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The next step. That is often a good question. What you see here is Tarot’s answer to a visitor’s question about the next step regarding her health. Tarot’s answer is very focused, very personal about her ability, and very detailed. Repeating for emphasis, Tarot also indicates accuracy that way.


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What is my next step in working on my health?


Nine of Wands – High Priestess – Seven of Wands

You already know how to passively combat stress you face in your environment.

You already know how to passively – High Priestess

combat – Seven of Wands

stress you face in your environment. – Nine of Wands


Hanged Man – Five of Pentacles – Star

You have intense knowledge about being happy in miserable circumstances.

You have intense knowledge about – Hanged Man

being happy – Star

in miserable circumstances. – Five of Pentacles


Queen of Pentacles – Seven of Cups – Nine of Swords

You have the resources to handle out-of-control stresses (lots).

You have the resources to handle – Queen of Pentacles

lots of out-of-control – Seven of Cups

stresses. – Nine of Swords


Tower – King of Wands – Hierophant

Archie Bunker having meltdowns is perfectly normal.

Archie Bunker – King of Wands *

having temper tantrums – Tower

is perfectly normal. – Hierophant

[*Archie Bunker, King of Wands, is also the husband/her man.]


Ace of Wands – Justice – Queen of Wands

You are absolutely sensible and sane.

It’s normal for you to be in control of your domestic affairs/life.

(1) You are absolutely – Ace of Wands-Justice

the sane one, – Justice

the sensible woman. – Queen of Wands


It’s normal for you – Justice

to be in control of – Ace of Wands

your domestic life, your personal affairs. – Queen of Wands


Wheel of Fortune – Page of Wands – Hermit

Take your opportunity to tell others what you know about being calm.

So take your opportunity – Wheel of Fortune

to tell others – Page of Wands

what you know about being calm. – Hermit



Client’s Comment:

You are amazing, Emily!

Yes, please feel free to post.

It rings true in so many ways – what I do for work, how I interact with my environment and approach my relationships. Super helpful and reinforcing.

Thank you!!

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