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Recovery from business reversals is the subject of this Querant’s email reading.  I have used the first-sentence Celtic Cross layout as the latter part of her answer.  Querant has given me permission to share her good news with you.

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Email Reading

The category of life is:: Financial

My question is:: Will we get back on top of everything have had a rough year people ripping us off and had to walk away from a lot of owed money which has really set us back feel like we are about to lose everything

That’s just a yes-or-no question, and the answer is a clear ‘yes.’ The question isn’t that useful to you, though, so I have tailored and amended it to: Beginning now and up to a year from now, how well will I get out of this financial stall, and give me an idea how to do it.



Three of Wands – Hermit – Knight of Pentacles

You focus on this one priority, and with a little help, you do see that money coming in.

You focus, first and foremost, on this one thing, – Knight of Pentacles

and with the assistance of a knowledgeable person who volunteers help – Hermit

you will see – (Both Hermit and Knight of Pentacles)

that income steadily flowing. – Three of Wands

[Three of Wands-Hermit says ‘financial counselor’ because Three of Wands is finances and Hermit is an adviser. They also say financial advice.]



Seven of Cups – Queen of Swords – Knight of Wands

Progress is accelerated because of all the bizarre things that got you to this state of deficit and lack.

You make fast progress – Knight of Wands

due to all the crazy off-the-wall things – Seven of Cups

that got you where you are: deprived and in need. – Queen of Swords



Temperance – Two of Swords – Two of Wands

Financial security will be yours because you ABSOLUTELY DO NOT have a partner in the deal(s).

Financial security will be yours – Two of Wands

because you absolutely do not – Two of Swords

have a partner to deal with. – Temperance




                                                         Six of Swords

                                                        Nine of Pentacles

   Queen of Wands        x                                   High Priestess

                                                       Four of Cups

                                                       Three of Wands





                                                    Situation (cover)

Behind                      x                                           Ahead

                                                  Problem (cross)




STAR as Self Card: Good news to you!

NINE OF PENTACLES as Situation Card: You are established on your own; you are doing well without anyone.

FOUR OF CUPS as Problem card: You don’t have to put up with another thing!

QUEEN OF WANDS as the Behind Card in what I call the Extended Present: Your house is in order, and you are in control of your personal and business affairs.

HIGH PRIESTESS as the Ahead Card of what I call the Extended Present: You are knowledgeable and you are established all by yourself, living in peace. (You are a data bank of knowledge now?)

THREE OF WANDS as Foundation Card: Here’s that income and other good things continuing to come in.

SIX OF SWORDS as Future Card: The bad times are over and you are headed to much better times.

[Note that you appear as three women-cards who are each independent, in control of their circumstances, and knowledgeable, all side-by-side touching one another: Queen of Wands, Nine of Pentacles, High Priestess. You also appear thrilled: Star, another woman-card.

The two other cards indicate ‘no more bad things’: Four of Cups and Six of Pentacles.]




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