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Here’s a lady who is trying to figure out why love interest comes back. We have not done a reading here on Commitment Phobia, on the man-think behind it. She shares that experience with us.


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Email Reading 
The category of life is:: Love interest
My question is:: Juan and I are going out on a date. What has changed about his feelings for me over the last 3 months? Why has he decided to pursue me again? 



Three of Swords – Five of Cups – Seven of Swords

Broke up with you in a sneaky way, and missed you.

Broke up with you – Three of Swords

in a sneaky snarky way – Seven of Swords

and I miss you so. – Five of Cups



Two of Wands – Temperance – Two of Swords

The close relationship that he ended is really the future.

I put an end to – Two of Swords

an intimate relationship, with communication – Temperance

and it’s what’s going to be. – Two of Wands



Ten of Cups – Wheel of Fortune – Eight of Pentacles

What he is doing is making a happy marriage happen.

Everything I am doing is making – Eight of Pentacles

that togetherness, that happily-ever-after relationship – Ten of Cups

happen. – Wheel of Fortune



Nine of Cups – Strength – Ace of Swords

I fight it, but she gets me to be the way she wants me to be.

I am against it – I fight it – Ace of Swords

but she gets me to be – Strength

the way she wants me to be. – Nine of Cups



Four of Wands – Tower – Page of Swords

I broke up because of the threat of marriage.

I broke up – Tower

because of the threat – Page of Swords

of marriage. – Four of Wands



King of Wands – Eight of Cups – Hermit

Looking for a way to get out of being her husband.

Looking for a way – Hermit

to get out of – Eight of Cups

being her husband. – King of Wands

Men don’t think like women. These spreads are the perfect description of Commitment Phobia. A guy loves a gal but hates ‘being tied down.’


We tend to think, when we have found Mr. or Mrs. Right, that we are in the right relationship. ‘Taint so, necessarily. Mr. Right’s idea of relationship does not include commitment, marriage, or letting you affect his ways of doing things. Note both positive marriage cards (Ten of Cups and Four of Wands) and all the cards about regret and resistance and ending it.


When a person finds himself or herself in a relationship with someone he or she loves, but the relationship is not his or her cup of tea, a back-and-forth pattern occurs.


We describe him trying to get out of the spider web of Love, only to come back to its sticky embrace. So this may be a pattern developing.


This pattern is really extreme when you have the smell-good thing goin’. If he smells really really good to you, it’s a Mother Nature bond based on the fact your and his genes are opposite. Mother Nature knows your offspring will not have defects (because it takes the same copy of the gene on each side for the gene to be expressed), so Mother Nature is complicit in your relationship.


These relationships are soulmate pairings, and they are not easy.



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