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GUIDANCE    Right and wrong, reward and punishment: they aren’t hooked up so that good deeds are rewarded, and vice versa. We are here to report that good deeds do get punished, and cheaters graduate with honors. We confess we are paying for our mistake, have an expensive habit we are self-treating for, and are struggling to make some payments too. We observe that you get paid to do something wrong, and that you pay for the wrong things you do too. So today we are mentally unhitching those reward-and-punishment trailers.



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Magician – Six of Pentacles – Devil



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Tarot Readings: Magician and Six of Pentacles

.. …..g

Self-treatment for a habit.

Paid them, and they did it wrong.

He is the one who gave me the germ.

Doing the right thing in the wrong way.

He pays the bills and hates it.

He does mean things to get attention.

Punished when you are doing the right thing.


Tarot Readings: Magician and Devil

.. …..

Do wrong and pay for it.

You get paid for doing something difficult.

Obligating yourself to make payments.

Gets paid for an immoral act.

Paid to do what’s difficult.

I paid for the crime I did.

I did it; I got sick; I’m taking the pills.

He breaks it, he pays for it.

Pays for a sex act (or gets paid).


Tarot Readings: Six of Pentacles and Devil

. …   ..n

Paying for a mistake I made.

Right or wrong, I’m doing it.

Difficult to make the payment(s).

Initiating treatment for an ailment.

Paying a fine for a bad thing you did.

Deserves to suffer for what he did.

Do something about that expensive habit.

The pay is bad for what you have to do.


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MagicianFew and clear are Magician’s meanings. The only subtlety to Magician is that when you put him next to a card that translates into a verb, Magician – meaning to do, to act – is absorbed into the verb and will translate simply a pronoun (usually he, but myself, him, his, yourself, and even I, as well) to go along with that card. Note that, therefore, Magician can turn another card into verb form. Yeah, a subtlety.


Anyway, Magician is simple: male pronouns, any form of the verbs do and make and their synonyms (initiate, inaugurate, start up, begin, etc.). Magician also owns the noun action, so look for ‘take action.’ Magician also owns ‘he is the one who’ and ‘I am the one who’ – and that refers usually to doing something. So Magician and Ace of Cups can be ‘He loves you’ or ‘He is the one who loves you.’


Magician (along with Page of Pentacles and Page of Wands) can also translate ‘self.’ Today, with Six of Pentacles as ‘treatment,’ for instance, Magician makes that ‘self-treatment.’

Six of Pentacles Giving and receiving, and what’s right and fair: These are the basic applications of Six of Pentacles. It’s an exchange in the illustration of money for labor, but anything that goes from one person to another is fair game for Six of Pentacles: attention, germs, information and medicines especially. ‘Treatment’ applies both as treatment for an illness or problem, and as the way you are being treated or treat another or others. Reward is also a Six of Pentacles concept. So is ‘deserve,’ along the lines of its fairness meanings.


While paychecks, paying bills, and paying for having other people do something are paramount in Six of Pentacles, it equally applies to budget, price (whether bargain or expensive, depending upon context), and phrases like ‘worth it,’ as in ‘worth the effort’ with, say, Five of Wands or Ten of Wands even. It is also the card in Rider Waite for paying what you owe and collecting what is owed you.

Devil – Here’s a pesky card to apply. Look at it last, it has so many divergent and unrelated meanings – and not all are bad news, either. But ‘wrong’ and ‘bad’ are frequent fliers on the Devil plane – and so is ‘mistake.’ Devil owns ‘hate’ and ‘dislike’ as well. Devil shows an attachment of a couple of naked people to Mr. Devil Himself, as Lovers shows the naked people under the watchful eye of a fairly funky angel. So Devil is malattachment or being attached to something that’s bad for you – hence, a habit as one of Devil’s meanings. Speaking of which, check out those grapes on the gal’s tail.


Today, besides the meanings discussed above, Devil appears as: mean things, punished, difficult, obligating yourself, immoral, crime, sick, breaks it, sex act, suffer.



                      LEARN TAROT BY PICTURES..

.. ….. …bbb..

Magician is to do, and Devil is wrong – so, wrongdoing. Magician is to do, and Six of Pentacles is to do right by people, so you have the good deed. Then, Devil means punishment and Six of Pentacles means reward. So our spread says – in all sorts of ways – do right, do wrong, be rewarded, be punished. So, no good deed goes unpunished here today, you could say. You pay for your bad habits, and you get paid to do wrong things.

. ….. …..





Magician is to do, and Devil is wrong – so, wrongdoing. Magician is to do, and Six of Pentacles is to do right by people, so you have the good deed. Then, Devil means punishment and Six of Pentacles means reward. So our spread says – in all sorts of ways – do right, do wrong, be rewarded, be punished. So, no good deed goes unpunished here today, you could say. You pay for your bad habits, and you get paid to do wrong things.

. ….. …b..


..……. ………………. ….………..


Ste. Teresa d’Avila famously said in the book written only for her nuns, Way of Perfection, that we don’t complain about unfairness when it benefits us, only when it costs us. Today we meditate on this reward-punishment good-deed bad-deed brain teaser. Mindful of scenarios in which reward is dispensed for something wrong, or something done wrong, and in which punishment is dispensed to someone who is doing the right thing, or for a good deed.




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  1. Win

    I believe Mercury is traveling direct, but that quick sand feeling surely comes around regardless. We need a book or two from you. one for the unveiling of insight-fullness, and the other for the play of our human condition. What fun for you and your readers. Oh.. wait… here it is . Every day. Thank you so very much…

    • Thank you for that.
      The idea of time warps … I’m not the only one that comes around to that.

  2. Is Mercury retrograde ‘er sumthin’? Yesterday everywhere I turned, mountainous complications. So this didn’t get done until later. Enjoy it.
    As I said, blogs will be abbreviated for a while, while I create another Tarot site, TarotData, in which you can use my word lists to make your own readings.

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