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Sometimes on Wednesday, I give you sentences from someone’s email reading – the ones that are examples of something. This one describes that feeling that “I’m not ready for a serious relationship even though I’m in one.”



Email Reading

The category of life is:: Love interest

My question is:: I’m needing closure and I’m not going to get it. So, what made him cut me off and will he try to come back?


Question: What made him cut me off?


King of Pentacles – Two of Cups – Queen of Pentacles

Italian Stallion is in sole control but this is compromised when his counterpart takes care of him and his kingdom.

Italian Stallion is manipulative and controlling – King of Pentacles

but here’s this woman partner sharing the throne – Queen of Pentacles

so an outsider is interfering with him. – Two of Cups



Ace of Cups – Two of Swords – Sun

True love stops the fun.

Unconditional love – Ace of Cups

puts an end to – Two of Swords

his freedom and hence his funloving ways. – Sun



Seven of Pentacles – Page of Cups – Emperor

Huh? What happened? Aren’t I Lord and Master?

Hey, what happened anyway? – Seven of Pentacles

This is silly – I’m supposed to be – Page of Cups

the lord and master, the boss. – Emperor



Question: Will he try to come back?

Five of Cups – Three of Swords – Queen of Cups

Oh how he misses you – how it hurts – you were so sweet, you understood him.

He is heartbroken. – Three of Swords

How he misses – Five of Cups

that sweet good-natured lady who understands him. – Queen of Cups



Eight of Swords – Eight of Wands – Chariot

Taking responsibility, taking charge, he can’t do anything but talk like that.

Being the powerful man in control of this situation – Chariot

is something he cannot do anything – Eight of Swords

but talk about. – Eight of Wands



Ten of Wands – Three of Cups – Fool

I’m a free man going where I please, not slowed down by having a gal around.

It’s so depressing being without the fun I had with the Girl.

Footloose and fancy-free is he, not – Fool

weighed down by the difficulty – Ten of Wands

of making her happy and sharing life with her. – Three of Cups


It’s so depressing – Ten of Wands

being without – Fool

the fun I had with the girl. – Three of Cups



Four of Pentacles – Nine of Cups – Hierophant

Oh how he wants you but he isn’t up to committing.

I really really really want it – Nine of Cups

but I’m not that – Four of Pentacles

normal, that respectable. – Hierophant

I can’t afford that.”



Client’s feedback:

Sure! Use it as you please. This rings true.  He’s a passive-aggressive, manipulative, controlling (redundant I know) asshole who didn’t believe I would yell back, spell-out consequences and then follow-through. It took me a while, but he drove me nuts. 

Thanks Emily.



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