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The category of life is:: Business

My question is:: What would be a lucrative business or investment that i can engage in this month that will bring fast and reliable income so that i can devote more of my time to my acting career and staying healthy?

A practical answer to this question would require: (1) What your skills are, and some history of money you have made (2) What amount you have to invest (3) How long you expect the project to begin paying out – and I suspect you mean ‘this month.’

A practical answer would also require what you meant about staying healthy. One reason for being tired is not being in good health. The usual bad habits, and the usual lack of good ones, would be a start. So would supplements and diet for whatever isn’t optimal. Look into that.

I have sent you some investment newsletters I subscribe to, which contain information about how to create money consistently (small amounts that are steady) on the internet, and also invaluable investment principles. This same newsletter company sells and gives away all sorts of investment ideas. They are not saints; use your street smarts, and Google the individual men who offer and Google the offer – like Badiali offers royalties, and you will find the downside of royalties and not be thrilled.

And that took me more than two hours to find, and I did not find the one I was most looking for. Amber Lee Mason presented (and others did too) in the Stansberry site(s) a subscription program that gave you long numbers to enter into your stock brokerage account, that yielded instant money in various amounts, some larger than others, that were ‘leftover money’ from people who bet wrong on options – money stock brokers picked up in this way, and it’s a back door thing. I have Googled for two hours, found her full name and her videos, but not the ads she did for this product. If I think of it or bump into it, I will send you that. Meanwhile, you can Google that name, adding in related ideas like options losses, and you might eventually come upon the product they have advertised for years now, off and on.

Empress, yes, would be the glamour industry, which would include selling beauty and skin care products, modeling, and such things. Selling as an affiliate marketer on Amazon is a way some people make turnover money too. Marketers have videos about this, asking for a lot of money on how to do it, but Amazon probably will tell you enough to get you started. (You don’t have to store and buy the products yourself; Amazon does that.)

This month’ (aside from the one product I cannot find) limits the project to selling your skills in employment or in a business. If your skill is acting, sales and making promotional videos on You Tube are my first thoughts. And can you teach acting to a group of people by You Tube videos? – that kind of thing.



Here you go. I worked on this one. Should have meaning for you that’s not apparent to outsiders.


If you are comfortable with me sharing the whole thing on the blog site, I might do that because this is a really different question, and it’s something everybody (just about) wants to know – although the answer is different for different people.

Thank you,




Ace of Pentacles – Star – Three of Swords

You make money performing in a way you dislike.

You make money – Ace of Pentacles

performing – Star

at something you dislike (or about something hostile/war/heartbreak). – Three of Swords



Knight of Cups – High Priestess – Four of Pentacles

A lady who knows you doesn’t have the money to do you the favor.

A lady who knows you (and the situation) – High Priestess

doesn’t have enough money to – Four of Pentacles

do you the favor [a loan, presumably]. – Knight of Cups



Ace of Cups – Six of Swords – Five of Wands

You are putting behind you something that’s easy but spends a lot of energy.

You are putting behind you – Six of Pentacles

something that’s easy – Ace of Cups

but spends a lot of energy. – Five of Wands



Magician – Ten of Wands – Judgment

Do something different from what you have been doing so long.

Do something – Magician

different from – Judgment

what you have been, for so long – Ten of Wands

doing. – Magician



Strength – Two of Pentacles – Sun

Your strong point, your forte, is performing in fun comic venues.

Your strong point (your forte) – Strength

is in comedy performance – Two of Pentacles

fun things, getting away from the usual restrictions. – Sun.



Four of Wands – Hermit – Page of Pentacles

Look for people who are like you (your tribe).

Look for – Hermit

your tribe, people who are like – Four of Wands

you. – Page of Pentacles

Client’s Reply:

Thank you so much for your guidance, your kindness/effort brings me some solace. Please feel free to share this.

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