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GUIDANCE         Somehow you know it’s you who’s going to benefit from something this sneaky fellow is up to, just as sure as you’re going to benefit from behaving like the best self you can be. Today, something great is brewing in the shadow of some intended mischief. On the other hand, what seems to be a good opportunity may not be. Look around.



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Six of Wands – Wheel of Fortune – Page of Pentacles



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Tarot Readings: Six of Wands and Wheel of Fortune

.. …..g

Being like one of these people and fitting in is your big chance.

It’s you his agenda is going to greatly benefit.

He’s up to something all right, but watch that make your day.

We’re looking at a lucky double-cross.

He thinks he is scoring a coup.

His blarney is wonderful and so is he.


Tarot Readings: Six of Wands and Page of Pentacles

.. … ..

Putting on my very best image for the best to happen.

Playing the role of my very best self, wonderfully.

A disloyal person is looking to score.

Lucky me, I am going along with the program.

His self-undoing is karmic.

To make something wonderful happen, you are being a sneaky person.


Tarot Readings: Wheel of Fortune and Page of Pentacles

. …..nb

You see a chance to get even.

I am a gambler – it sucks me right in.

Watch my destiny flying under the radar.

He knows it only seems to be so wonderful.

Something happens, and you see what they are up to.

I know how to pull off a back-door miracle.

Your thoughts are, in an indirect way, making something great happen.

Look carefully at what seems to be an opportunity.


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Six of Wands You have to know this illustration is about King Richard III of England being lured to chase some defeated Arabs in a battle. He spent the rest of his life over in Arabia somewhere as a captive. The next-in-line-to-the-throne arranged it, and got away with that high crime. So Six of Wands is about someone seeming to with with the team, and using its achievements for his own self-serving purposes. Think frenemy.


But also think of fitting in with a crowd to get ahead by using its activities your way. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Six of Wands more often is about ‘things are not what they seem’ and about ‘putting the best face on your behavior.’ It’s also about an opportunity that isn’t what it seems: King Richard was going to put the icing on the cake of that battle he won.

Wheel of Fortune – Luck is like molecules: Everything has it as an ingredient, says Wheel of Fortune. Wheel of Fortune sketches out an idea that God and the devil are influences on the events of your day and your life. Godly influences are represented by the four Hebrew letters that translate as Jehovah or Yahweh in English. The devil is in the details – all those critters on the outside of the wheel and around it.


The wheel itself goes back to Apollo’s time, and the letters of its name are shuffled into the letters of God’s Hebrew name – ROTA. ‘Rota’ made it into English as ‘rotate.’ And the Wheel of Fortune in the myth was exactly what we see here: coincidences that amount to destiny and come from both the good nonphysical, and the bad nonphysical, realms.


In real-life Tarot, Wheel of Fortune is ‘it happens’ and is all about good luck: a lucky break, an opportunity, something wonderful, the best happening, karma and destiny, a windfall or ‘score.’ Wheel of Fortune and Nine of Cups are considered the ‘best cards.’

Page of Pentacles is a very personal card. It means a person, a person’s perspective, and it translates simply as a pronoun often. It’s almost a place-holder, a cipher like zero. As a person, Page of Pentacles is a young man looking to fit into his scene the best way he can – which is what pages were and what they did in their day: they were apprentice knights. Page of Pentacles represents ‘the best person I can be’ or ‘the best person he can be’ the same way Page of Wands does. My Best Self type thing.


Page of Pentacles belongs to the see/know/realize/think theme. And, as I said, he makes pronouns often. Put these two together, and you see Page of Pentacles often saying things like: you see, he thinks, he thinks he is, I think you are, your thoughts are, their perspective is, he is aware, I know, he knows how, etc. (Yes, this is flexible.)


Page of Pentacles often means to look, to watch, to keep an eye on, to look for, to look carefully at – and even ‘is looking to.’ It can mean phrases like ‘but watch that’ as well.



We naturally look for what’s best for us when we fit ourselves into a scene or situation, and we naturally are being self-conscious as to how to present who-we-are to the people there – to fit in. Well, they have done the same thing, and are doing the same thing, so in this scene we are each that version of ourselves … and we might be another version of ourselves in a different scene. And so might they. So who you are depends upon the circumstance of where you are, and with whom. This is called face. Some people try to be who they really are all the time everywhere, which means they fit in less. Some people are chameleons and fit in beautifully in every scene, but may not have a very distinctive self to be.





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  1. Ginny

    Hey Emily! My mom and I talked to you last night- I’m tammys daughter (from NC) Your blog is great! I came on here to write a testimonial about the great reading you gave me about my missing cat last thanksgiving, who you predicted would come back….and a month later he did. It was probably the happiest reading and outcome out of the many great questions you’ve answered for my mom and I over the years. I tried to write a testimonial and I couldn’t find where you click to fill out the form? Maybe I’m just confused. Thanks again Emily.

  2. Tina

    This spread scares me in a good way. Since the spreads have been matching my life, I would think that this relates to me and my friend. If he has something up his sleeve that is positive for me I can’t wait to finally know about it. This spread would be my friend and how I need to ‘tread’ with him.

    Thanks again Emily!

  3. THE NEWS IS Emily is deeply immersed in creating TarotData. It has acres of room to grow after it goes up, too. This post is late and is shorter because of that project. Y’all gotta come see the new baby when it’s born.
    I am excited about it because it will allow some, or maybe most, people to use my experience to assemble their own answers to their questions for only three dollars, one question at a time of course. My dictionary of single-card meanings is TarotData, fixed so you can move each column up and down and align them to say what is useful to you. (A fun game too!)
    Just wait!

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