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Here is a closeup, in this lady’s answer of how it feels to be a probably shy guy who’s got his eye on a special lady.  The lady shares her reading with you willingly – let’s thank her.


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The category of life is:: Love

My question is:: Tell me what my connection with Stephen will be like in the next 3 months?



Six of Wands – Fool – Eight of Cups

Things are not what they seem as he is only acting like he is avoiding you.

Things are not what they seem – Six of Wands

as he is only acting like – Fool

he is avoiding you. – Eight of Cups


Knight of Pentacles – Hanged Man – Ten of Wands

For a long time, he intensely obsesses.

For a long time – Ten of Wands

he intensely – Hanged Man

obsesses. – Knight of Pentacles


Ten of Swords – Knight of Cups – Ace of Swords

Driven to be your boyfriend but feels he will really mess it up.

One thing he absolutely must do – Ace of Swords

be your guy, your warm puppy – Knight of Cups

but feels he will really dismally fail. – Ten of Swords


Star – Three of Pentacles – Lovers

Talks to you, tells you he loves you, has a love relationship with you.

Talks to you, tells you he loves you – Star

Has a relationship with you, – Three of Pentacles

is your love partner. – Lovers


Four of Wands – Queen of Pentacles – Strength

You two are a solid couple; you take care of him and are the dominant party.

You two are a solid couple, are family; – Four of Wands

you wield a lot of influence over him – Strength

and you manage things for him, take care of him. – Queen of Pentacles


Eight of Wands – King of Pentacles – Ace of Wands

He is becoming the most sexy studly guy ever.

He is becoming – Eight of Wands

the most ever – Ace of Wands

charismatic sexy extroverted or outgoing guy. – King of Pentacles


So, yes, he comes around. I get the feeling he is shy or introverted, and you bring him out after he gets the nerve to start up a relationship with you – which he starts by announcing how he feels. So, congratulations!


Client’s Comment:

Really interesting reading Emily.  I don’t see him as really introverted however I don’t know him that well yet.  I do remember he told me he was very shy as a child though so that’s intriguing. 

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