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From a fellow’s own perspective, why he will not have a romance with a gal who wonders. We get his perspective but do not get specifically his reason or reasons.


Yes, as usual Client has given permission to share her story with you.


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Email Reading
The category of life is:: Love
My question is:: would me and him ever have a romantic relationship


Eight of Swords – Knight of Cups – Empress

You are his ideal woman but he cannot be your Boyfriend.

You are gorgeous, you’ve got it all – Empress

but he cannot – Eight of Swords

be your Boyfriend. – Knight of Cups


King of Wands – Page of Cups – Temperance

I would look silly as her man in an intimate relationship.

I would look silly – Page of Cups

as her (husbandly) man – King of Wands

as her partner in a close relationship. – Temperance


Nine of Swords – Six of Pentacles – Five of Wands

Showing her that kind of attention is scary – I’m fighting it.”

Showing her that kind of attention [the right kind] – Six of Pentacles

is scary – Nine of Swords

so I am resisting doing that. – Five of Wands


Three of Cups – Hierophant – Two of Swords

Sharing a girl’s life in the usual/normal way: No can do!

Sharing a girl’s life with her – Three of Cups

in the usual acceptable way: – Hierophant

No way! – Two of Swords


Three of Wands – Death – Ten of Swords

I am not going to utterly fail at that.

I am not – Death

going to – Three of Wands

utterly fail at that. – Ten of Swords


Four of Pentacles – Queen of CupsMoon

Keeping a deep dark secret from a lady who figures me out.

Keeping a secret from – Four of Pentacles

(a deep dark one) – Moon

a lady who can figure me out. – Queen of Cups


Client’s Comment:

Thank you for the reading Emily. It was a good one. If my information is kept private and my name does not appear, you can post the reading. 

Thank you

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Our Daily Spread, May 4, 2011

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Six of Pentacles, Five of Wands, Two of Cups

Meanings and Illustrations:

Two of our four Rider Waite Tarot cards in today’s presentation are about being responsible, doing the right thing; one is about mooching or cheating; and in the middle is an effort or a fight (or being against). That is the configuration of things today.

Six of Pentacles and Chariot are the responsible citizens. Six of Pentacles in Rider Waite Tarot shows an employer paying his laborers exactly what they have earned. Chariot shows a skilled driver who coordinates his unruly steeds into forward progress when they would deviate therefrom, left to their own devices. Both the employer and the Charioteer are using willpower to get the right thing done.

Five of Wands is the Rider Waite Tarot card that shows the five fellows going at one another with boards in some kind of fight or struggle (or competition). This story is about an effort or a struggle, says the Five of Wands. These two responsible people are trying hard. Or, they are facing the resistance of – once again, self-willed devious entities, in the Two of Cups. Two of Cups is about mooching, cheating, taking advantage, being as selfish and self-willed as those two unruly steeds in the Chariot.  But Two of Cups can also be a grand love affair, too.  Two of Cups shows a couple committing to one another with the symbol of deceit, the caduceus gizmo, between them.

The advice is that it is not enough to be ambitious, work hard and get ahead; you also have to be wise enough to deal with the saboteurs, the mooches, the dependents, the opposition to forward progress. Succeeding involves fighting your way through both the factors and the people who are rocks in the road, who are in your way by being who they are. Notice there is no enmity here: the opposition is natural forces, and simple rational determination is the way to deal with those forces and those people.


Being Responsible:

Doing right by others is a way to resist being taken advantage of.

He deliberately pays employees what they are worth: both the slackers and the ones who make an effort.

He chooses to resist cheating on his lover and to treat her right.

The vehicle has a hidden defect he is trying to set to rights.

Difficult to pay off debt with interest but (he) intends to do that.

Throws himself into this grand love affair with the aim of making it ‘legal.’

Others Profit from (His) Effort/Labor:

A third party profits from his struggles to make it.

He is ambitious, he works hard to get paid and is being taken advantage of.

Worked hard and paid ‘through the nose’ for that vehicle.

The effort you make to get ahead pays off for third parties too.

Oh, the skill and the effort it takes to support dependents.

The competition is spending other people’s money to get ahead.

Being Irresponsible:

Tries to take advantage of responsible people who pay their bills.

If the mooch put the effort into a paycheck, he would be ahead.

His effort and his deliberate intention is to screw everybody out of their money.

When someone is against personal responsibility, his expenses are paid by others.

(He) has good intentions to treat (you) right, but he gets involved in cheating.

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