party.

When a woman has money, people rush to get their share.

A possessive woman is in and out of the dating scene.

She helps him so much he goes elsewhere for dating.

She has the skill to get her man back from those hussies.

A fun relationship with a woman who is loyal turns his life around.

The woman he dates is back to being possessive.


Tarot Readings: Queen of Pentacles and Three of Cups

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She gets friends together for an impromptu confab.

Girl, you have the money to enjoy your life, so go for it!

She is fun to be with until she mothers him – then he runs.

A generous woman who’s fun to be with gets me to change my ways.

He is back to sharing good times with the woman who cares for him.

With people who take care of one another: That’s where I’m heading.


Tarot Readings: Knight of Swords and Three of Cups

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It’s back to sharing a life with the woman who cares.

In good spirits again because of her input.

In a rush to get his share of her money.

A woman to take care of me, and sociable women to chase.

Young women get a head start with her mentoring.

So happy with the good return on an investment.

A quick profit putting money into a girly glamor business.

He pursues a fun relationship with a woman who cares for him.


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Queen of Pentacles today is in the company of Three of Cups – other women who are associated with being people-people and associated with money and business profits. Three of Cups is about dating, getting together and having a good time, and Queen of Pentacles cares for others, including her man, family, and friends. So today Queen of Pentacles is first about money, business, and investing. Next, she is about caring for others, and even mentoring those girls. After that, we get into her being possessive, generous, skilled, and loyal. She is the hostess here too, which grows out of Three of Cups’ party and Queen of Pentacles being ‘the head woman,’ like the head nurse.


Queen of Pentacles has a giant gold coin in her hands in her lap. She is outdoors on a Spring day surrounded by plants, a bunny at her feet: fertility, wealth, resources. She is the queen associated with King of Pentacles a/k/a The Italian Stallion, and her stereotype would be the Italian matriarch. A complete Queen of Pentacles biography can be had by simply typing ‘Queen of Pentacles Tarot Verbatim’ into a Google search bar.

Knight of Swords      In his picture, you see a fully armed knight, his sword forward and up ready for business, going full speed against the wind. His movement is obviously forward in the picture, but in real life Tarot you find him turning around, rushing into, going back, returning, etc.


Usually Knight of Swords’ main words are about speed and hurry; next is the pursuit or chase, and then meanings about fleeing or running away. Not today – although there’s a smattering of those. Today, here are some new perspectives on our Knight of Swords boy: to start up; go out of our way; in and out of; goes elsewhere; get her back from; turns his life around; is back to being; impromptu; go for it; change my ways; that’s where I’m heading; again; a head start. So check out his role here today: It’s expanded.

Three of Cups      Three well-dressed gals raise glasses in a toast to their successful harvest, there in the harvested pumpkin patch. They are friends after the adventure of farming, and of splitting the profits. These are the elements of their story that make for Three of Cups’ list of meanings. Today we use the main ones: a joint project with friends; parties and dating and a fun relationship; enjoying life and being of good cheer; sharing money.





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Okay, we’re back to the pattern of the middle card being a bridge connecting two very similar cards: Knight of Swords actually means more and different things than he usually does because, on both sides of him, are ‘ women who make money’ and who have fun and date.


Queen of Pentacles and Knight of Swords : Queen of Pentacles is her influence on him. Knight of Swords is change. So