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Our Friend asks about a lateral move in the Company she is already established in.  How simple is THAT?  But no, my spread was not just negative but rabidly so.  I report this to her, and wait a few days, asking again.  Around the seventh attempt, I get what you read here.  It is specific; it relates to work, in the first spread, with Eight of Pentacles.


She is willing to share this report with you.


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Email Reading

The category of life is:: Business

My question is:: Hi Emily, I am being recruited for a lateral career move that looks to promise long term growth opportunities down the road. Is this the right career move for me?

[Emily reports to Client that, over and over, terrible cards come up repeatedly, like an anxiety spread – that Emily will keep trying to get to the bottom of this.]



Six of Swords – Two of Cups – Eight of Pentacles

There’s some interference that isn’t apparent now to your leaving the job you have now for something that will be better.

Interference that isn’t apparent now – Two of Cups

to you leaving where you are now – Six of Swords

on your job. – Eight of Pentacles



Tower – Three of Swords – Three of Cups

A crisis and someone is fired or quits – and you have something to celebrate with your people.

A crisis – Tower

and someone quits or is fired – Three of Swords

and you and yours celebrate. – Three of Cups


Clashes of hostility but you’re getting along famously with everybody.

Clashes – Tower

of hostility – Three of Swords

but you get along fine with people. – Three of Cups



Ten of Pentacles – Death – Seven of Wands

Things get dysfunctional in this environment, but you’re no hellraiser.

A dysfunctional culture in the company – Ten of Pentacles

but you are not – Death

a hellraiser. – Seven of Wands


Don’t let the people who don’t get along get to you.

Don’t let – Death

the dysfunctional faction – Ten of Pentacles

interfere with you. – Seven of Wands



Queen of Swords – Seven of Cups – Four of Pentacles

Don’t let yourself be the victim when things get out of control.

Don’t let yourself be – Four of Pentacles

shortchanged as a victim of – Queen of Swords

all hell breaking loose. – Seven of Cups



Justice – Page of Wands – Empress

Be an easygoing resource, be the one who stands up for the way things should be.

You are a resource, and you are easygoing – Empress

and you stand up for, and speak up for – Page of Wands

what is right, sensible, and normal. – Justice



Ace of Wands – Five of Swords – Six of Cups

You, the nice li’l girl, stand up to a snarly bully who takes advantage.

A pushy person with a bad attitude – Five of Swords

sees you as a nice civilized warm person – Six of Cups

that this person can dominate, be rude to, and push around. – Ace of Wands



[I see ‘take candy from a baby’ in Five of Swords, the thief and bully, and Six of Cups, the sweet kid.]

Emily Comments:

I have avoided calling this pushy person or bully ‘he’ because Five of Swords describes an activity; it isn’t a people-card per se. Because Rider Waite Tarot is a ‘female chauvinist sow,’ there are few female person-cards (court cards) that describe negative-type personalities – and there are plenty of male ones. So when Tarot says someone is a bad-guy in a card that depicts activity, it could be referring to a bad-girl.

Note that you are pictured as not fitting in with an adverse or even hostile work culture, and that you are pictured as being prosperous there (Empress, Three of Cups).


If you are considering this move, questions you might want to ask are ‘Describe the person who is the main obstacle, and the situation’ and ‘Would I be better off overall (satisfaction and money) if I didn’t go there?’


And if you wanted to investigate these questions, a telephone reading would give more details and would likely be cheaper in the long run. (An email reading = five minutes of a phone reading.)

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