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He has decided to leave the house and be with the girl he wants

Nine of Cups
Chariot, Sun, Three of Cups

He has decided to leave the house and be with the girl he wants.
He drives out of his own home; he wants to party with the girl(s).
The girls just want to have fun, and they succeed.
He wants to be a playboy but decides to share his life with her.
He decides to share his life with her but wants to be a playboy.

When he decides to be a brat, the girls just want to be with one another.
The girls want to enjoy one another’s company when he decides to be a controlling brat.
The girls share the satisfying profit they made when they impulsively pooled their money
The girls succeed and are so happy they are partying to excess.
The girls share their riches, and are delighted with their decisions.

Their joint profit frees them to do whatever they want.
Uninhibited ambition and joint enterprise have made him rich.
Wanting to party with the socialites unleashed his ambition.
Rich girls party uninhibitedly with successful men.
Successful woman want time off.

He vacations on purpose where the rich ladies enjoy themselves.
He is successful very young, so all the girls want him.
Everybody wants to be happy and successful.
Playboy’s car gets him all the girls he wants.

Geez.  Are you guys at it again?  LOOK at this spread!  In the middle are two ‘party’ cards, a male card and a female card.  The Sun is a brat/playboy having fun, and it also means unleashed and uninhibited.  The Three of Cups in Rider Waite is sharing life and good times, wealthy women or debutantes, party girls, girls celebrating a joint venture, the sharing of profits.  To the left of these two is the ambitious successful dude in his car, the Chariot.  To the right is rich living, having all you could want, profit, money, excess.  Oh, this isn’t hard to figure out, is it?

Advice is to enjoy your success, to share your success and celebrate yourself and your achievements with your friends.  We are more wealthy and more successful than we think we are sometimes.

Meanings and Illustrations:

Chariot: The ambitious successful dude in his car.  He has achieved.  He is in control.  He decides.  He is in the driver’s seat.  The illustration shows a successful skilled driver of a chariot whose two steeds head in opposite directions, and he gets them to go ahead for him.

Sun: The Sun is a brat/playboy having fun, and it also means unleashed, impulsive, and uninhibited.  He is reckless.  Having fun extends to being on vacation.  Illustration shows a young boy who sneaked out of the house to play on a wicked pony bareback.  The pony has a look in his eye.  That pony is related to the one on the Six of Wands.

Three of Cups: The Three of Cups in Rider Waite is sharing life and good times, wealthy women or debutantes, party girls, girls celebrating a joint venture, the sharing of profits.  Illustration shows girls toasting their profit standing on the harvest field.

Nine of Cups: Here’s that rich guy, rich life, the excess of wealth.  He done et tha whole thing.  Illustration shows a fat fella with a big grin and nine cups he has emptied behind him … and that isn’t V8 he has been drinking, either.


He is very cognizant of his own power but he feels unsure of himself around The Goddess

Seven of Pentacles
Emperor, Hanged Man, Empress

Does he really feel he is an important enough man that the Babe is his counterpart?
People wonder when they realize this couple is the ruling class/elite.
He is very cognizant of his own power but he feels unsure of himself around The Goddess.
She is not so sure she is his counterpart when she realizes how powerful he is.
Did (I) recognize the leader and his wife?  Was that they?

He realizes she has money and connections to powerful men and wonders about that.
He wonders how important he could be with her as his woman and feels inspired.
He sees her as a glamorous socialite and wonders who her father is.
She is so intensely sexy, he wonders whether he is too old for her.
He wonders how easy the good looking woman is when he recognizes her old man.

You know old men who are political masters have good looking women, but you still wonder.
What if the pretty lady’s father recognizes you?
Wonders what the federal government knows about her wealth.

We have a counterpart couple, the Emperor and the Empress, who would be a ruling class or elite pair.  She is the sexy babe, the debutante, the rich lady and he is the leader of the clan, the federal government, the important man, etc.  In between them, an the card above them, we have realizing, The Hanged Man, and wondering, the Seven of Pentacles.

Advice?  Hmmm.  I would say be aware of status as a factor of the people around you.  Powerful people and beautiful people:  be curious about them.

Meanings and Illustrations:

Emperor: This is the president, the community muckety-muck, the man who owns the company, even the federal government, or a wealthy man with high status, the captain of industry type.  Hello, Mr. Trump.

Hanged Man: To recognize, to realize, to know.  Illustration shows the eureka experience:  The upside-down-ness you feel when, duh, a truth strikes you.  An upside-down man with a bright light around his head that indicates, of course, a bright idea.

Empress: This is the rich lady, the Babe, the easy woman as well as the ideal woman.  Here she is with her counterpart as the wife of the VIP.  As such, she is a debutante here.  Of course, the old man could be her father as well.  She is pictured with the fine cushions, the crown, the shield with the female symbol on it, the blonde hair … She is Barbie crossed with the Queen of England.

Seven of Pentacles: He wonders, he ponders.  Duh.  Illustration shows a fellow contemplating his cucumber vines wondering whether he has both genders of the plant so that it will produce fruit for him.  No way to tell at that moment.

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