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Here is a Tarot Verbatim™ Celtic Cross spread.  I accidentally used this form for this person’s Email Question.  Serendipity.  This spread is a good example of how there are 3 sentences in a Tarot Verbatim Celtic Cross layout, and how in Tarot Verbatim the similarity of the 3 sentences indicates the degree of accuracy of the reading.


Naturally, the client has agreed to share this story with you.


You can investigate these cards’ meanings by Googling them; you will get this site’s archives.  And you can get an answer to your question at the Email Reading navigation tab at the top of our site.



Email Reading 

The category of life is:: Love
My question is::
is he married or still in love with wife? and am i the only woman he is interested in? 


(1) Is he married or still in love with a wife?



                     Nine of Pentacles

Hierophant – Four of Wands – Magician

He is committed to his marriage: His initiative, she is independent and single.

He is – Magician


actively; it’s his initiative – Magician

to his marriage – Four of Wands


And she is single and independent, content by herself. – Nine of Pentacles

[I drew a fourth card on impulse, and it neatly tells you this isn’t a legal wife, that she is a single woman.] She is content, so this isn’t a demanding ex.



(2) Am I the only woman he is interested in [other than Ms. Nine of Pentacles]?

[Celtic Cross Layout, Sentence 1 in Tarot Verbatim, the ‘first cross.’]

.Emperor (Self), Page of Wands (cover) x Strength (cross)

[Emperor looks like a truck driver here! A truck driver controls his world while he’s in the cab of his truck. The Self card represents him, the subject of your question.]

He is the boss in his sedentary controlling way, and he is proud to be flirting to (talking to) a strong woman who can handle him.

He is the Boss in his sedentary controlling way – Emperor

and he is proud to be flirting with, talking to – Page of Wands

an equally strong boss woman who can keep him in line. – Strength



Justice > Six of Cups [Extended Present: Just Past, Just Ahead positions]

He is doing right, and he is entitled to, and he should have a sweet li’l gal at her home to be romantic with.

It’s right to, and he is entitled to, and he should – Justice

be romantic with a sweet li’l gal at her home. – Six of Cups



Ten of Wands (Foundation) | King of Pentacles (Future)

He has always been and always will be the Italian Stallion/Studmuffin/Player.

He has always been – Ten of Wands

and always will be the sexy man/player, the manipulative fellow. – King of Pentacles



[Tower part of the Celtic Cross Layout, which is Sentence 2 in Tarot Verbatim:]

I just can’t do without (would be miserable) a good solid home life with a partner.”

2nd Self Card, I just can’t – Eight of Swords

Others/Environment card, be without (I would be miserable) – Five of Pentacles

Turning Point/Hopes & Fears card, a good solid home life with a ‘marriage’ partner. – Four of Wands



[Outcome part of Tarot Verbatim’s Celtic Cross layout, Sentence 3:]

                        Six of Wands

Judgment – Queen of Swords – Nine of Pentacles

It’s just as if he is back with his estranged wife who is also doing fine without him.

It’s just as if – Six of Wands

he is back with – Judgment

his estranged wife – Queen of Swords

who is also doing fine without him. – Nine of Pentacles



Emily adds:

I did not plan to put the fourth card on your first question; it just slipped out. And it created the whole reading which expresses perfectly the ‘wife in every port’ concept. Your fellow is very comfortable being a polygamist! Tarot says. I note he is ‘committed to his marriage,’ and his marriage is ‘her home.’ That’s the way I read this anyway.


And I did not plan to use Celtic Cross for your reading. That just slipped out too. But it really flows. And the Emperor as a truck driver is perfect, and new.


You can check the meanings of each card, or any pair, by Googling them.


And, by the way: In Tarot Verbatim, when the three sentences of the spread are parallel, it’s an indication of accuracy. The more accurate, the more they say the same thing.


I would LOVE to put this on the blog site as a post; are you up for that?

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