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The category of life is:: Love interest

My question is:: Mr. Knight returned 2 months ago with apologies and has been good. However, he is still using the same excuse why we can’t be together. Why does Mr. Knight not commit to me?

Two of Wands – Empress – Nine of Pentacles

His future is a sure thing with this single sexy woman.

His future is a sure thing – Two of Wands

with this single – Nine of Pentacles

sexy lady. – Empress



Seven of Cups – Emperor – Ace of Swords

He is the absolute dictator in total rigid control – and you rattle him about that.

It’s HIS throne – Emperor

he is the absolute dictator – Ace of Swords (and Emperor)

and you rattle his cage. – Seven of Cups



Ten of Wands – Five of Cups – Wheel of Fortune

He is so very depressed (as if it were a loss) about the best thing that ever happened to him.

He is so very depressed – Ten of Wands

(as if it were a loss) – Five of Cups

because you’re the best thing that ever happened to him – his destiny. – Wheel of Fortune



Eight of Swords – Eight of Pentacles – Seven of Wands

That’s work and you can’t make me do it – it’s impossible!

That’s work! – Eight of Pentacles

and you can’t make me – Seven of Wands

do it: – Eight of Pentacles

It’s impossible! (I can’t.) – Eight of Swords



Three of Cups – Lovers – Three of Swords

I would break up with you before being your love partner and sharing your beautiful life with you.

I’m against (break-up time!) – Three of Swords

being your love partner – Lovers

and sharing your beautiful life with you. – Three of Cups



Two of Pentacles – Knight of Cups – Queen of Swords

Once in a while (only) he is the sweetheart you expect him to be.

Only once in a while – Two of Pentacles

he is the sweetheart of a guy – Knight of Cups

that you expect and demand him to be. – Queen of Swords

. Emily to Querant, as part of this reading:

As the cards indicated in your previous readings, His Honor refuses to share the throne, or share your world with you, because he is lord and master of all he surveys.

. Querant to Emily:

Thank you, Emily. So, he’s his own worst enemy and that is that. I can’t do anything about it but keep moving on and just ignore him when he comes around.

Feel free to use if needed. I’m dating so maybe someone will pop up. : )

Waiting for your book and course.

. Emily to Querant:

I am drinking my cognac this very minute to the popup.

(Vanilla is very good with cognac and water.)

. Querant to Emily:

Sounds good. The only thing in the house is Honey Bourbon. It’s still yuck.

Ohhhh. Pop up. lol. Some guy popped up tonight. He looks good. Talking about popping up on a dating website.

I was looking over every spread you read and with the omission and little change here and there, I could apply them personally. Quite amazing.

. Emily to Querant:

This whole thread is kinda lively. Mind if I put it up with the spread? It’s okay if you don’t.

By the way, E&J cognac/brandy in the big bottle is a great bargain in liquor. Add vanilla, and you won’t need a man. It’s twenty-something for the bottle here (and Idaho is one of those pesky states that owns all the liquor stores, so it’s overpriced).

So every li’l bit applies, you say – regarding your readings?

. Querant to Emily:

Sure. Here are the details on the reading from my POV.

I wanted to check in with you because he turned up all apologetic, even making it very clear he knew what the issues were and saying he was willing to change. The first crack in his veneer. So far, he’s been doing ok, but I’m seeing the attitude deteriorating and wanted to know if this was going to end like it has twice before.

In the first spread or stanza, it talks about us being financially secure and comfortable together. And we both recognize this. We were just talking about it, but he dodges this saying he can take care of himself and I can use my money to follow my dreams. Ok.

In the second, Everything must be his way. When we first met he made a comment that I like to share “power” in the relationship by going back and forth. Said he wasn’t used to that. Last few months he’s taken to ghosting me a few days to a few weeks if I assert myself. This gets old.

In the third, he’s told me I’m the best thing that ever happened to him: he feels safe with me, he can talk to me, I like him for him not what he can do for me (if anything lol), etc. Told me he was stunned when we first met like he already knew me. A month into our “relationship” we were having a drink with another couple we just met. The woman asked how long we’d know each other. (I had told her we met a month earlier.) She said it was weird but we acted and talked like we knew each other for a long time. We acted very close. This upset him and he had to leave after they left. Just got up and walked away from me and the table, all upset.

The fourth: This is about his work. He’s a contracted creative artist, but he’s also lazy and insecure about his work. He received one of the top job offers in his field last week, something he has dreamed about, and it could last up to seven years with very good pay. He said he’d do the initial work but wouldn’t do anymore. I asked why would he walk away from his dream and he said he was too old and tired. (He’s in his 50s. and was hit hard by the recession. This is his excuse also for not wanting to become committed to anyone personally or professionally.) I suggested he keep an open mind and follow his dream if it felt right. Of course, my suggestion was ignored. I also told him it was an opportunity to save financially again, and all he said was there was always something coming up or he could save now. Pissed him off that I would make a suggestion to prepare for our future, the one he spent a year talking me into.

The fifth: Pulled these same three cards the day before and didn’t know how to approach them. It feels true though, he’d rather be miserable than let anyone have any influence over his life. He wants from me what he wants, and nothing more.

The last: When he’s not stressed, he’s a good guy. But he’s so sensitive, he takes everything as a challenge. His hero is John Wayne. Yuck.

I’ve never put up with behavior like this from a man before. He works very hard proving to himself that he is the boss of his world. It’s exhausting. But, he also in very insecure and comes running back to me when something happens. I just returned from visiting my family and was telling him about it, and he made it very clear that he wants nothing to do with my life, or me in any way that is committed. It’s his life. Let him be miserable, even when he is at the brink of great success. If I were a betting woman, I’d say he’ll do something to blow it.

The reading hit on the discussion points in our conversations the past week and his reactions. The thing is, I don’t feel any pain anymore. I’m moving into indifference. He is his own worst enemy and there’s nothing I can do to help. He wants me and he can’t deal with having me, or any other woman. Sometimes, I feel like he’s keeping track of me.

This is what I meant about each spread being very personal. Use as you want and feel free to edit. I’m hoping on popup guy and my own life.

Thanks. Heading to the liquor store. : )


Emily to Querant:

Thank you so much for your analysis.  This is a great post, thanks to you.


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  1. Paula M.

    Does an e-mail reading like this really only cost 18.75? I have several questions I will send. Had no idea that these readings ere so detailed

    • Yes, that’s half the price of most of them. Seeing the card that makes the phrase means a lot to some people. They are fun for me to do, but I have to have one of those peace-and-quiet days to do them, so sometimes you wait.

  2. Emilio

    Emily, I love that you included the dialogue between you and the client.Though I love your guidance and readings, and am looking forward to the lessons (patiently), I have to admit I was a little too intimidated by you to purchase an e-mail reading or phone time. Now that I see that you are gentle, but firm, in your stance and answers to clients, I am looking forward to sending you my question on payday

    • Intimidated? moi? I was a court reporter for 25 years, so here you get the truth-thewholetruth-andnothing but the truth.
      Sometimes clients engage in repartee, and that’s always fun.

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