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Here is another email reading from the same gal whose other readings were a downer. This one regards looking down the road for another Prince Charming (Knight of Discs, she calls him, which is Knight of Cups for me).


I got a lot of new phrases for meanings of these Rider Waite Tarot cards from this reading – from each sentence – for the dictionary I keep. Subscribers to Tarot Email Training get this dictionary for the cards of that lesson. That project, F.Y.I., will begin in AUGUST. If you sign up now, you will get notice the first part of August that it’s underway. It’s worth it: I have surpassed myself writing the bonus book and the lessons.


Meanwhile, you can Google any pair of these cards and get further meanings, or any single card – from the archives of our site here. You can also purchase an email reading of your own up there on the tab labeled that way.


Email Reading

The category of life is:: Love

My question is:: I’ve let the knight of disks go and am looking for someone new to date. How does my love life look in the next six months?


Five of Cups – Four of Swords – Six of Cups

Time out for grief and then an old-fashioned romantic romance.

Resting up – Four of Swords

from your sense of loss – Five of Cups

so you can enjoy a beautiful romance. – Six of Cups



Three of Swords – Three of Cups – Six of Pentacles

Heartache produces someone to share-and-be-happy with, someone who treats you like you deserve to be treated.

Heartache – Three of Swords

leads to celebrating joyful beneficial times with someone like yourself – Three of Cups

with someone who respects you, gives you your due, pays good attention to you – someone you deserve. – Six of Pentacles



Empress – Ten of Cups – Page of Pentacles

He feels you are the Goddess and you two are happy together.

He feels (and he is a thinking man) that – Page of Pentacles

you are the Goddess – Empress

and you two are in a happily-ever-after marital-type relationship. – Ten of Cups



Emperor – Knight of Cups – Knight of Pentacles

He is a grownup version of your ‘Knight of Discs,’ and thinks ONLY of you.

He is a grownup version of – Emperor

your Knight of Discs – Knight of Cups

and this butch-type guy thinks ONLY of you. – Knight of Pentacles



Hermit – Two of Wands – Ten of Pentacles

He is looking for a sure marriage in the real screwed-up world.

A sincere man is looking for – Hermit

a sure-thing of a – Two of Wands

marriage in the real screwed-up world. – Ten of Pentacles



wishing for a cooler day ….

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