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Here’s an actual email reading from a Client who wants to know about a financial situation: getting an apartment. I have permission from the Client to share this reading with you.  

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The category of life is:: Financial

My question is:: What guidance should I follow to improve my financial situation so that I can get my own apartment in June 2017?


Nine of Pentacles – Sun – Knight of Pentacles

To be free of the restrictions of where you live now, and to have a place all your own: Make that top priority worth all your effort.

To be free of the restrictions of where you live now – Sun

and to have a private place of your own: – Nine of Pentacles

Concentrate all your effort on it as top priority. – Knight of Pentacles


Seven of Wands – King of Swords – Knight of Cups

What you really don’t want is to be junior to a fellow whose turf it really is [roommate].

What you really don’t want is – Seven of Wands

to be junior to – Knight of Cups

a fellow whose turf it really is [roommate]. – King of Swords

2. You don’t want help from an older superior man.

You don’t want, and you are resisting – Seven of Wands

an offer of help from a friend, – Knight of Cups

an older superior man. – King of Swords


Seven of Cups – Five of Swords – Nine of Cups

You get what you want here by asserting yourself and taking advantage of all sorts of factors that make this a mixed story.

The way you get what you want here is by – Nine of Cups

asserting yourself and taking advantage of – Five of Swords

all sorts of factors that make this messy. – Seven of Cups


Six of Cups – Six of Swords – Seven of Pentacles

This feels as iffy as leaving a childhood home.

This feels as iffy – Seven of Pentacles

as leaving (for a better future) – Six of Swords

your childhood home. – Six of Cups


Eight of Cups – Ace of Swords – Page of Wands

To get out of one place and into another, you have to assert yourself in a nice polite way.

To get out of one place and into another (to make the switch) – Eight of Cups

you have to assert yourself – Ace of Swords

in a nice polite way. – Page of Wands


Judgment – Nine of Swords – Four of Pentacles

You are making a big scary change on a shoestring.

You are making a big change – Judgment

(a scary one) – Nine of Swords

on a tight budget. – Four of Pentacles


The first spread is your answer. The gist of your whole answer is: Since there are factors that make this difficult, focus your whole energy on the endeavor, and assert yourself. Suggestion is to not accept someone’s help who feels superior or more powerful. The tight budget is a factor, counterbalanced by your desire for freedom and privacy.



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