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Here it is Email Wednesday again, and I am bringing you two email readings.


First Email Reading:

We have a lass who seeks to end a stalemate regardless. Enough of this anteroom cooling-my-heels stuff, she is thinking: “Bring it on!” Fish or cut bait, as fishermen put it.

She writes: “The fellow and I didn’t end up going out. I am getting frustrated and I want to give up. What can I do to either release this or bring this into physical form? Is this going to even turn into a relationship? I have already sent my payment.”




Question: What can I do to either release this or bring this into physical form?


Devil – Eight of Pentacles – Four of Cups

It’s one after another rude behavior on his part, and you won’t put up with it.

You refuse to have anything to do with – Four of Cups

his constant – Eight of Pentacles

rudeness. – Devil



Three of Pentacles – Ace of Cups – Ace of Swords

Order him to do his part and cooperate in this love relationship.

You give an ultimatum that – Ace of Swords

he be loving, and cooperate – Ace of Cups

in this relationship. – Three of Pentacles



Page of Cups – Justice – Five of Swords

“Fool, how do you justify your low-class smart-ass behavior?”

“You are making an ass of yourself – Page of Cups

“jerking me around like this: – Five of Swords

“and I’m laying the law down here.” – Justice



Ten of Cups – Knight of Cups – Six of Swords

He either makes both of us happy as a boyfriend, or he leaves.

“Make both of us happy – Ten of Cups

“you being my boyfriend – Knight of Cups

“or you’re outta here.” – Six of Swords



King of Swords – Ten of Pentacles – Seven of Wands

Confront him with the trouble he causes in this relationship, and he’s responsible as a grown man.

Confront him with the fact – Seven of Wands

he is a responsible grownup – King of Swords

and look at the mess he makes of the relationship he is in. – Ten of Pentacles



Hierophant – Two of Swords – Eight of Wands

Tell him “Be decent or else.”

Tell him: – Eight of Wands

“Be decent – Hierophant

“or else.” – Two of Swords


His behavior is not decent in any way.

His behavior – Hierophant

is not – Two of Swords

decent – Hierophant

in any way. – Eight of Wands



This is logical. “Ship up or shape out,” as the old-timers would put it, is exactly the way you feel, and this is the best move to get him to do one or the other. It’s not just the words as you deliver them, but the passion in the tone of voice, that prompts him to act. The problem is, he may do both. Stay tuned for the next exciting episode.



Second Email Reading:

And here’s a woman who wants to know whether the romance will happen, whether she has a future with the fellow who interests her. It’s one of those long distance ones when it’s hard to tell, so she asks Tarot.


You can ask Tarot whenever there’s something you wonder about, and get a report illustrated like the one you see here. Look up at the navigation tab labeled Email Readings; it’s inexpensive.


Google any one, or any pair of the cards in her answers, and see in further detail how they say what they say here. Visitors do that to train themselves to have a two-way chat with Tarot.



Email Reading

The category of life is:: Love

My question is:: I am currently in a long-distance relationship and I am wondering if anything will come of it in the future ... Will we have a successful romantic relationship?


Knight of Cups – Five of Swords – Ten of Cups

Bad boy is being your sweet guy, like a happy marriage.

Bad boy – Five of Swords

is being your sweet guy – Knight of Cups

Ike a good marriage (we have a lot in common). – Ten of Cups



.Knight of Swords – Ten of Pentacles – Seven of Wands

He switches to resisting that marriage as trouble for him.

He switches – Knight of Swords

to resisting – Seven of Wands

that marriage as troubled (trouble for him). – Ten of Pentacles



Judgment – Lovers – Two of Swords

He announces you two are partners in love, then shuts down.

He formally declares that – Judgment

you two are partners in love, are a couple – Lovers

then denies it, shuts down: No! – Two of Swords



King of Wands – Page of Cups – Justice

Being your legal husband? (“Should I be a married man?”)

Should I be – Page of Cups

a married man, – King of Wands

your legal – Justice

husband? – King of Wands



Seven of Swords – Knight of Wands – Seven of Cups

He flees from that peril, and things are ‘up in the air.’

He flees from – Knight of Wands

that peril – Seven of Swords

and things fall apart, are up in the air. – Seven of Cups



Hierophant – Six of Swords – Queen of Wands

He drifts toward committing to you as his wife.

He drifts away from that, and toward – Six of Swords

committing to – Hierophant

you as his wife. – Queen of Wands



This describes the phases of romance that Cosmo years ago dubbed ‘the dance-away lover.’ Off and on. And the longer that continues, the more he wears down and commits. You named ‘the future’ as the time in your question, so that’s what this covers. Outside interests as distractions that make this relationship less important will come in handy if you decide to stick with this romantic story.


You can Google any one, or any pair, of these cards and get more information about these – but this story is pretty straightforward.

Client emails Emily:

Thank You Emily! I have read many of your posts and I like your interpretations which is why I asked for a reading. Yes, you may use this if you would like.

Also, I am aware that this man has some commitment issues. According to our astrological charts and numerology charts, he is a Soulmate so the going back and forth sounds pretty accurate.

Out of curiosity, can you give me a time-frame on this? I know that I didn’t specify when I asked the question, but I have been told that Tarot readings don’t generally go too far into the future.

Lastly, if I have additional questions can I call to have them answered?

Thank You SO Much,



Emily replies:

rule of thumb is 3 months, unspecified, but that’s next to useless.

Let me explain why Tarot (and other divinations) don’t tell time. The story line is in one place, and it’s about interactions and existing situations, and what grows out of that.

Time is the movement of celestial bodies. The two, from ‘out there’s’ perspective, are unrelated. It’s like I’m telling you a story and you ask ‘Was the moon balsamic then?’ Irrelevant.

Another factor readers miss (partly out of choice) is that if you ask what is best for you to do, and you don’t do that, the time prediction isn’t applicable.

In this particular case, we have a back-and-forth cycle which creates a ‘yes’ over and over that is revoked over and over: where does it stop?

Advice: Push the clutch in, and disconnect that racing motor from the where the rubber meets the road. If you think of it that way, it helps.

Thank you for the permission. Does it also embrace our chat here, which enriches the reader’s experience of the post?

Client responds to Emily:


Thank You again for the reading and for your quick response. I believe I understand what you are saying. The reason I asked about timing, is because I wasn’t aware of all of the aspects here. He hasn’t expressed much about his feelings so I was a little surprised that marriage had even come up in the reading.

If I understand correctly, you are saying that I should put my foot down and not accept the wishy-washy behavior. Is that the correct assumption based on the car analogy?

He had mentioned living together a couple of times but we never seriously discussed it. Interesting …

Yes, you can use the conversation to enhance the post.

Emily responds:

Thank you again for the kind permission.

Yes. ‘Where do you stand?’ is a fair question.


The mention of marriage is not so much any intent to settle down on his part as it is a validation that, yes, he is serious, and it’s what he fears … that slippery slope


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