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Today we are doing an Email reading. Here we have someone who chooses not to identify gender, and the cards assume the person is male and potentially a family association.


You can go to the Email Reading tab and get a reading like this for something you wonder about. Right now I have a lot of Emil readings to do, so there’s a wait. Yes, they are a wonderful bargain, and more people are taking note of that.


As you probably know, you can research the meanings of each of these cards, or pairs of them, by typing the name or names into a Google search bar. Lots of people do this, around 9,000 page views a day now, just from the content you see here.


NEWS Next adventures at Tarot Verbatim™ are an app that randomly brings one of the many Guidances or Advices to you, and a service you can access when you are doing your own spread and are stuck or want more information about those three cards you chose. Emily will take your question, or issue, or subject, and the three cards you chose, and give you her answer or answers. That will be under six dollars, and of course may involve some wait because Emily is still just one person.



Email Reading

The category of life is:: Friends and social situations

My question is:: I’ve called this person my best friend for 8 years now. I want to know, does this person even like me?



Emily remarks:

The instructions ask for gender. I will answer without it.


In English, ‘he’ is the default pronoun, and Tarot seems to go with that.



Question: Does this person even like me?


King of Cups – Magician – Three of Pentacles

Doing his part, his role, in the relationship as the wishy-washy fellow he is.

As the kinda fellow I really am (emotional), – King of Cups

I am doing (my way) – Magician

my part in the relationship we have. – Three of Pentacles



Sun – Ace of Swords – Page of Cups

A weird idea I gotta be free of the restrictions or rules.

A weird idea – Page of Cups

I gotta – Ace of Swords

be free of the house rules, those restrictions. I’m fun-loving. – Sun



King of Swords – Ten of Pentacles – Five of Cups

Fails to be a disciplined strong person/man, and messes up the relationship.

Fails to be – Five of Cups

a disciplined strong leader type – King of Swords

and makes trouble in our family-style relationship. – Ten of Pentacles



Queen of Swords – Eight of Pentacles – Four of Wands

She puts me to work being family with her.

She (the slave-driver) makes me – Queen of Swords

work at – Eight of Pentacles

being family (good family) with her. – Four of Wands


She expects me to always be a solid citizen.

She expects me – Queen of Swords

to always be – Eight of Pentacles

one of those solid citizens, and family. – Four of Wands



Strength – Six of Swords – Two of Pentacles

Some of the time I avoid her because she won’t let me mess with her (oppose her).

Sometimes I just – Two of Pentacles

avoid her (head in another direction) – Six of Swords

because she keeps me from interfering with her. – Strength


Her influence is so strong I stay out of her way when I’m being silly or unstable.

Her influence is so strong – Strength

I stay out of her way – Six of Swords

because I’m unstable, goofy. – Two of Pentacles



Emily Emails Client to ask:


So hello to you, and I have a favor to ask:  May I publish this reading of yours?  It expresses an attitude Tarot-style really well.




And Client simply replies:


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Our Daily Spread for Mar. 6, 2011

Mar 6, 2011 by


If you have to rush it, you could ruin it

Ace of Swords, Knight of Wands, Page of Cups

You have to hurry, it could get/be worse.
You have to question (it):  To hurry through (it) would be a mistake.
Put that foolish mistake behind you!
If you drive by fast, you will surely get lost.
The ‘unlawful flight’ part has to be a question.

Had to leave to avoid being questioned  about the crime/mistake.
Have to get out of this hellhole someday.
If you have to rush it, you could ruin it.
Must inquire whether it’s fast getting worse.
If I had to rush through, maybe I would make a mistake.

Have to get out before the ridiculous extreme is the case.
When you really mess up, you may have to leave.
I guess I’m going to have to get out of town when the fit hits the shan.
Is it so bad I have to leave?

