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From a fellow’s own perspective, why he will not have a romance with a gal who wonders. We get his perspective but do not get specifically his reason or reasons.


Yes, as usual Client has given permission to share her story with you.


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Email Reading
The category of life is:: Love
My question is:: would me and him ever have a romantic relationship


Eight of Swords – Knight of Cups – Empress

You are his ideal woman but he cannot be your Boyfriend.

You are gorgeous, you’ve got it all – Empress

but he cannot – Eight of Swords

be your Boyfriend. – Knight of Cups


King of Wands – Page of Cups – Temperance

I would look silly as her man in an intimate relationship.

I would look silly – Page of Cups

as her (husbandly) man – King of Wands

as her partner in a close relationship. – Temperance


Nine of Swords – Six of Pentacles – Five of Wands

Showing her that kind of attention is scary – I’m fighting it.”

Showing her that kind of attention [the right kind] – Six of Pentacles

is scary – Nine of Swords

so I am resisting doing that. – Five of Wands


Three of Cups – Hierophant – Two of Swords

Sharing a girl’s life in the usual/normal way: No can do!

Sharing a girl’s life with her – Three of Cups

in the usual acceptable way: – Hierophant

No way! – Two of Swords


Three of Wands – Death – Ten of Swords

I am not going to utterly fail at that.

I am not – Death

going to – Three of Wands

utterly fail at that. – Ten of Swords


Four of Pentacles – Queen of CupsMoon

Keeping a deep dark secret from a lady who figures me out.

Keeping a secret from – Four of Pentacles

(a deep dark one) – Moon

a lady who can figure me out. – Queen of Cups


Client’s Comment:

Thank you for the reading Emily. It was a good one. If my information is kept private and my name does not appear, you can post the reading. 

Thank you

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Our Daily Spread for Mar. 4, 2011

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Consistent violator of the Laws of Random Distribution: That is how I (Emily) initially met Tarot.  One of the indicators of accuracy is what I call ‘tracking.’  Tracking is the same cards coming up repeatedly, spread after spread in a reading.  That is happening here, both Stef the CyberGuru and I have noticed.  Today, it came to a head!  Five of the eight cards appeared yesterday, and two are in the same sequence, the Nine of Swords and Six of Pentacles that mean ‘worry about paying bills.’  I’m willing to wager worrying  about paying bills is something high on all our lists.  I will be the first to plead guilty.  But in the interests of interesting spreads here, let’s all try to tone it down, shall we?

Well, I have chosen four other ones for today because ‘Enough is enough.’  But, to show you, here are the two four-card spreads and a brief presentation of their most common meanings.


Look familiar?

Ace of Cups
Nine of Swords, Six of Pentacles, Four of Wands

We worry about paying our household bills, when all is well.
He loves you, feels married to you, and worries about treating you right.


How about this one?

King of Cups
Judgment, Seven of Swords, Three of Pentacles

He loves you, he dares to renew the relationship.
Got away with it again dealing with the regulators/government.
Your loving man comes back, feeling this is a dangerous relationship.

The end.

And now the real spreads for today:

Rider_Waite_Tarot Reading

The new phase does not have to be perfect

Ace of Wands
Judgment, Two of Swords, Ace of Pentacles

The new phase does not have to be perfect.
It isn’t right, you have to start over.
The news is not totally right.
You can tell (them) but you can’t force (them) to do right.
Have to recover or it’s not a success.

There is no profit if you have to do it over.
Must not pay again.
Told (them) there’s absolutely no money.
Made the most important point loud and clear: That is not the right way!
Told (them) emphatically that road is blocked.

That is not the main road to come back on.
Once again:  Money is not the point.
Said money is not the most important thing.
Forced to return when the road is blocked.
No mention that money was the primary object.

Don’t say that you’ve got to get your hands on that money.
It said ‘You don’t have to get it right.’
Can’t do that absolutely perfectly again.
Absolutely no right way to say it.
No news means it was a great success.

To succeed, you must not say anything.
You don’t have to succeed a second time.
Not forced to say the right thing.
The recovery does not have to be perfect.
Were told you don’t have to pay for it.

