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Once in a while, you ask Tarot whether what just happened is what it was telling you about in a past reading. That is a yes-or-no question. That is what happens in today’s real-life email reading example. Tarot answers that, yes, it was her next love-interest Tarot was referring to. There’s a video on this site called ‘Destiny and Your Soul Mate,’ which reminds me of that ‘your next love interest’ remark of Tarot’s.


You can Google one card or a pair of cards you find in these spreads, and research their meanings more. You can also have a reading like this for yourself – just click on the Email Reading navigation tab up there.

Question: The question would be what is in the future for myself and the person that I just met. Is he the one the cards were referring to from the reading you did in March for me.

Is this the person the cards spoke of in your March reading?


Temperance – Two of Pentacles – Star

Tarot says it told you about an intimate relationship that makes you feel very good, and it is this next one, yes. (Thrilling love.)

Told you all about a very feel-good, thrilling – Star

intimate relationship – Temperance

– the next one. – Two of Pentacles


[See the video on our site, the one titled Destiny and Your Soul Mate, a history of a woman’s search for her true love. For three years or so the cards predicted what was happening in his life, but said over and over that there were more than one of these true love partners. When Tarot said the man she met was Mr. Right, she questioned him about what was happening in his life at the times the cards spoke of seminal events – divorce, death of mother, end of one job, moving to a different town – and indeed these things happened at those times.]


What is in the future for myself and the person that I just met?


Nine of Cups – Five of Swords – Eight of Cups

Your best good here, as he drops a pushy attitude (or intent to take advantage).

Your best good is involved here – Nine of Cups

as he drops out of, or quits – Eight of Cups

a pushy attitude or intent to take advantage. – Five of Swords



Seven of Swords – Knight of Wands – Six of Cups

He gets away from violating your trust and toward trusting and loving you romantically and sweetly.

He rapidly gets away from – Knight of Wands

violating your trust, sabotaging, – Seven of Swords

and fast toward – Knight of Wands

trusting you, loving you sweetly and romantically. – Six of Cups



Five of Pentacles – Seven of Cups – Hierophant

Things falling apart – Seven of Cups

in a miserable way – Five of Pentacles

is normal and harmless. – Hierophant



King of Wands – Page of Cups – Justice

He wonders whether he is your legal husband.

He wonders whether – Page of Cups

he is your husband – King of Wands

legally. – Justice



Seven of Pentacles – Knight of Cups – High Priestess

He puzzles out that you are the lady he loves, and is an affectionate good-natured boyfriend.

He puzzles it out that, indeed – Seven of Pentacles

you are the lady – High Priestess

he loves, and is an affectionate sweetheart of a boyfriend. – Knight of Cups


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Our Daily Spread for May 13, 2011

May 13, 2011 by

Our Daily Spread for May 13, 2011



Is this the first time you come here? Well …

HOW TO USE THE MATERIAL WE HAVE FOR YOU HERE. Read the sentences, and pick out the ones that seem to apply to you, to the people around you. They are a Tarot analysis of your day’s circumstances. As the day (or several days) unfolds, you may find the information is relevant. Some of this information refers to a longer time period. The question is: “Tell the visitors here something useful and meaningful to them.” Often, your adopting the attitude you feel in the blog works for your day! Some days are ‘keep an eye open’ and some are ‘green lights.’

Without a question to focus the answer, four cards can mean even contradictory things. Without a question also the pronouns in a group reading are less specific, more flexible, especially in some of these Rider Waite Tarot spreads. Especially when a pronoun is in parentheses, feel free to substitute.

The Advice section sums up a general meaning of all the sentences. It is the favorite of most of us.

Remember to share your experience with a comment here if you have words for it … I spend two or more hours a day writing to you, after all! Say hello back!

Photos of the animals that the people who call me support are in with the articles I wrote for you. Enjoy them too! Stefanie is the one who has posted the few we have here. She did not do much with a hundred or more I sent her. Later.

And you can call me at the 800 99 3 6 9 12 number from Eastern 1 p. m. to Eastern 1 a. m. at least, every day. I analyze business situations accurately too. (Testimonials are on the web site.)



Five of Swords

Eight of Cups, Queen of Cups, Six of Pentacles

Meanings and Illustrations: Observation of the Spread

At a glance, the only good news here is loss prevention – no spiritual perspective here! It’s all very mundane, but the mundane is where we live, isn’t it? The penalty for not knowing human nature can be worse than the penalty for first degree murder. And this information appears here for someone’s benefit, some visitor’s.

