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Wednesdays will be the day for Email readings, since Wednesday covers only one day (that’s in theory of course). This email reading is split between two relationships Client is interested in. She wants clarification re their perspective on her. We discover two opposite views the two men have: One is confident and the other very much not so.


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UPDATE ON THE LESSONS: Techs have waved the white flag. They need until September to start the lessons, and that’s September 1, the first Friday. I have all my fingers crossed.

Email Reading

The category of life is:: Love

My question is:: I have 2 men in my life right now and I’m confused about who I should choose. I suppose it would help me decide between the two if I knew how they feel about me.

I agree. But this question is off-kilter. I’m sure you don’t want to know how they jointly feel about you. And you haven’t pegged them. So I shall ask Man #1’s view of you, then Man #2’s view of you, and let you take it from there. I used two different decks for this so cards would not be missing from the second question.

Man #1’s view of you, how he feels about you


Four of Wands – Lovers – Knight of Wands

He is on his way to being your love partner in a committed union/marriage.

He is on his way (pursuing) – Knight of Wands

to being your love partner – Lovers

in a committed union or a marriage. – Four of Wands



Justice – Six of Pentacles – Temperance

You and he are in an intimate mutual union, are committed, and are treating one another the right way.

You and me are in an intimate mutual union, we talk, – Temperance

are committed, – Justice

and are treating one another like that – treating one another right.” – Six of Pentacles



Knight of Pentacles – Two of Wands – Sun

He knows one thing for sure: A happy future, being free, and that’s a plan.

He knows one thing for sure: – Knight of Pentacles

A happy – Sun

future – Two of Wands

being free – Sun

and that’s a plan. – Two of Wands

*If this fellow is married, ‘taken’ in some way, or lives in another town, Sentence 1 (Four of Wands = home; Knight of Wands = leaving) and Sentence 3 (Two of Wands = for sure; Sun = getting away from the restrictions, being relieved and happy, it’s fun) picture him leaving and having a future with you.




Man #2’s view of you, how he feels about you


Nine of Wands – Three of Swords – Judgment

He is afraid of another split-up or divorce.

He is afraid – Nine of Wands

of another – Judgment

split-up or divorce. – Three of Swords



Queen of Cups – Seven of Pentacles – Chariot

Does she think I am in control and responsible here?”

He is in doubt: Does – Seven of Pentacles

she think – Queen of Cups

I am in control and responsible, a manly leader, here? – Chariot



Seven of Wands – Nine of Cups – King of Swords

How he struggles to be the man he wants to be – the decisive manly leader.

More than anything, he wants to be – Nine of Cups

a decisive manly man – King of Swords

and that’s a challenge; the odds are against it.


Client’s Comment:

Thank you so much and absolutely use it on the website!

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  1. Phillip

    I like how you wrote about the myth of Odin in the description of the Hanged Man, always something interesting here

    • Emily Sandstrom

      The Viking myth is unique. It’s the only religion that says the gods and all their followers are doomed. Google Ragnarok.

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