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Here is an email reading about one of our visitors’ business deals overseas. Her update re this reading follows it, as she comments on one spread at a time. You can compare the description the Tarot-view gave with what the person is experiencing in the real physical realm.  


You can Google the involved cards one or two at a time for further research if you wish. And you can get an email reading like this for yourself at the Email Reading tab at the top of this site’s page.



The category of life is:: Business My question is:: Hi Emily. I have recently started a business project in a foreign country. At this time I am looking for residents who want to enter this project and team-up with me. Will I find them?



Ten of Swords – Five of Wands – Eight of Cups

Here’s you cutting a loss from competition short.

You cut short (drop out) – Eight of Cups

a loss – Ten of Swords

from competition. – Five of Wands


Note: Ten of Swords is betrayal. Five of Wands is a big fight. So this is about cutthroat competition, and a possible sabotage from someone in the same business, maybe a spy in the camp.



Three of Pentacles – High Priestess – Knight of Wands

You really get going when you are dealing with parties you have an understanding with and everyone is doing his part as agreed.

You make fast progress – Knight of Wands

in a mutually fair-and-square business deal in which each party does his part – Three of Pentacles

and you are the passive, or silent, or inactive, quiet, party. – High Priestess

Note: Here you are with people you can deal with, who see eye-to-eye with you, and the deal is agreeable (and understood by) all – especially you, because High Priestess ‘knows all.’ You could be a backer, or a silent partner, or joining in their deal(s).

These three cards are also consistent with fast progress (Knight of Wands) when you deal with (Three of Pentacles) a woman who is very low key (High Priestess).



Ten of Cups – Two of Pentacles – King of Cups

Now you have a group of likeminded people, which could be a literal family, one of whom is a man who has his ups and downs emotionally.

A good group of likeminded people – Ten of Cups

and an emotional man – King of Cups

who has his ups and downs. – Two of Pentacles

Note: Two of Pentacles and King of Cups can read ’emotionally unstable man.’ But Ten of Cups is ‘one big happy family, everyone getting along.’



Four of Swords – Tower – Ace of Cups

You have nothing to do with (are not participating in) something that is a disaster (bankruptcy, shocking revelation, quitting – even an arrest) but are benefiting from it.

You aren’t part of, and have nothing to do with – Four of Swords

some disaster or dramatic shift – Tower

but you benefit from it. Ace of Cups


Note: Ace of Cups could also be you healing the dramatic problem. Tower can be a temper tantrum, and can be quitting. So, for instance, Mr. Unstable Man who’s ‘in the family’ of your group could get mad and quit. Then Ace of Cups would say that’s a good thing. (And by the way: All the above can apply; we are not limited to one interpretation.)

Since Tower is divorce, and Ten of Cups is the happy couple, this could be a divorce or a couple splitting up – in which case, you have nothing to do with that – but it’s still ‘a good thing,’ Ace of Cups.



Eight of Wands – Knight of Swords – Ace of Pentacles

Pretty quickly, there’s a turnaround, and you are very profitable.

Pretty quickly – Eight of Wands

there’s a turnaround – Kight of Swords

and you are very profitable. – Ace of Pentacles



Comments from Client:

Hello Emily,

Good to hear from you.  Go ahead and post (with no reference, thanks) the reading.  I am perfectly OK with you doing this. In fact, I am also in a position to give you feedback with real life events that relate to the reading.  You might want to post them too.  


1.  Ten of Swords – Five of Wands – Eight of Cups.

There was no external competition, not to my knowledge. However for several months there has been long negotiations between the company and the local government.  Negotiations have been difficult.  At the end an agreement was reached, but restrictions were imposed on our policies.  I was not directly involved, but because of this I was held back in the pursuit of team members.


2. Three of pentacles- High Priestess – Knight of Wands.

Over the past month, I did make progress by teaming up with a young man (in his early forties) from northern India.  We are very different (I am definitely the High priestess in this situation) yet for some strange reason we turn up to have a similar energy level that makes us see eye to eye. Communication flows, things get done.  We made a deal (it happens with Indians) and it seems fair to me.  I also have the gut feeling that I can trust him.  I am more knowledgeable in many aspects, but he is a quick learner and does not seem to resent it.  Furthermore, there is an element of secrecy in our deal.  


3. Ten of cups – Two of pentacles – King of Cups

This man has a team of his own, and they are like family amongst them.  I am being accepted and somewhat integrated. Together we juggle the interest of two different companies (the secrecy in the deal). The balancing act, in my opinion, will turn out promising as the products we offer can well reinforce one another instead of creating competition.  Do not have enough information about the emotional instability.

This is where I am at.  I am a little worried about the bad turn of events that should be coming up next.  Maybe it is time for a new reading.  Can we arrange that?

Kind regards,



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