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Oh, those times when something is going on right under our noses, and it’s about us, and we are not picking up on it. I have had a few, have you? Tarot’s report is that that is what is happening in the life of the Querant who graciously shares her terrible story with us. Sometimes, as a reader, you hope you are wrong!


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Now, here’s the drama of our friend’s life:

1) What are my boss’ feelings and plans with respect to me personally? 


King of Cups – Chariot – Ten of Pentacles

My management style of being soft has made trouble among the crew.”

My management style – Chariot

is being soft (sentimental/emotional) – King of Cups

so the coworkers are not getting along with each other. – Ten of Pentacles



Five of Wands – World – King of Swords

“She is in a world of her own, resisting my authority.”

She is in a world of her own – World

resisting – Five of Wands

my authority. – King of Swords



Five of Pentacles – Knight of Cups – Death

Not to be too friendly because it has caused bad feelings.

Not to be – Death

too friendly – Knight of Cups

because it has made a miserable situation. – Five of Pentacles



Five of Swords – Knight of Wands – Six of Cups

To avoid (at all costs) being romantic with you – it’s predatory.

Avoid at all costs – Knight of Wands

taking advantage of – Five of Swords

that sweet young lady. – Six of Cups



Fool – Nine of Pentacles – Four of Wands

“She is competent to be in charge of a her own part of the company – I won’t be involved.”

I will just let – Fool

her be in independent charge of her own division – Nine of Pentacles

of our company. Four of Wands



Moon – High Priestess – King of Pentacles

“It’s a big mistake for me to be charismatic and studly with such a lady.”

It’s a big mistake – Moon

for me to be the manipulative boss – King of Pentacles

with such a ladylike woman. – High Priestess

2) Will my boss dilute his proximity with the interfering male senior colleague (that is, will he display his loyalty to me by not expecting me to work proximately with that person)? 


Queen of Cups – Queen of Swords – Seven of Wands

The interfering fellow is there to deprive you of an understanding with your boss.

The interfering fellow is there to – Seven of Wands

deprive you of – Queen of Swords

being the woman who understands. – Queen of Cups



Strength – Four of Swords – Page of Cups

You aim to prevent this clown from interfering but that’s not happening.

You aim to prevent him from interfering – Strength

(this clown) – Page of Cups

but that’s not happening. – Four of Swords



High Priestess – Five of Pentacles – Ace of Cups

You are being isolated, kept to yourself, deprived of cooperation and affection.

You are kept to yourself, isolated – High Priestess

and deprived – Five of Pentacles

because love, here, – Ace of Cups

would make a terrible loss. – Five of Pentacles



Knight of Pentacles – Ace of Wands – Knight of Swords

This stubborn rough guy has been ordered to change your direction.

This guy with one thing on his mind aims to – Knight of Pentacles

follow his orders to – Ace of Wands

send you away. – Knight of Swords



Five of Wands – Hierophant – King of Wands

This edgy man is keeping things looking correct by fighting you.

This edgy combative fellow – King of Wands

is keeping ‘face,’ keeping things looking proper, respectable, – Hierophant

by opposing, resisting, fighting you. – Five of Wands



Devil – Eight of Swords – Six of Pentacles

You cannot be treated with the respect you deserve because it’s a problem.

You cannot be – Eight of Swords

treated with the respect you deserve – Six of Pentacles

because it’s a problem. – Devil

(Tarot suggests the boss has asked the man to ‘keep you at bay.’)

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Our Daily Spread for Jan. 12, 2011

Jan 12, 2011 by

Okay.  Still wondering about this romance/marriage theme, I put down four spreads which I will report on now – hopefully with fewer sentences each!

Tarot reading 1-12-11a

Boyfriend pursues, he can’t resist

Seven of Wands

Knight of Wands, Knight of Cups, Death

He can’t stop himself from being sweet no matter how he runs.
I’m not her Boyfriend!  I won’t pursue her!  (No, no, not that!)
Can’t resist a boyfriend who pursues full speed ahead.

The subject is ‘Boyfriend,’ and it’s from a guy’s viewpoint of escaping that fate.

Tarot reading 1-12-11b

She expects marriage and he is (in process of) delivering it

Queen of Swords

Four of Wands, Six of Pentacles, Two of Pentacles

He pays her the kind of attention she expects from him, and this is leading to a marriage.
The legal marriage she expect is in process of happening.
Marry the bitch, it may be the right thing.
She may or may not demand her rights to be married.
Sometimes she gets the attention she deserves in this union.
Marriage is happening, it’s something she expects and deserves.
Maybe she will get a marriage she deserves.

Marriage she expects and deserves is coming around.

Tarot reading for 1-12-11c

She knows he knows behaving himself is how to have her


Queen of Cups, Hierophant, Knight of Pentacles

Her idea that she will have a nice normal relationship with the tough guy has gotten into his own head.
Nice girl knows she will have a nice traditional safe intimate relationship between equals with this selfish bastard.
He has one thing on his mind:  In the real physical world, he is going to have that lady as his intimate partner.
She knows how to get into a very close physical relationship with a macho man.
He knows one thing: She has him all figured out, and being respectable is the way to partner up with her.
Being respectable is uppermost on his mind, being like the nice lady to be her paramour.

Well, he gets it: The price of this lady’s company is behaving himself.

Tarot reading 1-12-11d

She won’t continue being his resource forever

Ten of Wands

Three of Wands, Four of Cups, Empress

The most beautiful woman in the world isn’t about to continue long term with him.
She is the diva, she will always discourage the long term.
A lot of money coming in steadily or the diva has nothing to do with him.
She isn’t wealthy, but has a lot of income forever.
Money doesn’t come in forever for a prostitute.
Good looks don’t continue forever.

This is about your beauty doesn’t last forever, so hold out for a long term future.

She already knows how!

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