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Here is a Tarot Verbatim Celtic Cross spread for you.

Querant: How does he think and feel about our relationship now? – we are both married.

                                                                                                                                   Ace of Pentacles

Temperance                                             Nine of Cups – Justice – Six of Swords

                                  Queen of Swords                                          Page of Wands

                                  Ten of Pentacles

Three of Cups             X                         Four of Wands   King of Pentacles

                                 Eight of Cups

                                 Queen of Pentacles                                     Fool





Temperance – First Self Card:

I have a close relationship with her.

Ten of Pentacles x Eight of Cups – Situation x Cross Card:

Am dissociated from my dysfunctional marriage leaving it.

Three of Cups – Four of Wands – Just past and Just ahead cards

Sharing with the woman who’s enjoyable to be with will be my marriage.

Queen of Pentacles | Queen of Swords – Foundation card and Future card

A woman who gives versus a woman who takes.

Fool | King of Pentacles | Page of Wands – Second Self card, Other card, Hope/Fear card

But he is being very free, very casual; he simply isn’t – Fool

talking to you about this, declaring himself; – Page of Wands

He is being the studly powerful man who is large and in charge. – King of Pentacles

Nine of Cups – Justice – Six of Swords – Outcome cards

More than anything he wants to

do what’s right – Justice

and leave his current situation behind – Six of Swords

Ace of Pentacles – Crown card

and that is the path he is on.




And now without the pictures:

I have a close relationship with her, and am dissociated from my dysfunctional marriage – am leaving it.

Sharing with the woman who’s enjoyable to be with will be my marriage. It’s a woman who’s giving (who’s a caretaker) versus a woman who’s taking (who’s bitchy).

(But he is being casual and free with her; he simply isn’t even thinking of talking to her in a way to declare himself or speak up – no, not him: He is being the stallion, the studly powerful man who calls the shots here.

More than anything he wants to do what’s right and leave his current situation behind – and that is the path he is actually on (what’s right).





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