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She wonders whether love is out there for her with a certain fella. She shares this reading with you.


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The category of life is:: Love

My question is:: Hi! I’d like to know, will there be a relationship for me? He’s involved with a middle aged Libra woman. Thank you!



Knight of Cups – Eight of Pentacles – Lovers

Here’s a love relationship with this serial boyfriend.

Here’s a love relationship – Lovers

with this serial – Eight of Pentacles

boyfriend. – Knight of Cups



Ten of Pentacles – Three of Swords – Three of Cups

He breaks up a dysfunctional relationship and dates you.

He breaks up – Three of Swords

a dysfunctional relationship – Ten of Pentacles

and dates you. – Three of Cups



King of Swords – Two of Cups – Seven of Swords

He is a masculine man who gets away with cheating and fooling around.

He is a masculine man – King of Swords

who gets away with – Seven of Swords

cheating and fooling around. – Two of Cups



King of Cups – Seven of Wands – Three of Pentacles

An affectionate emotional man but the last thing he wants is a relationship in which he does his part as agreed.

An affectionate emotional man – King of Cups

but the last thing he wants is – Seven of Wands

a relationship in which he does his part as agreed. – Three of Pentacles



Judgment – Empress – Queen of Wands

You are the new Goddess, the wife-type.

You are the new – Judgment

Goddess, – Empress

the wifely type. – Queen of Wands



Two of Swords – Page of Cups – Nine of Wands

There’s no doubt you will be very apprehensive (nervous and fearful).

There is no – Two of Swords

doubt – Page of Cups

this is a tense situation. – Nine of Wands



Five of Pentacles – Sun – High Priestess

You are miserable when the playboy leaves you for another woman.

You are miserable and missing him – Five of Pentacles

when the playboy leaves you – Sun

for another woman. – High Priestess

The answer is yes, but it’s not Mr. Right.


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Our Daily Spread for Feb. 10, 2011

Feb 10, 2011 by

Rider Waite Tarot reading 2-10-11

A young man in love takes chances

Seven of Swords
Knight of Cups, Sun, Lovers

Romance Perspective:
He dares to make that first move in a fun flirty way – connect with her.
When he is feeling good one day, he has the nerve to show affection to his partner.
He initiates contact in a lighthearted way about breaking the rules and sneaking out.
He feels warm and fuzzy, he contacts her impulsively, and it’s against the rules.
He makes a risque suggestion that they leave this place together.
It’s fun to have a bad-boy be sweet to you, be your lover.
A young man in love takes chances

Other Perspectives:
At his suggestion, they escape some dangerous scene together.
He is a charming nice young man but his partner is a criminal.
A criminal friend joins you for some fun.
This friend is your connection to get out of a double-cross or betrayal.
He suggests they (a couple) move from a house that has some hazard.
A friend helps the two of them move stolen items out of a place.

The first three cards talk of friends and lovers and fun, about lighthearted impulsive flirtation, about helping a friend. Then there’s the fourth card, which is a spoiler, or could be. Next to those warm fuzzy first three cards, the Seven of Swords fangs are pulled: Its least distasteful meanings are invoked, which are daring, taking a chance, nerve, breaking rules, sneaking, bad-boy, and things risque.

We can see escaping from a dangerous situation in this spread – any kind of danger, any degree. That is Sun with Seven of Swords in Rider Waite Tarot. We can see warm fuzzy love things with Knight of Cups and Lovers. Sun with Lovers is leaving a place together. Bet you can link some more of these and come up with new applications.

Meanings and Illustrations:

Knight of Cups: He is the boyfriend, the agreeable person, the one who makes the first move or takes the initiative or suggests, the warm puppy. This is the boyfriend calling you! The illustration shows a young man with a relaxed horse who looks as mellow as the rider. The young man’s arm is extended as if offering friendship.

Sun: Here is a card that in Rider Wait Tarot has a spectrum of meanings: fun, feeling good,lighthearted, impulsively leave this place, be a sweet young man in love, escape, charming, some fun, to get out of, move from a house, move out of a place. The illustration is what holds these disparate meanings together. The little boy gets out of the house, with its restrictions and rules, and recklessly (naked) sits atop a mischievous pony, who is giving him the evil eye. He is having fun, he is breaking rules. He is a charming brat. Know anyone like this???

Lovers: Connection, contact, being together, partner, joins (you, him, her) a couple, the two of them – besides the obvious ‘lover’ theme – are meanings we use today, and are just about all the meanings of this card, except for the spiritual ones about God and an angel, and protection. The illustration shows a man and a woman, naked, with the tree of Eden and a volcano, not to mention a guardian angel watching over them, wings outspread. Obvious, huh?

Seven of Swords: Here is the heavy, the criminal, etc. – except toned down to the most innocent expression of its spectrum because it is surrounded by warm fuzzy cards. So we get daring, nerve, breaking the rules and sneaking out, against the rules, risque, bad-boy, taking chances, dangerous scene, criminal, double-cross or betrayal, hazard, stolen stuff. Yes, this is this heavy card’s lightest interpretations. The illustration shows a spy or reconnaissance agent stealing the weapons from the enemy camp, all by himself. He is making one trip of it, and carrying swords with his bare hands. He is obviously sneaking away in the dead of night.

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