In the middle sits the trusting naïve good honest Queen of Cups gal who has faith in her man, who thinks. I think of her as the young Bible belt white lady stereotype, ‘vanilla’ in street slang.

Above her is the bully, the bandit, the macho taker Five of Swords. The guy with the Cheney smirk.

To her right is paying or receiving money or attention, Six of Pentacles, who is becoming a steady customer here at our Tarot cafe.

To her left is Eight of Cups abandoning, avoiding, quitting – something that is over with before it finishes.

So it’s obvious this is mostly about a con, and the woman is the more likely victim. It also is obvious, if you are a Tarot person, that she understands the situation well enough to not let the loss occur.

But not so fast: There are a few constructions – along the line of her knowing alongside the Five of Swords as a criminal, hence ‘criminal mind’ – that construe her as the culprit. In real life, the embezzler at the bank is often the ‘church lady’ type: This is well known in that circle! ‘Grandma,’ they say.

Meanings and Illustrations: Individual Rider Waite Tarot Cards

Eight of Cups: The hiker (pilgrim, traditionally) abandons his course because the terrain forces a change in direction. It means to drop out, quit, abandon, switch from one to another thing. To not finish, or unfinished. Disruption. Detour, a change of course.

Queen of Cups: Here sits the trusting naïve good honest Queen of Cups gal who has faith in her man, who thinks. She is the dreamy type. Some Queen of Cups believe there’s no evil, it’s all good, and someone has to take care of you if you are a good girl.

Six of Pentacles: Today this Rider Waite Tarot citizen is meaning paying or receiving money or attention, paying bills. Illustration shows the employer putting money into the hands of the workers.

Five of Swords: He is the key card here. He tells us the money exchanging hands in the Six of Pentacles involves some kind of agenda or ripoff, tells us the attention being paid is abusive in some way. As I keep saying, I associate Cheney’s perpetual sneer with this Tarot citizen. Illustration shows a punk who has disarmed his friends by claiming a play sword fight was real. He has ruined them and is smiling: Hello, Mr. Cheney.



The sentences today are a variation on the same theme – just skim over them. Advice is to keep an eye out for agendas of all varieties in order to nip potential loss in the bud. Maybe even keep an eye out for your own motives?

The ‘little lady’ knows, suspects: She is street wise. The ‘little lady’ may also know mooching, herself. The point here is: Greed goes both ways and is part of normal exchanges; it does not come out with horns and tail. Ditto for sexual ‘users,’ they are not wearing red suits and a leer, either.



Business Perspective (Loss Prevention):

The lady quit thinking highly of him when he tricked her on the price.

She knows this guy is dishonest, so he isn’t getting anywhere near the cash.

She knows he ripped her off and isn’t going to pay her back.

She is wise to this: They aren’t going to cheat on their expense accounts.

She knows how to make money, and how to prevent getting ripped off.

Her paycheck is spent before anyone can get it from her.

She thought the man who abandoned her was paying the bills: He kept the money for himself.

Financial Perspective (Dishonest Woman):

She has her ways of tricking you into paying before you know it.

She isn’t about to pay, she knows how to take advantage.

Her criminal mind … she never has the money!

She quit thinking like an honest woman and started avoiding her obligations.

She is wise to how to get out of legal obligations, how to beat the system.

Romantic Perspective:

The cruel guy and the tenderhearted gal part company before she gets the attention she deserves.

She knows what a wise-ass he is and doesn’t pay him the first bit of attention.

The bad boy gets this naïve girl’s attention before she is on to him.

She knows just how to take advantage of a fellow before he even pays her any attention.

Nice girls don’t have fellows paying their bills!

She knows how to pay her own bills, she doesn’t need to get a guy to do it.

He is a criminal who will be leaving her before he is prosecuted.

She is wise to the legal process, she isn’t going to be bullied.

She knows he is taking advantage and will be on his way, but until then, he is showing her attention.

She knows the right thing to do for her is to leave the cheater.

Knowing what a bully he is, she cuts him off before he gets to treat her that way.

She dismisses the thought he would take advantage of her, she has faith he will treat her right.

She knows her man would cheat her so her money is spent before even she gets it.

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