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You read these wise articles about how to get ahead at work – the crafty strategies and the virtuous strategies. In real life, though, it’s often little coincidental things that trigger a person’s career path onward and upward. One little conversation, maybe from months ago, does it.


Well, that’s our Querant’s question today: the next step in her career, and how is it looking? Tarot tells her a tale that is like those coincidental trigger points. She knows what traits of hers propel her to glory now.


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  • question: 
  • What is my next step in my career? How is the path looking?


Chariot – Eight of Pentacles – Six of Cups

You get ahead at work the old-fashioned way.

You get ahead – Chariot

at work – Eight of Pentacles

the old-fashioned way. – Six of Cups



Seven of Swords – Two of Wands – Magician

You are doing something daring, and it pays off.

You are doing something – Magician

daring – Seven of Swords

and it pays off. – Two of Wands



King of Wands – Death – Nine of Swords

An aggravating man does not aggravate you.

An aggravating man – King of Wands

does not – Death

aggravate you. – Nine of Swords



Ten of Pentacles – Five of Wands – World

People are disgruntled and querulous; you’re not one of them.

People are disgruntled – Ten of Pentacles

and are fighting – Five of Wands

but you are not one of them. – World



Six of Swords – Three of Pentacles – King of Cups

Your association with a bureaucratic man gets you on your way.

Your association with – Three of Pentacles

a bureaucratic man – King of Cups

gets you on your way. – Six of Swords


A government contract involves you traveling (over water?).

A government – King of Cups

contract – Three of Pentacles

involves you traveling (possibly overseas). – Six of Swords



Lovers – King of Pentacles – Eight of Wands

A man who is in power speaks up for you to be with him.

A man who is in power – King of Pentacles

speaks up – Eight of Wands

for you to be associated with him. – Lovers

And She Whose Reading This Is Says:

This is great news Emily!

Many thanks, ❤

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