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This is an email reading for a person who gives me kind permission to share it with you. All email readings from clients are with their permission, of course!

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I think this guy likes me too but he won’t make a move. 1. What’s going on between us?

Empress – Knight of Cups – King of Pentacles

Being the Boyfriend of the sexy lady, I am the sexy man.

Being the Boyfriend – Knight of Cups

of the sexy lady, – Empress

I am the sexy man. – King of Pentacles


Nine of CupsThree of SwordsFour of Cups

Wants you more than anything – will not break up with you.

Wants you more than anything; – Nine of Cups

and will not, no matter what – Four of Cups

break up with you. – Three of Swords


Seven of PentaclesStrengthAce of Wands

She seems to be a master at sexuality.

She – Strength

seems to be – Seven of Pentacles

masterful – Strength

about sex. – Ace of Wands


Six of SwordsHermit – Ace of Cups

He objectively watches as he drifts toward unconditional love.

He objectively watches – Hermit

as he drifts into – Six of Swords

unconditional love. – Ace of Cups


Knight of WandsKnight of PentaclesQueen of Swords

He is very conscious of what you expect of a man who pursues you.

Uppermost on his mind is – Knight of Pentacles

what this woman expects – Queen of Swords

of a man who pursues her. – Knight of Wands


Star – Page of Cups – King of Wands

So crazy about this shapely gal, I might even marry her.

So crazy about this shapely gal, – Star

I might even – Page of Cups

be her husband. – King of Wands


He is very conscious of what you expect of a man who pursues you.”

Sounds like he is smitten with you, and is counting the cost carefully.


Client replies:

Hi Emily,

Reflecting further on your reading and I am kind of stuck on the 7pent/Strength/Ace Wands interpretation. Any other way to interpret these three together? I understand what you read is what the other person thinks/feels, so it doesn’t matter if I agree with it or not, it’s not about what I think of myself… 🙂 it just seems like a stretch lol.




Emily responds:


Seven of Pentacles – Strength – Ace of Wands

He is wondering about whether – Seven of Pentacles

your strong influence over him – Strength

will overcome and dominate him. – Ace of Wands

Yes, there is. He is wondering about your strong influence on him amounting to you dominating him (common fear dudes have about dudesses). It goes like this, then:

Being the Boyfriend of the sexy lady makes me the studly (dominant) dude. Wants you more than anything – will not break up with you. Wonders whether your strong influence will overcome him. [Strength is a very strong influence that causes someone or something to behave and be harmless. Ace of Wands means dominance too, and also means sex from a male perspective.] He objectively watches as he drifts toward unconditional love. He is very conscious of what you expect of a man who pursues you. [This applies to that wondering about your influence, of course.] So crazy about this shapely gal, I might even marry her. [This is what made me prefer the sexual meaning to the set of cards you ask about.]

Note your session includes both ‘Duh’ cards, Seven of Pentacles and Seven of Cups. This is a gear in dudes’ psyches – a very common mentality of being stuck and unable to think their way out of it – that things should not be this way, so how could they be? It often comes up when a man is questioning his control over a situation or a person.

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