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This is an email reading which demonstrates how clearly an idea can be presented over and over with different Rider Waite Tarot cards. Four times, out of five spreads, the first card means change. Tarot is a consistent violator of the Laws of Random Distribution, I learned in lectures on that subject. To repeat the professor’s experiment, I went looking for a Tarot deck.


The Querant (Questioner) gave me permission to show you this. – Emily



Question: Financial.  What is going to happen with my job?

(The final spread describes what the change is.)


Eight of Cups – High Priestess – Nine of Cups

An abrupt change, and you are stationed where you want to be.

An abrupt change – Eight of Cups

and you are stationed where – High Priestess

you want to be. Nine of Cups


Judgment – Moon – Fool

A sudden change for the better from whatever the big problem is, and you are free of it and lighthearted.

A sudden change for the better, from – Judgment

whatever the big problem is – Moon

and you are free of it, and lighthearted. You forget it. – Fool


Knight of Swords – Six of Swords – Five of Pentacles

Suddenly the direction switches, and you are heading away from being short of money to a better situation.

Sudden change of direction here – Knight of Swords

and you are leaving a bad situation – Six of Swords

where you are short of money (broke) – Five of Pentacles

and heading toward a good situation. – Six of Swords



Eight of Cups – Death – Nine of Wands

An abrupt change in the way things are going, and you’re no longer anxious.

An abrupt change in the course of events – Eight of Cups

and you are no longer – Death

under pressure and anxious. – Nine of Wands


Wheel of Fortune – Nine of Cups – Three of Pentacles

Destiny is afoot here: You dealing with people you want to be with, who do their part as a team.

It just happens” (destiny): You are dealing with the people you want to work with, who do their part as a team.

Destiny is afoot here (“It just happens”) and – Wheel of Fortune

you are dealing (commercially) with people who do their part – Three of Pentacles

just like you want. – Nine of Cups



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