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GUIDANCE    Kids playing ball as evening falls plead and whine ‘Oh Ma, do we HAVE to come in now?’ because the game is more to their taste than the indoor scene where baths and chores beckon. In the same way, a fellow here is feeling dragged by the hair of his head into that same indoor scene: committing to just one dame for the rest of his natural born days.



Once again, I bring you an email reading that is a superb example of how capable Rider Waite Tarot is of emphasizing the same point over and over. When the message is this plain, that is a major sign of accurate information. (Yes, I asked permission of the client to post this here for you.) 



Perspective and attitude toward me and/or whatever relationship or situation we are in?


King of Cups – Hierophant – Three of Swords

The man is having an emotional battle with commitment.

Your Person is having an emotional – King of Cups

battle – Three of Swords

with commitment – Hierophant.


Seven of Wands – Judgment – Ten of Swords

Here’s Your Guy under great pressure and fighting it – called to a new phase in which he will fail.

Here he is under great pressure and fighting it – Seven of Wands

called to a new phase of life – Judgment

in which he will fail. – Ten of Swords


Knight of Cups – Fool – Three of Pentacles

Oh, just go ahead and be sweet to her – that’s your part in this relationship.

I’m her boyfriend: – Knight of Cups

Don’t think about it, just go ahead – Fool

and be sweet to her – Knight of Cups

because that’s my part in our relationship. – Three of Pentacles


Two of Cups – Seven of Swords – Nine of Wands

Oh the apprehension (fear + anxiety) of being under the influence of love – that’s risky – I’m endangered!

Oh the fear, knowing it’s out there and it’s gonna get me: – Nine of Wands

It’s got me already: I’m under the influence of love (the love bug) – Two of Cups

and this is dangerous ground – I’m going out on a limb here. – Seven of Swords


Hanged Man – Nine of Swords – Seven of Pentacles

His higher self or subconscious is asking why he is so fearful. He wakes up at night in fear.

His higher self or subconscious is – Hanged Man

asking why – Seven of Pentacles

he is so fearful. He wakes up at night in fear. – Nine of Swords

(intense fear and doubt) –

intense – Hanged Man

fear – Nine of Swords

and doubt. – Seven of Pentacles

Here are the cards that describe the emotional man: King of Cups, Knight of Cups, Hanged Man.


Here are the cards that describe his fear and doubt: Nine of Wands, Seven of Pentacles, Nine of Swords.


Here are the cards that speak of a battle he feels he is in: Three of Swords, Seven of Wands, Seven of Swords, Nine of Wands


And here are the cards that show what he is afraid of: Hierophant (commitment), Judgment (change, a new phase of life), Three of Pentacles (doing his part in ‘our relationship’), Two of Cups (Love Bug), Hanged Man (higher consciousness).


You can Google and two of these cards and get combined meanings of Tarot cards (any and all of them) from the archives of Tarot Verbatim™ a well as from other systems.

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