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From a lady who bequeaths all of her email readings to us here at Tarot Verbatim™ comes this query: She wonders, since here he comes back who went away with such finality, such energy, whether there’s some kind of unfinished business. Our answer indicates the unfinished business is on his side; he wants to repent and make amends.


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My ex keeps contacting me. Is there unfinished business here? What does he want?



Star – Three of Swords – Five of Wands

To say good things after an acrimonious breakup.

To say good things – Star

because of the way he was fighting with you – Five of Wands

when you broke up. – Three of Swords



Temperance – Knight of Pentacles – Two of Wands

One thing on his mind: Got to talk one-on-one with you.

He has a very strong intention – Knight of Pentacles

and a plan – Two of Wands

to get together and talk with you one-on-one, negotiate. – Temperance



Death – Queen of Swords – Nine of Pentacles

She’s not some demanding wench; she is independent of him and everyone.

You don’t – Death

expect anything from him; – Queen of Swords

you are doing so fine without him, aren’t concerned with him. – Nine of Pentacles



Ten of Wands – Six of Cups – Strength

He is overwhelmed how you influenced to be good and have the good life.

He is overwhelmed by how – Ten of Wands

you influence(d) him to – Strength

be good and have the good life. – Six of Cups



Seven of Swords – Six of Pentacles – Three of Wands

He is going to make amends for his betrayal, for what he took from you.

He is going to – Three of Wands

make amends for – Six of Pentacles

his violations of your trust, for being a taker. – Seven of Swords



Two of Cups – Empress – Two of Swords,

It’s over, and he took advantage of the sexy girl’s good nature.

It’s over – Two of Swords

and he took advantage behind your back – Two of Cups

of what a resource you are and were to him. – Empress


And Client replies:

I love it Emily!

Thank you!! 😊


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