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It’s not uncommon for attractive young women to not have a love life. Picky, picky we are! One such gal asks the age-old question that haunts us in our youth: Where’s Mr./Mrs. Right? Tarot gives her her report, and we end up making distinctions about how to read ‘negative’ cards because her spreads are a great example.


Lots of people who have phone or email readings with me do their own Tarot because, well, that’s one of the things this site is all about: D. I. Y. Tarot. I’m thinking of starting a service for people who are stumped interpreting their spread. As you know, you can Google any single, or any pair of the cards that appear here, to delve further into their interpretations.





Email Reading

The category of life is:: Love

My question is:: My question concerns my love life (or lack thereof) within, say, the next 6 months. I have been single for a few years. Really I just want to know if I’ll find what I’m looking for. Feel free to reword any way you think might be helpful to me. Thanks, Emily! 


Question: Finding the one I am looking for in my love life – the next six months ahead.


Two of Swords – Eight of Cups – Lovers

Love life isn’t going to suddenly be different.

Love life – Lovers

isn’t going to – Two of Swords

suddenly be different. – Eight of Cups



Knight of Pentacles – Ten of Cups – Eight of Swords

He is utterly convinced that happiness is impossible.

He is utterly convinced that – Knight of Pentacles

happiness – Ten of Cups

is impossible. – Eight of Swords


He is looking for the impossible happy marriage.

He is looking for – Knight of Pentacles

the impossible – Eight of Swords

happy marriage. – Ten of Cups



Three of Wands – Strength – Eight of Pentacles

Just keep working on the solution to this as you have been: It’s coming.

Just keep working on – Eight of Pentacles

the solution to this – Strength

as you have been, – Eight of Pentacles

and it’s on its way. – Three of Wands



King of Pentacles – Queen of Cups – Empress

You see him as the charismatic man with money, and feel sexy and glamorous yourself.

You see him as – Queen of Cups

the charismatic sexy man with money – King of Pentacles*

and feel like the glamorous woman with money yourself. – Empress*


*King of Cups is the sexy man, and also the moneyed man; Empress is the sexy woman and also the woman who lives in luxury.



Page of Wands – Devil – Ace of Swords

Mainly, he is the very physical well-spoken good-looking young(ish) guy.

Mainly, – Ace of Swords

he is the well-spoken good-looking young(ish) guy*

who is very physical. – Devil*


*Both Page of Wands and Devil mean ‘physical,’ and another of Devil’s meanings is sex.  So these three can say ‘He is an extremely good-looking sexy guy.’



Nine of Cups – Wheel of Fortune – Nine of Wands

Exactly what you want happens, so hang in there.

Exactly what you want – Nine of Cups*

happens – Wheel of Fortune*

so hang in there. – Nine of Wands

*The combination of Nine of Cups (get what you want) and Wheel of Fortune (stroke of luck, miracle, destiny) deliver a miracle. Love seeing these two together.



This spread is a great example of how cards that could be heavies lighten up because other cards in the layout are light. It would look good as a post; is that all right with you?




Client Emails Emily:

Wow, Emily, this is a really happy reading! Seriously, how often is it that “exactly what you want happens??”

I love your point about the light cards lightening the heavies. In readings I do for myself, I get along the same lines as what you got here, with one huge exception – I zone in on the heavies and, in so doing, am unable to see past them. I really appreciate this insight of yours. Ahh, objectivity:)

I do have one question, which happens to be in perfect keeping with my above mentioned habit. First the cards say, “Love life isn’t going to be suddenly different,” and then proceeds to show a complete, even miraculous, difference. Why? What does this mean?

Yes, please do use it on the site. What a wonderful site, btw. I always appreciate coming across some of your more raw insights into human nature. Very cool stuff!

Thank you.



Emily answers:

Easy. Eight of Cups is ‘immediate’ and you asked about six months which isn’t immediate.

People sometimes spaz out and say ‘Tarot said I would get my goodie, and no goodie is here’ and they are all upset. The first sentence makes that point.

You know, I do get appreciation for my sardonic philosophy of life! One commenter said my sarcasm was partly responsible for the credibility she felt I had.


Client sends another Email:

Ah, yes, that clears it up nicely! 
Someone told me about this guy 2 years ago. Patience is my middle name. Life and its processes are sloooow, so may as well be, right? 
I totally agree with the commenter you mention! 
Thank you again, Emily. I’m going to request a job reading from you next, just as soon as I get my head on straight regarding the question. 

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  1. I love Your readings Emily. I just wanted to say that every time I read Your blog You give me a lot of smile on my face 🙂 That it

    Emily: Thank you for that phrase. I like it. It is a superb ad. Although we are all about Tarot here, Tarot is all about life and living it. So THANK YOU AGAIN!

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