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Now, here’s a common situation. Women tend to take it personally when, after a wonderful first date, Dude is unresponsive. Quite often though, when I access Dude’s experience, it’s all about what’s going on in his life and where he’s at … like not wanting to re-live the last breakup/divorce. So the moral is: Don’t take it personally. (Just tell yourself he has bad taste in good women after all.)


Today we have two questions from the same Querant. Is it about the same fellow? – I don’t know.



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Email Reading

The category of life is:: Love

My question is:: I had a first date with a guy after an intense 1 month chatting online. Now he is cold towards me. Why is he not contacting me, will it help if I call him and ask him out or it will make me look weak?

Question: Why isn’t he calling me, and what effect would it have if I call him?

Ten of Wands – Four of Swords – Ten of Cups*


When it comes to being happy as a couple, wait and don’t do anything.

When it comes to the happily-ever-after, – Ten of Cups

just don’t participate or respond – Four of Swords

and wait it out as long as it takes. – Ten of Wands

* (Our Daily Spread November 20, 2012 Tuesday© | TarotVerbatim.com

has 3 out of these four cards, for those of you who are looking them up.)



King of Wands – Three of Swords – Page of Cups

Do I want to be a divorced man here?

Do I really want to be – Page of Cups

a divorced – Three of Swords

husband? – King of Wands



Temperance – Knight of Wands – Ten of Swords

Running from being a failure in a close relationship.

Running away from – Knight of Wands

being a failure – Ten of Swords

in an intimate one-on-one relationship. – Temperance



Six of Pentacles – Four of Cups – Strength

Don’t show her attention – she will get the best of you.

Don’t let – Four of Cups

show her attention – Six of Pentacles –

a woman gets the best of you (wraps you around her little finger). – Strength



Four of Wands – Ace of Swords – Nine of Cups

They want to make you pair up, be a couple, marry even.

They want to – Nine of Cups

make you – Ace of Swords

pair up, be an item, be a couple, even marry. – Four of Wands



Star – Fool – Eight of Swords

Being crazy about a woman can’t happen if you aren’t there.

Saying ‘I love you’ to a woman- Star

can’t happen – Eight of Swords

if you ignore it all and are not present. – Fool


It’s not personal, he isn’t interested in a real relationship. Note you have both of the positive marriage cards (Four of Wands, which shows a wedding; Ten of Cups, married with children and happily ever after).


It’s clear that he is attracted to you, is favorably impressed by you. The last reading makes that clear: If you don’t talk to her, you won’t be telling her you love her.



her second question:

Email Reading
The category of life is:: Love

Question: In the upcoming 6 months, what kind of attitudes will Love Interest develop toward me and our relationship?


Lovers – Four of Pentacles – Four of Cups

He quits withholding love.

He quits – Four of Cups

withholding – Four of Pentacles

love. – Lovers



Seven of Swords – Two of Pentacles – Ace of Wands

Developing daring sexually (sexual rhythm?)

Developing – Two of Pentacles

daring – Seven of Swords

sexually. – Ace of Wands

Sexual – Ace of Wands

rhythm. – Two of Pentacles



Hierophant – Ace of Swords – Queen of Wands

Commits to you as his wife/woman absolutely.

Hierophant – commits to you

as his wife/woman – Queen of Wands

absolutely, all the way. – Ace of Swords



Three of Cups – Strength – Five of Swords

He rebels (gets snarky) because your influence is the reason he is sharing your beautiful life with you.

He rebels, gets snarky, shows his ass because – Five of Swords

your influence on him is the reason he isn’t being snarky – Strength

and is sharing your gracious world with you. – Three of Cups



Four of Wands – Two of Cups – Hierophant

Without doing anything, you influence him toward marriage.

You are quiet, even unresponsive, – High Priestess

which influences him (kind of involuntarily) – Two of Cups

toward union with you in marriage. – Four of Wands



Nine of Pentacles – Sun – Page of Pentacles

He feels you could leave him and still have an enjoyable, fulfilled life: You are good at minding your own business coolly.

You are so good at having a life of your own – Nine of Pentacles

he feels – Page of Pentacles

you could leave him and have an enjoyable life. – Sun



Here we have the common theme of a bull impelled to commit to a relationship precisely because his cow is keeping her options open. This is classic guythink.  Notice his resentment side-effect when he is really getting along with you:  Strength and Five of Wands … you take the fight out of him.


Note the cards that describe you in this relationship from his perspective are all cards of women who are private, have a life/house of their own, and have things under control. You are not fussing over him like Queen of Pentacles would, not being ‘understanding’ like Queen of Cups would, for instance. Google Queen of Wands, Three of Cups, Strength, High Priestess and Nine of Pentacles for a study of this.

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