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We have two questions from the same person here, and this set is an example of Tarot saying ‘It’s all good.’ Yes, we have permission to share this with you.


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The category of life is:: Love

My first question is:: The person is male. This is a romantic relationship. He is not married. I am also not married. I have two questions. We have recently stopped communicating. I would like to know if he will come back.

Empress – Eight of Wands – Hermit

He comes to you to talk sincerely because you are gorgeous, his ideal sexy woman.

He comes to you sincerely – Hermit

to talk – Eight of Wands

because you are his ideal goddess, his beloved. – Empress



Nine of Pentacles – Two of Wands – Magician

He will take the initiative because you are doing fine without him.

The Girl minds her own business and is doing fine – Nine of Pentacles

so what will happen is: – Two of Wands

the Boy makes the move, takes the initiative.



King of Wands – Moon – Two of Swords

He puts an end to his angst by being Your Man.*

He puts an end – Two of Swords

to his frustration, his irritation, his suffering – Moon

by being your ‘husband,’ your man. – King of Wands



Knight of Cups – Hierophant – Five of Pentacles

He comes to you as your Warm Puppy, to commit and to ‘behave,’ because he misses you so.

It’s miserable being without you – Five of Pentacles

so here he comes as your seductive nice guy, showing his affection – Knight of Cups

in the most traditional, official way possible. – Hierophant


Note 3 out of 4 spreads contain one of the theme cards of him taking the initiative or ‘he comes to the other person’ – Hermit, Magician, Knight of Cups.

Note also you are the gorgeous dame who minds her own business and is not interested in his. There’s your recipe.





My second question is:: The person is male. This is a romantic relationship. He is not married. I am also not married. We have recently stopped communicating. Will he and I ever get married?



Judgment – Knight of Wands – World

He hurries back to you for a new life because you are gorgeous and you don’t acknowledge him at all.

You are the superior beauty who doesn’t know he exists – World

so he rushes back to you – Knight of Wands

for a renewal, and a new life. – Judgment



King of Wands – Seven of Swords – Ten of Cups

He dares to be your husband in a happy marriage.

He dares to – Seven of Swords

be your husband – King Wands

in a happily-ever-ever marriage. – Ten of Cups

*Now King of Wands means ‘husband’ because of the presence of one of the positive marriage cards, Ten of cups.

King of Swords – Chariot – Queen of Cups

You’re the sweet loyal loving wife type person so he chooses to be your big strong man.

He decides he is the responsible … – Chariot

responsible grown-up head-of-the-family John Wayne type man – King of Swords

because you are the sweet li’l gal who understands him and still believes in him. – Queen of Cups



Eight of Wands – Ace of Wands – Queen of Wands

He tells you all about how you have to be his wife.

He tells you all about how – Eight of Wands

you have to be – Ace of Wands

his wife. – Queen of Wands


[King of Wands and Queen of Wands are the main ‘married couple’ in Tarot Verbatim™, and King of Wands appeared with a marriage card … which makes this a very official answer.]


Remember, you can look these cards up in Google by typing in a single one with ‘Tarot Verbatim’ after it, or just type in the names of any pair. You will get the archives of Tarot Verbatim.

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  1. Shawna

    Thank you for your insights in my recent divorce/custody saga. You were able to see the big picture, as well as the issues going on behind the scenes. Your readings were better than therapy

    • Awww. And that was a complex one. Every once in a while someone says I’m cheaper than a psychiatrist. The key is motives. Just like real estate is location, location, location, social scenes are motives, motives, motives (with a side dish of attitudes).

  2. Diana

    Emily, I love your blog! Not only am I learning Tarot, my consciousness is being raised, thank you for your work

    • Thank you, Diana.
      I soft-pedal the wisdom we get from Tarot, the insights, because ‘wisdom’ is a four-letter word these days. When you get into Tarot Verbatim™, you really are having a conversation with your subconscious, and the ideas are yours in 3-D.

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