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It’s Email Wednesday.  Here we have a lady who wants to know where she stands, and whether she is the only love interest.  Tarot gives a consistent and specific answer, actually identifying why he acts the way he does.  She has something to say about it all at the end of our post.


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Question: How does he feel about me now and am I the only woman that he wants?



Eight of Swords – Four of Wands – Hierophant

Something prevents you two being a couple publicly together.


We are unable to be a couple together ‘on paper,’ or married.


Something prevents – Eight of Swords

you two being a couple together – Four of Wands

publicly. – Hierophant (with help from Four of Wands)


We – Four of Wands

are unable to be – Eight of Swords

a couple together – Four of Wands

publicly – Hierophant

– or married. – Four of Wands



Ace of Pentacles – Star – Knight of Pentacles

All is well: He is sure you are The One he ardently loves.

All is well – Ace of Pentacles

He is sure of one thing: – Knight of Pentacles

You are his beloved, the one he is crazy about. – Star



Six of Cups – Knight of Swords – Eight of Wands

He keeps coming back to the one he trusts and loves, his girl.

He keeps – Eight of Wands

coming back to – Knight of Swords

the one he trusts and loves, his li’l gal. – Six of Cups



Temperance – Ten of Pentacles – Five of Cups

You and he are intimate partners: Those dysfunctional people get him down.

You and he are intimate partners: – Temperance

Those screwed up relatives and/or friends are the problem – Ten of Pentacles

that make him feel bad, that get him down. – Five of Cups



Three of Pentacles – Seven of Cups – King of Pentacles

He is a skillful manipulator who handles all sorts of bizarro dealings with people.

He is a skillful manipulator who handles – King of Pentacles

all sorts of bizarro – Seven of Cups

dealings with other people. – Three of Pentacles



Knight of Cups – Lovers – Page of Pentacles

He is your affectionate love partner: That’s how he sees himself.

He identifies with being – Page of Pentacles

your boyfriend, the guy who – Knight of Cups

is your partner in a love relationship. – Lovers



So it’s a ‘yes’ on all counts, and the problems are not with you and him but with those other troublemakers in the picture.



Emily to Querant:

I would love-love-love posting this for the picture it paints, as well as for the mysterious answer. Let me know if you are comfortable with that.



And she replies:

Hi Emily, 

I definitely give you permission to put that on the blog If you want to. 

It’s definitely a strange answer because he does tend to avoid me a lot, leading me to think the problem lies with me, but then again I was the one avoiding him at the work function the other day so I’m a hypocrite.

Sigh, well thanks again. Really starting to think nothing is ever going to materialize of this and that its just never going to work. He just Seems like the person that would never say his feelings and I’m certainly not going to. 

Thank you

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