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A woman wants to know how he feels about her; will a romance get underway after all this stalling?  She gives her permission to share her answer with you.

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The category of life is:: Love

My question is:: How does he feel about me – what does he think of my relationship situation and will myself and him ever progress into being more than friends?

(Emily:)  You have asked more than one question. How one thinks and feels is not in the same category as what he/she will do. So I divided your spread into two questions. (Remember, we don’t necessarily follow up on our intentions.)


Question 1: How does he feel about me and our relationship?


Moon – Ten of Swords – Knight of Wands

So scared of failure – he is on the run.

So scared – Moon

that he will fail – Ten of Swords

that he is on the run. – Knight of Wands



Hermit – King of Pentacles – Seven of Wands

He is out to be the studly lord and master of his fate, so he is running away.

He seeks – Hermit

himself being the lord and master, the Italian Stallion – King of Pentacles

so he is defending himself from a relationship, pushing you aside. – Seven of Wands



Temperance – Page of Swords – Eight of Pentacles

An intimate relationship scares him to death even as he is making one.

He is so nervous about, so scared, so paranoid even – Page of Swords

about an intimate relationship – Temperance

even as what he is doing is making one. – Eight of Pentacles



Question 2: Will we EVER progress into being more than friends?

[Note you asked EVER. That’s ‘til you die potentially. The instructions suggest stating a time frame for that reason.]


Nine of Cups – Justice – Five of Swords

You get the commitment that’s right for you from this wise-guy.

You get what you want – Nine of Cups

from this selfish callous fellow: – Five of Swords

the commitment that’s right for you. – Justice



Two of Wands – Star – Nine of Swords

As scary as it is for him, he will be saying ‘I love you’ and will adore you.

As scary as it is for him, – Nine of Swords

he will be – Two of Wands

saying ‘I love you’ and be crazy about you.

[The cards saying the same thing over and over is a signature of accuracy, and we have a LOT of that here.]


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  1. Donna

    I really learn a lot from your blog, I especially like how today you have said that what someone feels and what they will do are not the same thing. You’ve demonstrated that what and how we ask a question determines the answers and how the outcome of the reading matches reality.

    • Oh yeah. I discovered that distinction when clients said the reading didn’t come true, and, after a few instances of this, I realized the question was ‘How is this person feeling and thinking; what are his/her intentions?’ So I learned to ask feelings and doings in two separate questions, NEVER together.

      More than half of the answers’ material is the question itself plus the ‘knowns’ that are established. Tracking these boosts accuracy immensely!

  2. Diana Brown

    Since I have discovered Tarot Verbatim I can read tarot better than ever- for myself and my clients. Now the cards talk to me instead of me :reading” the cards. It’s like an actual dialogue
    Thank you, Emily!

    • Tarot is a bridge to the subconscious because it puts meaning into a combination of language and picture. The more you use it, the more it ‘talks’ to you. You got there quickly, too!

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