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Rider Waite Tarot-2-18-11a

Don’t doubt, the outlook is great if you just wait

High Priestess
Four of Cups, Seven of Pentacles, Two of Wands

Don’t doubt the outlook is great if you just wait.
Wonder whether she will refuse the plan?
Not doing anything, letting them wonder what will be.
She is secure enough to be quiet and not speculate.
If there is a plan, she is not doing anything about it.
You will not be able to question the expert.
You can’t ask her what she will do.
When you know, you don’t wonder about the future.
She knows the future and keeps it secret.  Why is she refusing to say?
It seems she will refuse.
Does she know this isn’t going to be?
A lady will not ask or will not speculate.
Wonder why the lady isn’t going to.
Will not be speculating about spiritual things.

Well, again we have messages that are cryptic (puzzling) and not about any particular subject.  We start with refusal, then wondering, then plan/future/security, then the woman who knows/waits/does not do anything – which also means expertise.  Hope this means something to someone!

Meanings and Illustrations:

Four of Cups: Pictured is someone who doesn’t want any of that.  Arms crossed, legs crossed, head averted as the disembodied hand offers (him) one time after another. It often means refuse.  Imagine that.  It also means various negative words like ‘don’t’ and ‘not’ that go along with shutting something out or turning something away.

Seven of Pentacles: In the Rider Waite Tarot pantheon, the story illustrated is this fellow wondering whether his cucumbers are going to produce because cucumber is one of those plants that need both genders to bear.  So it means, wonder, speculate, or question – including the idea to put the interpretation into question form.

Two of Wands: Is he a banker? He stands on top of the skyscraper with the world in his hands, contemplating plans for the future of all those buildings he owns. Future, financial security, instructions to put the reading into future tense.

High Priestess: She knows and does not act.  This meaning grows out of occult background of the first four cards:  The Magician means to act and not know.  Anyway, we have ‘deep knowledge,’ expertise, expert, a woman who stays or sits there, as well as a passive stance or approach.  It also relates to the mental or spiritual plane.  Quite often it just means ‘her.’

Rider Waite Tarot-2-18-11b

She takes wonderful care of him, he loves her more and more

Queen of Pentacles
Eight of Wands, Ace of Cups, Wheel of Fortune

Love Perspective:
She takes wonderful care of him, he loves her more and more.
He tells her he loves her and rewards her for caring for him.
Texts his love who makes such good things happen for him.
She provides many opportunities to be loving.
Talented woman has many chances for true love.
She gives him many chances, she loves him.
Her love is rewarded many times over, she is giving.

Business Perspective:
She invests more and more money:  This is an easy profit.
Everything was eased when her money made it happen.
Her talent makes it easy to get a quick payoff.
She has a lot of money, more and more, and no harm is done.
Opportunities flow to her because of her abilities.
Many people love her for her wonderful contribution.
Things come easy to her, she is lucky and has much to offer.
She loves them all and provides them opportunities.
She is lucky, money comes to her easily.

Well, here is the love.  A woman who cares for others, cares for her man, is rewarded with lots of love.  A talented woman is rewarded with lots of opportunities and money.  What more could you want?  How simple and lovely can it get?  Her man is as loved by her.  The first card means ‘many,’ ‘more and more’ as well as messages, talking and ‘quickly.’  The second is the true love card which also means such things as ‘easily.’  The third is a grand opportunity, getting lucky as in hitting the jackpot.  And the last is the able talented generous woman who has money and/or manages her man’s money, and takes care of him, cares for him.

Meanings and Illustrations:

Eight of Wands: This first card means ‘many,’ ‘more and more’ as well as messages, talking and ‘quickly.’  It also means ‘tells’ as well as written messages.  It suggests things coming to a person.

Its illustration shows one after another pole flying in the air, looking like lines on a page.

Ace of Cups: In the Rider Waite Tarot deck, this is the true love card which also means a flow, no harm or harmless, easy or easily, and Divinity.  The ‘easy money’ meanings arise from its combining with the Wheel of Fortune.

The illustration suggests that a person who channels the Holy Spirit or presence of God (symbolized by the dove and the wafer that is the Sacrament in the Catholic churches) has bodily health and serendipity, and is a blessing to his/her environment – hence ‘God is love.’  All good and no harm comes to such a person and from such a person.

Wheel of Fortune: Happening, coincidence, luck, opportunity, the word ‘wonderful,’ reward, profit, chances, as well as destiny/karma. Her as both the woman who has money and the woman who is generous (Queen of Pentacles) combining with the Wheel of Fortune suggests both money/opportunities coming to her, and her providing money/opportunities to others.

The illustration shows the wheel of destiny, the four symbols that represent the creative process in occult lore on it and various magic critters around it.  It’s all about chance, happenings and hitting it right.

Queen of Pentacles: She is the woman who has talent and money and who contributes and invests money for her man and/or for others, and who is generous.  She is a powerful woman.  She is not handing that money over to any fool, she is judicious.

Her illustration shows her with money (the symbolic pentacle/coin) in her hands, looking at it appraisingly.  Around her is verdant growth.  She sits upright and is very well dressed.

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