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Some people go to church every Sunday for years and never join, and some fellas go to a gal just as frequently as that and never join. In just such an old-old story, a lady wants to know what … sooner or later … multitudes of ladies want to know. She has agreed to let her story be aired here on Tarot Verbatim™

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Email Reading

The category of life is:: Love

My question is:: I have been intimate with my guy for a year. What does my lover feel towards me and what is his attitude towards our relationship?

Nine of Pentacles – Two of Wands – Lovers

Will always be this independent woman’s love partner.

Will always be – Two of Wands

this independent woman’s – Nine of Pentacles

partner in a loving relationship. – Lovers



Ten of Pentacles – Six of Wands – World

She won’t put up with games that complicate (and mess up) our relationship.

She won’t put up with – World

games – Six of Wands

that complicate (and mess up) our relationship. – Ten of Pentacles



Eight of Swords – Page of Wands – Judgment

I become my best self here, and I don’t wanna talk about it.

I become (new phase, new life) – Judgment

my best self – Page of Wands

and I sure can’t – Eight of Swords

talk about this (admit what’s who I am now). – Page of Wands



Five of Swords – Seven of Wands – Sun

I am happy now that I won’t let myself be demanding (and/or pushy?).

I am a happy camper now (out of the woods) – Sun

that I won’t let myself ‘get on my soapbox,’ my ‘high horse,’ and demand my way – Seven of Wands

to take advantage, to be abusive, be the smart alec or the bully. – Five of Swords



Three of Swords – Five of Wands – Moon

I’m the one who suffers, starting a fight to split up.

Oh the misery I am in when – Moon

I get in a fight (with her) – Five of Wands

to split us up. – Three of Swords



Nine of Swords – Three of Pentacles – Eight of Cups

No longer am I upset about doing my part in this relationship.

No longer am I – Eight of Cups

worried and upset about – Nine of Swords

doing my part in our relationship. – Three of Pentacles



Many fellows want to keep their teenage years freedoms, and this makes them fear a relationship, even one they chose and maintained. There comes a point where they either wear themselves out fighting it, and give in and have a good relationship, or they chicken out and run away. Your guy has ‘crossed his Rubicon’: He is deciding to stay.


Looks like his view of you being able to be independent and take care of yourself is a big plus to him. When fellows feel that way, some of them complain about or resent that fact. Go figure.


The last two spreads are a great example of why not to fear ‘bad cards.’


Client’s comments:

Hello Emily,

    Thank you for the reading, it soothed me a bit even if I don’t truly believe he will be mine forever.  The cards were on point for several keys, even though I gave you nothing to really go on.  You have permission to share, leaving out my name.

The cards identified me as an independent woman that can care for myself, and you intuitively said that he actually likes that about me, he does.  Also, “I become my best self here, but don’t want to admit it”.  He is likely at his best performance with me (what keeps him coming back). He would never admit he needs me or has feelings because we are in a modern “situationship” and says he wants casual only.  But it feels more than that!

     “Happy now, won’t demand my way”.  He has been coming to visit twice as much as usual, and has not put any new restrictions lately (he unfriended me on everything during last break up, now he seems to have relaxed a bit, still not on media though).  The part about him being miserable when he starts a fight to break up, now I know he was miserable without me, and he comes back even if I do something he hates.

He plays games, but I call him out on it.  I have tolerated alot, but on the things that I won’t, I have not been easy on him (but still take him back, ugh, he is so dreamy!).  

     I still don’t know if he secretly loves me…kinda think it shows, but he hides it.  He will not be with me forever, but maybe at this moment he feels like he could mess with me forever, ha-ha.  I need to do another reading to ask why he won’t be in a “real” relationship with me.  So this will be two parts.

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