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Here is a closeup, in this lady’s answer of how it feels to be a probably shy guy who’s got his eye on a special lady.  The lady shares her reading with you willingly – let’s thank her.


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The category of life is:: Love

My question is:: Tell me what my connection with Stephen will be like in the next 3 months?



Six of Wands – Fool – Eight of Cups

Things are not what they seem as he is only acting like he is avoiding you.

Things are not what they seem – Six of Wands

as he is only acting like – Fool

he is avoiding you. – Eight of Cups


Knight of Pentacles – Hanged Man – Ten of Wands

For a long time, he intensely obsesses.

For a long time – Ten of Wands

he intensely – Hanged Man

obsesses. – Knight of Pentacles


Ten of Swords – Knight of Cups – Ace of Swords

Driven to be your boyfriend but feels he will really mess it up.

One thing he absolutely must do – Ace of Swords

be your guy, your warm puppy – Knight of Cups

but feels he will really dismally fail. – Ten of Swords


Star – Three of Pentacles – Lovers

Talks to you, tells you he loves you, has a love relationship with you.

Talks to you, tells you he loves you – Star

Has a relationship with you, – Three of Pentacles

is your love partner. – Lovers


Four of Wands – Queen of Pentacles – Strength

You two are a solid couple; you take care of him and are the dominant party.

You two are a solid couple, are family; – Four of Wands

you wield a lot of influence over him – Strength

and you manage things for him, take care of him. – Queen of Pentacles


Eight of Wands – King of Pentacles – Ace of Wands

He is becoming the most sexy studly guy ever.

He is becoming – Eight of Wands

the most ever – Ace of Wands

charismatic sexy extroverted or outgoing guy. – King of Pentacles


So, yes, he comes around. I get the feeling he is shy or introverted, and you bring him out after he gets the nerve to start up a relationship with you – which he starts by announcing how he feels. So, congratulations!


Client’s Comment:

Really interesting reading Emily.  I don’t see him as really introverted however I don’t know him that well yet.  I do remember he told me he was very shy as a child though so that’s intriguing. 

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  1. Brusk

    how to get free of that game , its scary enough to know that the subconscious is plotting on its own…Reference

    • How to get partially free is to get both minds working together. Conscious is language based: We even think in language. Part of the subconscious thinks in images and emotions. We can get our everyday minds and our (magical) subconscious working together with Tarot, especially with Tarot Verbatim™, because Tarot Verbatim™ is a Rosetta Stone, is a bridge that develops to the subconscious because you focus on something that has the image, and that image is associated with language.
      It takes time, but the process does happen, and it’s fun and fascinating to a lot of us. The lessons I just released (after all these years) are available as a program you pay monthly for, and get a book that tells-all about Tarot.

      • Brusk

        thanks , in my now day circumstances its hard to get it
        as soon as i am able to get i will

        • That’s fine. Here are some ideas for learning the meanings of both single Tarot cards and combinations of them. Get a deck of Rider Waite Tarot cards. The English or miniature size can be had for between 8 and 12 dollars on Amazon. Have a question or subject firmly in your mind. Use, first, just two cards at a time and enter the two cards’ names into a Google search. Apply that to the situation. It may be awkward, but you will get meanings from several sites and the information is free that way.
          Then use three cards, by entering all three pairs the three cards make into Google, and piecing all that information together. That’s painstaking, but since it’s information you seek and know something about, you will learn your meanings for those cards.
          Since the subconscious gets involved because you are using it to tune into the pictures on the cards, which relate to a similar situation in your life, and since you are using your conscious to piece the meanings together, the two mentalities get into sync.
          Gradually, you will find yourself ‘thinking with both levels or sides of your mind,’ having insight and depth you did not have until you started this project.
          If you can buy the thirty-dollar-a-month lessons and the book that goes free with it, that will speed up this process a lot.

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