Here Come the Hay!

Jan 8, 2018 by

Elk feed

Twenty Tons of Hay

Well, here is where your money goes when you pay Emily for analysis and advice!

Each one of these bales is ONE TON. Two tractor trailer loads have to be purchased every fall, usually in September because you can’t trust the roads after that. One tractor trailer load is at least 20 tons. 20 tons feed all the creatures with hay for seven weeks approximately, except the elderly deer for whom we buy extra-extra fine hay called ‘flakes.’ (They have no teeth: that is what causes death if nothing else does in very elderly deer, elk, etc.) These bales make a wide stack taller than the roof of the shop. All the animals line up, reverently, when the truck comes onto the ranch. They know they will be living through the winter, and they are grateful. I love that look on their faces.

In addition to the dairy-quality hay and supreme quality hay, 200 pounds of grain a day are fed to all the animals.

The elderly deer’s diet is supplemented with apples, pears, grapes and other soft produce all year.

Wild birds are supplied 25 pounds of seeds a day.

My backhoe unloads and stacks the hay. See the picture? It’s quite the show! Look at how green this hay is! – and it smells fresh and minty! My backhoe is paid for. Equipment like this costs two luxury cars. Even its tires are spendy, let alone repairs. It is a workhorse.

And after all this is done, what do you have? – an elk with a mouthful of good green and a look on her face of “This is good grass.”

Happy Elk Eat



  1. Idaly

    You are an Earth Angel. Thank you…thank you…thank you for what you do for them (wild animals) and for us. God bless you Emily!!!

  2. t twofeathers

    those are lucky elk,as the Idaho winters are long and cold.
    Green and tasty hay, must be a “January delight”

  3. Marie

    Wow. Elk. They will eat All that hay in a year? Wonderful.

    • Emily

      Marie, that tractor trailer load is one of two purchased in September. A tractor-trailer load is approximately seven weeks’ supply of hay – plus 200 pounds of grain a day! Quite the buffet. If the weather is very cold, they eat more. Elk enjoy the cold, just like the Great Pyrenees dogs do.

  4. Lori

    What a wonderful thing you are doing to help all these amazing animals..

  5. Billijo Beck

    Awww….The herd. Such precious animals. Each have their own personalities as well. Makes you feel good to get out and take care of them.

  6. Emily

    Oh, yes, and people on the phone pay for it all. Now THAT is miraculous.

  7. Emily,

    Although I was exposed to tarot a number of years ago, it has never resonated with me. At the same time, I am much attracted to metaphors and enjoy the way in which people (including myself) find value in seeing relationships between one thing and another. So reading how people are able to find connections with what you do is interesting. Whatever helps us improve relationships is worth pursuing.

    And I enjoy the story of the hay delivery. Having been around farms for awhile, I could almost smell the sweetness of the hay.

    • Emily

      Well, Arlene, you may find something that is about you in one of the messages, ya never know. The question behind the spread is “Talk to the people who are visiting the blog this day.” Thank you for your observation.

  8. Tina G

    Wow, that’s alot of hay!!

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