This is a warning to get out or hurry up, something bad may be happening, a mistake may be happening or some questions may be asked.  It isn’t every day that you have ‘Run!’ – Knight of Wands – and ‘Big Bad Mistake’ together, especially with the ‘have to’ of the Ace of Swords.  Then there’s a ‘what if,’ the Page of Cups, that tones down the heaviness of the Ace of Swords-Moon conjunction.

Advice is to watch your step.

Meanings and Illustrations:

Ace of Swords: You have to, that’s an order.  Surely, you must.  There’s a hand with a big weapon that says you have to.

Knight of Wands: Hurry up, get moving, get out of the way, avoid, and put something behind you, or pursue.  Here is this fellow whose horse is in a lather and he’s movin’ on out.

Page of Cups: Huh?  Duh?  Maybe it could or would be foolish, ask a question or speculate about what may happen ‘if.’  This fellow in a dress with a fish in a cup is a walking question mark.

Moon: Here’s the big bad ugly worst case scenario, the mistake, mess, ruination or crime, expose of he the hellhole … the getting sooo lost.  The towers in the illustration have some occult significance, and the wolf and the dog, enemies, have joined forces as the lobster sets out on a land journey … craziness.


She is a talented manager of the company’s affairs regarding some secretive bookwork

Ten of Cups
High Priestess, Queen of Pentacles, Queen of Wands

She is in the back room, in charge of keeping books for the people.
She manages everybody’s money expertly.
She is the expert on investing other people’s money, that’s her department.
She fits in with the other women in the group.
Three married women.

Three happily married women.
Three women in the family.
She stays home and takes care of him and the household.
She is making this a happy home by being there, taking care of her man and being the wife.
The wife has her own money, and knows how to make other people happy.

She keeps her own money in her name as a married woman.
She, the wife, is secretive about the family money.
This is one big happy family, and the women devote themselves to family matters.
She has been with the company long enough for her talents to be recognized, she is a manager.
She is a talented manager of the company’s affairs regarding some secretive bookwork.

Well, should I have just put these back in the deck and drawn some more?  We simply have three cards in a row  that mean a woman and then one that means the (happy) family.  That card, with some stretch, can be a community or company.  This isn’t much to work with, but it means something to some people who read this blog.  I wonder what?

Advice is to recognize the talent of a woman in a support role whose talent and contribution is to keep things straight, mind a budget and/or paperwork.  There must be something to ‘the three’ as well, the three individual women described below.  It is possible that the ‘witchy’ theme applies to someone, too:  That is a factor the three women cards have in common.

Meanings and Illustrations:

High Priestess: The quiet woman, which also means expert, keeping secrets and/or keeping books or some written records.  She stays in one place in some sense.  The illustration on the Rider Waite version of Tarot shows a quiet, seated woman holding a book, associated with deep knowledge of spiritual and occult things.

Queen of Pentacles: The woman who takes care of her man and his money, who minds the fortunes of her family.  She superintends the money of the company or estate.  She also has her own money.  She is talent, she contributes.  The illustration shows a crowned woman with the money symbol in her possession and indications of fertility:  the verdant vegetation around her, and the bunny.  The goat head carved on her throne suggests she has some witchy talent as well.

Queen of Wands: Wife, mother, manager of the place, whether ‘the place’ is a home or company.  Her black cat suggests witchy possibilities.  She is a very practical, competent person, reliable, ‘the mama.’

Ten of Cups: The happy family, happy group or community.  Prosperity in a good neighborhood.  The illustration shows the happy family outside their landed home, a rainbow of plenty overhead, the children dancing and the couple’s arms stretched up.  My, my, aren’t we happy and prosperous?

My, my has this day started out with a bang. First Emily makes a few interesting mistakes, managing to thoroughly insult the Page of Pentacles by mixing him up with the Page of Cups. I messed up and the computer ate today’s post.  Emily says it might be a good idea to stay in bed, and then you won’t have to spend the money on a call to her wondering  what the heck happened … -Stef

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