It was not announced that you have to pay.
Speaking it right is not important.
There’s no redo when it’s absolutely perfect.
Go back, that is absolutely not the right path.
Have to tell you this is not the best way.

You have do to the right thing; just say ‘No.’

Once again, four cards with several meanings that do not exclude one another’s phrases make lots of material.  More than you see here, even.

  • The first card, Judgment, means ‘to return,’ to change, to recover, to do again, a big announcement, to say, news, recovery – and more.
  • The second card, the Two of Swords, means:  no, no way, roadblock, don’t, not, can’t and so on.
  • The Ace of Pentacles means right, the right way, the right thing, the right path, success/succeed, money, money in hand, profit, perfect or perfectly, the best, the best way, etc.
  • And the last card, the Ace of Wands’ several meanings are the most important, the main, force/forced, must, absolutely, totally, have to, the point/main point, emphatically, and so on.

Mixing these, possibilities are endless.  Try your hand at it.
Advice?  It doesn’t have to be perfect.  You don’t have to.  You are not being told something.  There is no one right way.

Meanings and Illustrations:

Judgment: See above meanings, they are pretty comprehensive.  The illustration shows people returning to life on judgment day.

Two of Swords: Blindfolded female sits with her back to a body of water, heavy swords in each crossed arm.  She can’t do anything, there’s no place to go.  Meanings are above.

Ace of Pentacles: A hand with a prize coin is over a victory path, garlanded with a rose trellis.  Meanings are above.

Ace of Wands: A hand clutches a club which is sprouting.  This card’s meanings are limited some by the companion cards.  Meanings we are using are above with the rest of them.

Rider_Waite_Tarot Reading

Plan to stay in this comfortable relationship

Two of Wands
Hierophant, Four of Swords, Three of Pentacles

Romantic Perspective:
Plan to stay in this comfortable relationship.
This is a long term committed relationship, so (he is) not doing anything.
Nothing is doing or is planned – just the usual relationship.
A nice boring committed long term relationship.

Nothing’s doing and nothing’s planned, the relationship is just right.
He isn’t going to do what he should in this relationship.
Will be sleeping through the relationship like (he) usually does.

Business Perspective:
Will rest on the good name in deals.
Its name and reputation will be its only participation in the contract.
It’s normal for him to sleep through the financial meetings.
This is such a profitable sure thing, and you don’t physically do anything.
No participation, but it’s a safe deal with long term sure profit.

The bank’s part in the deal/contract is to not do anything regarding the paperwork.
Going to let them use its name in the deal/contract.
The bank gives its word that it will refrain from doing that in this contract.
This is going to be just the usual contract.
Contract will have a ‘hold harmless’ clause regarding not doing that.

This contract theme recurs.  The same card means ‘relationship’ as ‘contract’, which is the Three of Pentacles.  Fewer sentence to this spread than the last previous one because this one has cards whose meanings are fewer.  The Hierophant is the ‘nice normal usual’ theme and means ‘should.’  The Four of Swords means to not take action, remain, sleep, etc.  The last card, the Two of Wands, means the future, a plan, financial, a bank or bankster, etc.

Advice is that the financial end is all taken care of, you don’t have to do anything – that it’s just the usual boring paperwork,

Meanings and Illustrations:

Hierophant: The pope, pictured here, means the usual boring rituals, paperwork (which grows out of the ‘ritual’ and ‘official’ meanings, and commitment.

Four of Swords: Main meaning is ‘to not participate,’ to not do.  Others are close to that:  to lie around, to remain, to sleep.  Well, the illustration is a dude lying on a coffin as part of  the ritual of knighthood, meditating/

Three of Pentacles: This shows the real estate closing, the final inspection of a building before the architect is paid.  It means to settle, a contract, a meeting, a relationship, negotiation and so on.

Two of Wands: He stands overlooking his real estate empire, planning what to do with his profits, the world in his hand.  This guy is a banker or bankster.  The card often simply means the future, or future tense, but also involves finances, financial, financial planning , financial security, long term.

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