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This is an email reading of a person who gives me permission to share it here. It is fine general advice, and I think you will enjoy it.


[from the email form]

My question is: If I can’t be in a relationship with a little (ahem) responsible adult fooling around soon, then I think I may go crazy. How can I encourage a relationship of this sort with a gentleman?


Question: How can I encourage a relationship of this sort with a gentleman?


Queen of Swords – Four of Pentacles – Ace of Cups

“I am not in need of love.”

I am _ in need – Queen of Swords

not much – Four of Pentacles

of love. – Ace of Cups


Hermit – Queen of Cups – Four of Wands

I know I am family with a fine man who takes care of me.

I know a fine man – Queen of Cups

am family with – Four of Wands

a man who is devoted to me, takes care of me. – Hermit


Three of Pentacles – High Priestess – Two of Wands

I’m a lady who will always be in a mutually supportive relationship.

I’m a lady who – High Priestess*

will always be – Two of Wands

in a mutually supportive relationship. – Three of Pentacles

*High Priestess, as a lady, does not do; she is the passive party. She doesn’t call you, you call her.


Star – Knight of Swords – Five of Wands

I feel so good, I am so gorgeous you hurry up and join the competition.

I feel so good, I am so gorgeous – Star

you (guy) turn around and go after me in a hurry – Knight of Swords

because there’s such competition. – Five of Wands


Four of Cups – Magician – Page of Wands

Hey, handsome guy: I don’t take initiative.

Hey, handsome guy – you talk to me: – Page of Wands

because I do not – Four of Cups

take initiative/make the first move. – Magician


Two of Cups – Emperor – Two of Wands

Thus you will always have grownup (mature) men seducing you.

Thus you will always have – Two of Wands

a grownup secure man – Emperor

seducing you/interested in you. – Two of Cups


Here’s what your reading calls to mind:

A fellow who was the town lothario (and all the girls chased him shamelessly) who was chasing me talked about: The most attractive thing, to men, about a female was ‘the well-fucked look.’ He described the look … huh? So he pointed out the look on a gal who was engaged to get married. I got it. She had a glow, she was totally calm and safunsified.

Since guys pick up (at least subconsciously) on the look, it figures that a guy would want to be with such a gal.

Tarot is suggesting that you look like you already have a great love thing going, and it will attract a fellow or fellows to be that successful with a woman. That’s your challenge! Since you got this advice, and only this, I suspect a susceptible fellow is nearby, sniffing the ground.


Emily to Client:  Since this is good general advice, if you’re comfortable with it, I am thinking about using it for a blog post.  Sometimes I put someone’s email reading up.  Stripped of all ID, of course.  It’s up to younot twisting your arm. – Emily


Client’s Feedback:

Please feel free to use my reading on the blog. It is good general advice and makes me laugh even to re-read it. I do have 2 or 3 likely candidates – I think – but was starting to second guess myself and needed some encouragement to just sit on my hands a bit longer with a serene high priestess smile on my face. This reading made me think about the principle that like attracts like and also the idea that men love the feeling that they have won the grand prize. So best to let them have the pleasure of doing the work to get there.


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