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This Querant has shared several of her readings with us, and she now shares this one. She now reports the difficult man is back in touch. She wants an update on where he is coming from – his perspective. Four spreads said it all this time, so I stopped there.


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Email Reading

The category of life is:: Friends and social situations

My question is:: My problematic Ex wants to chat every once in awhile after three months of no contact. What is is his attitude and perspective towards me?



Eight of Wands – Emperor – Six of Pentacles

The chat is your boss giving you the amount and kind of attention you deserve.

The chat is – Eight of Wands

your boss – Emperor

giving you the amount and kind of attention you deserve. – Six of Pentacles



Six of Cups – Lovers – Two of Swords

You won’t be his lover no matter how sweet he is to you.

You refuse to be – Two of Swords

his lover – Lovers

no matter

how sweet he is to you.



Seven of Wands – Four of Cups – High Priestess

You’re a lady; you’re not allowed to say ‘no’ to me!”

You’re a lady – High Priestess

you can’t – Seven of Wands

say ‘no’ to me. – Four of Cups



Nine of Pentacles – Knight of Cups – Justice

He is entitled to be (or should be) your boyfriend, and you are acting so independent.

He is entitled to be (or should be) – Justice

your boyfriend – Knight of Cups

and here you are, being SO independent. – Nine of Pentacles

the road to Up There

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