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This is different! Sometimes a question is vague, and there’s no history to go on. Who is this, and what is it all about?, you the reader think. You dive in and connect the dots in a consistent way, avoiding assumption as much as possible. Logic and intuition blend, and you cross your fingers.


This is just such a question, and Client and I have a discussion about it. Client chooses not to be specific, which is a client prerogative.


(Reminding regular visitors that this week I am catching up by posting Email Readings instead of the three-card analytical spreads.  Thursday we go back to the three-card spreads.  



The category of life is:: Business

My question is:: What will I see him doing in the next 3 months about the project?



Fool – Ten of Cups – Eight of Swords

He assumes people are ‘on the same page’ (together in agreement) who can’t be.

He assumes – Fool

everyone agrees and is together on the project – Ten of Cups

and it just can’t be that way. – Eight of Swords



Page of Wands – Lovers – Six of Pentacles

On his word, the partners pay for something.

He gives the word – Page of Wands

for the partners (two people anyway) – Lovers

to pay a third party. – Six of Pentacles



Page of Cups – Five of Wands – Nine of Wands

Has no idea how much work this is, and is defensive (put on the spot).

Has no idea – Page of Cups

how much work this is, how difficult it is – Five of Wands

and is sweating it out, defending his position. – Nine of Wands



Emperor – World – King of Pentacles

Two VIP men leave the woman out of this.

Important men – Emperor and King of Pentacles

make the decision – King of Pentacles

and leave the woman out of it (out of the loop).



Judgment – Strength – Queen of Swords

A big announcement* from the angry woman who handles/fixes the problem.

A big announcement (?a legal decree?) – Judgment

because the woman has suffered a loss and is angry – Queen of Swords

since it’s she who fixes the problem – she handles the matter. – Strength



Ace of Wands – Justice – Nine of Swords

So upset about what the law requires/the judge orders.

So upset about – Nine of Swords

what is legally – Justice

required (no choice) – Ace of Wands


what the judge – Justice

orders. – Ace of Wands

Emily to Client:

This is a complex matter, with parties and the nature of the business both unidentified, so I don’t know how well this relates to the situation. Let me know if this makes no sense to you. I did an extra spread which indicates the decision is made unequivocally (no choice) by King of Cups who is a meek man, a weak man, or a regulation.



Client to Emily

Hi Emily,

I am getting back to you after a while, because I could not make sense of the reading when I received it.

Now, part of it has taken form.  The young man gave his word that he would give it his best shot.  So (since in my opinion he has potential) I agreed to partner up with him and partially financed his entry fee.

He is keeping his word and putting in some effort, but I get the feeling that he may think this is more work than he bargained for.

Do not have a clue about the rest of the reading.  Could it also be read differently?

Next time maybe we should get on the phone.  Tell me how we can do that. 

Have a nice day.



Emily to Client

Pieces of it can be read to contradict other parts. The way I read it, it is as consistent as I can make it, which is likely to be the most accurate.


Since I live in the wilderness, and three phone companies are involved in my phone service in a way I will never understand, telephone connections tend to be not ideal even for domestic calls, let alone international ones. The 208 993-1657 is the line I do readings on.


It is wiser to identify what the project is. Even, maybe, to ask ‘will the man do what is expected of him,’ or ‘what I expect of him,’ or will he do XYZ (some specific action). Questions with that form identify the situation in such a way the meanings of the cards can be applied with more certainty and precision. Not doing that, it’s still a valid question, but a general question that must needs get a general answer. The reader (me in this case) therefore ‘goes out on a limb,’ as I did when I made Six of Pentacles ‘paying a third party.’ Six of Pentacles means, in business deals, to pay a person fairly for his labor.


It looked like a business deal to me. You asked what you would see him do. Be aware that is (deliberately) a little different question from what he actually does – it leaves out whatever part you don’t see him do.


This story says, yes, he is in over his head and (Nine of Wands) hanging in there because he gave his word (Page of Wands). It goes on to say that men take over (King of Pentacles and Emperor, two controlling men) and leave a woman (maybe you) out of it (presumably out of the project, or maybe out of a part of it), that she is angry (Queen of Swords is not getting what’s rightfully hers, and is angry). I suspect what the Queen of Swords is left out of and angry about is paying a third party (free lancer who does know how to do what Mr. C. is having trouble with?).


The ‘big announcement,’ Judgment, would be the woman’s demand (Queen of Swords is a woman making a demand) and she is straightening the situation out (Strength, the woman who prevents harm by being proactive). Judgment is a legal card, so the woman may call down regulators (King of Cups is a bureaucrat or a regulator or an agency, and Queen of Swords is ‘the complainant’ or the plaintiff in litigation). King of Cups, really, could be another man in the story, too.


The way I connect these dots is: The lady expects the Subject to do something re this project. The man tries, sweats it out, but hangs in there. Then he involves other people (the two controlling men, the kings), and they do it their way – ‘make the decision and leave the woman out of it,’ King of Pentacles and World).


Judgment is also a surprise discovery, so when the woman finds out about this she has a lot to say (Queen of Swords), and takes action herself to get the situation going her way (Strength) – and Strength is a ‘stronger than the problem’ kind of Tarot card.


The last spread shows how upset, possibly horrified (Nine of Swords) Mr. Subject is when the woman, presumably you, gets annoyed and takes action to prevent something she sees as a problem. (Guess: she prevents the payment.)


If my way of connecting these dots is correct, you will discover something, probably an expense, that calls for corrective action on your part.


We can hash this out verbally if you wish to call. This writing may clarify the answer though. (And this took a lot of time).


Give it some time. Poke around.


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